Shakira and Maluma's HOT Billboard Cover

Shakira looked stunning on the cover of 2018 Billboard magazine, Latin Issue with singer, Maluma,24 who she has undeniable chemistry with. The 41-year-old talked about how struggles at the beginning of her career and being a sex symbol. She said;
 'the path to success has been longer, steeper, with more obstacles than if I had been born in Florida or New York City.' 'To be born in Barranquilla and start a career at a time when the pop music scene was almost nonexistent in Colombia.' 'was a very hostile environment' 'And there was no social media back then. I had to travel the entire length of Latin America to make my music known in the beginning, going from radio station to radio station.'

 'it's possible many people see me as a sex symbol and others do not.'Adding that women have a 'chameleonic side to them,' adding 'we're a little bit mothers, a little bit professionals, we're sexy... all women have that balance at any age.'

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