Chapter Sixteen:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

The next day lecture starts immediately and normally student (year one students) from all faculties come together to receive the general studies. Classes are always crowded that students get there an hour to the time of the lectures just to occupy the front sit. Nina didn’t want anything that would stress her so she didn’t run around like the rest would do to find a place to sit. Sometimes she sits outside or stands inside that most times she and most students don’t really get what’s going on in class.
After lectures, she went to the hostel to enquire about a space….
Chize: hi, Amanda!
Nina: hi!
Chize: what’s up? I didn’t see you at all during the ceremony. It was really crazy Saturday night.
Nina: I’ll bet.  I was around.
Chize: why didn’t you come for the party? I thought you’ll be there with Dennis.
Nina: I didn’t want to come.
Chize: why?
Nina: I wasn’t feeling it.
Chize: oh too bad. So what’s going?
Nina: nothing much, just trying to see if I can get a space here.
Chize: oh um, everywhere is sort of filled up but let me ask someone for you? Come.
Nina: okay, where are we going?
Chize: room 106 (knocking) hey, is Amaka around?
Roommate: no, she went for lectures.
Chize: okay, when she comes back can you tell her someone wants to see her.
Roommate: who?
Nina: me, I need to know if there’s any space here.
Roommate: okay, I’ll let her know.
Nina: may I have her number, incase?
Roommate: alright (writes the number in a piece of paper and gives her).
Nina: thank you.
Chize: thanks.
Nina: thanks Chize, I really appreciate that.
Chize: it’s nothing, so where are you headed now?
Nina: don’t really know. Where’s your room?
Chize: here, room 105. Here’s my corner, have a seat.
Nina: (sits) thanks.
Chize: can I get you anything?
Nina: no, thanks.
Chize: okay, oh I’m so hungry; I have to warm this food.
Nina: so how is it here?
Chize: well, it’s like every other hostel; the only difference is that we are in the university.
Nina: yeah?
Chize: yes, I just try to avoid problems, there’s this roommate of mine that loves to pick on me. I just try to avoid her because she’s trouble.
Nina: wow, what of Ernestina? Where is her room?
Chize: it’s also downstairs like mine, Room 110.
Nina: okay.
Chize: I don’t think she’s around, would have taken you to see her.
Nina: maybe next time.
Chize :( carrying her plate of food) come and join me.
Nina :( smiling) thanks, I’m good.

Nina started feeling somewhat comfortable with Chize, the first time she saw her she felt this weird vibe about her because of her expression when she saw Nina. But then she’s not so bad after all, so they became friends and whenever Nina came to the hostel she sees Chize and Ernestina. Well with Ernestina, because she’s the girlfriend to her boyfriend’s friend, it felt like a family affair….
Chize: so are you coming by the house today?
Nina: house?
Chize: tony and Dennis’s lodge?
Nina: um, I don’t know, maybe.
Chize: okay.
Nina: I’ve got go now, thanks for earlier.
Chize: you are welcome! Hope to see you there.
Nina: okay, bye.
Chize; bye!
She went back to Evelyn’s lodge, normally she would have her bath but they buy water there and the place was quite far to go to. So she would wash her make up or just change to something light besides she didn’t have her own bucket or gallon and the ones available was filled with her friends water…
Evelyn: hey babe! How was today?
Nina: hectic, but okay.
Evelyn: Dennis has been calling about you.
Nina: really?
Evelyn: yeah, didn’t you see him school?
Nina: no.
Evelyn: okay, should I buzz him that you are around?
Nina: okay.
Evelyn buzzed Dennis and after some time he called and Evelyn gave Nina the phone…
Dennis: hi!
Nina: hi.
Dennis: how are you?
Nina: I’m good.
Dennis: I’m coming to see you today.
Nina: okay.
Dennis: baby, are you okay? You’ve been acting strange.
Nina: I’m fine.
Dennis: okay, see you much later.
Nina: Alright, bye.

Later in the evening Dennis came to see her and took her to his lodge, they called it lodge because it’s not a hostel were you have a lot of guys around; it’s just a room in a building…
Evelyn: Dennis is here (she excuses them)
Dennis: there’s my girl (goes to hug her).
Nina: hi
Dennis: hey, I knew something was wrong. What’s the matter?
Nina: nothing.
Dennis: you don’t look happy. Okay, you know what? Let’s talk it over at my place.
Nina: what place? I’m not leaving here this evening.
Dennis: why? Is it something I did? I knew I’ve wronged you somehow.
Nina: I’m not going.
Dennis: please now, let’s talk about it at my place. Where are your things? Let me help you pack them.
Nina: I’ll pack them myself.
Dennis: okay, as long as you are coming with me.
They get to Dennis’s lodge….
Dennis: what can I get for you?
Nina: nothing, I just want to go to bed.
Tony: (walks in) Dennis, what’s up? Hi Amanda!
Nina: hi, tony.
Tony: long time no see. How come I didn’t see you during the matriculation?
Nina: I didn’t see you as well. I was around, with my siblings.
Tony: Dennis said he saw you.
Nina: yeah, he did.
While they were talking , Dennis’ neighbor was calling Dennis from outside, her name is Chinenye, she has three sisters and a brother, they are all based in the west where Nina is based but Nina didn’t get along with them, especially the girls because generally girls aren’t friendly and besides Nina is a fresher...
Chinenye: Dennis! Dennis!
Dennis: baby, I’ll be back, let me know what they are calling for.
Tony: so, how was your matriculation night?
Nina: it was okay.
Tony: just okay? We had a great time that night, why didn’t you come?
Nina: I didn’t feel like it.
Tony: okay, anyways I just wanted to say hi.
Nina: thank you very much.
Tony: just feel free, we are just like family here.
Nina: okay, thanks.
Tony: okay, goodnight.
Nina: goodnight, please can you call Dennis for me?
Tony: yeah, sure.
After some minutes Dennis came back. Nina didn’t feel comfortable around any of Dennis’ friend but Tony, she was still getting to know Ifeanyi . Sometimes she feels left out, she wished she had known from the time Dennis met them so they wouldn’t have to treat her like an outcast…….
Dennis: babe, are you sleeping already?
Nina: I told you I was tired.
Dennis: what did you do that is making you tired? Come here (goes where she is laying and starts kissing her)!
Nina: stop.
Dennis: come on… that reminds me, what’s the matter?
Nina: you didn’t come back to see me on the day of our matriculation.
Dennis: oh,I’m sorry. I just felt like you didn’t want me around.
Nina: why wouldn’t I want you around?
Dennis: I felt with your sister around and all, you’ll want to spend quality time with her.
Nina: yeah, right! Like I’ve not been seeing my sister for a long time now.
Dennis: honestly, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were upset. It won’t happy again okay!
Nina: promise?
Dennis: I promise. You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.
Nina: yeah.
Dennis: okay, hope you are okay now?
Nina: I’m fine now.
Dennis: so can I get my kiss now?
Nina: (smiling) so how was the party?
Dennis: what party?
Nina: I was told you guys had a blast that night.
Dennis: oh! Don’t mind them it was at Tony’s house. We just played music and had a couple of drinks; it wasn’t like a real party.
Nina: it’s still a party to me.
Dennis: I didn’t know you’d want to come.
Nina: you didn’t ask.
Dennis: I just thought since your sister was around you would want to spent time with her.
Nina: wasn’t the party at night?
Dennis: yeah, but I thought your sister would be sleeping over.
Nina: sleeping over in a room I’m squatting with two girls?
Dennis: people do it after all Chize’s cousin spent the night.
Nina: that’s different, they are family. These are just friends accommodating me.
Dennis: I know I’m sorry.
Nina: it’s okay, as long as it doesn’t happen again.
Dennis: it won’t, are you sure you are not hungry?
Nina: I don’t know.
Dennis: tell me and stop fronting.
Nina: I’m not fronting.
Dennis: there’s jollof rice, should I get it for you.
Nina: okay.
Dennis: there you go.
Nina: thanks. Where is ifeanyi?
Dennis: he’s in school working on his seminar, he’ll be back soon.
Nina: who prepared this?
Dennis: he did, why?
Nina: wow, it’s nice.
Dennis: he tries.
Nina: can you cook?
Dennis: not really.
Nina: not really?
Dennis: I can boil white rice and yam.
Nina :( laughing) White rice and yam? A twelve year old can do that.
Dennis: which twelve year old have you seen?
Nina: I’ve not seen but I know.
Dennis: well, I’m a guy; I’m not supposed to know how to cook. My mum doesn’t even let me enter the kitchen.
Nina: what of now that you are in school and she’s not with you.
Dennis: you are here.
Nina: indeed, so I came to school to be your chef?
Dennis: no, but you are my girlfriend. You wouldn’t want you boyfriend to go to school with and empty stomach, would you?
Nina: maybe, I would.
Dennis: then you want someone else to do that for you.
Nina: whatever.
They went to bed and Ifeanyi came back later that night. Since he had he’s key, he went in straight to bed as well.

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