Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

The next day Evelyn had a departmental lecture leaving Nina and Agbani behind…
Evelyn; Agbani , what time is your lecture?
Agbani: I don’t have any lecture today.
Evelyn: how about you Amanda?
Nina: in the afternoon, still contemplating about going.
Evelyn: okay,(leaving) see you.
Nina: alright bye!
Agbani: bye.
Nina: oh, I’m so tired, I need to go back to sleep.
Agbani: why?
Nina: I didn’t sleep well last night.
Agbani: alright.
Nina didn’t know that Agbani had plans with her boyfriend since she was thinking both Nina and Evelyn would be going to school. After some time, Nina fell back to sleep and after an hour Agbani’s boyfriend (from her pre-science) showed up.
Mopo: baby!
Agbani: shh, Amanda is sleeping.
Mopo: Amanda stays with you guys?
Agbani: (whispering) yes.
Mopo: (whispering as well) okay.
Agbani: what can I get you?
Mopo: anything (hugging and kissing her)
Agbani: stop Amanda is here.
Mopo: so? She’s fast asleep.
Agbani: what if she wakes up?
Mopo: then she can join us.
Agbani: (smiling) not funny!
Mopo: come on!
Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina wakes up and starts hearing voices and she knew who the person was because she knows how Mopo’s voice sounds. She didn’t know if she could get up and she didn’t want to interrupt them as well. The crazy couple starts taking off clothes and actually having sex, Nina was mortified because she hasn’t seen a pornographic movie before but this was live, although she was backing them. Hearing agbani’s sexual noise was irritating her she just wanted to run out of the room but she didn’t want her to feel embarrassed besides its Agbani’s room and not hers therefore she wouldn’t want her to feel humiliated and uncomfortable in her own room. After the act, Nina decides to move a little so they would know she’s about to wake up….
Agbani: you want to get me into trouble.
Mopo: shut up, didn’t you love it.
Agbani :( whispering) stop, I think she’ll soon wakeup.
Mopo: :( spanking her) okay, I’ll see you later.
Agbani: just go please.
Finally (at least for Nina) he left…
Nina :( stretching)
Agbani: (giving a shameful expression) you are awake?
Nina: yeah, I need to head to class. I have lecture in like fifteen minutes.
Agbani: okay.
Nina tries to dress as fast as she could, she just wanted to leave that place…..
Nina: Okay, see ya!
Agbani: okay.
She went straight to school imaging how some people can be so shameless having sex while there roommate was there and was wondering how horny Agbani could have been and her shameless boyfriend…..
Nina: hey, Martins.
Martins: Amanda, how are you?
Nina: I’m good, thanks so much for taking care of some attendants for me.
Martins: you are welcome.
Nina: what’s going on now? Who is the biology lecturer?
Martins: she’s a woman; I don’t know her name yet.
Nina: okay, where is the attendance?
Martins: here.
Nina: thanks.
Martin was the choir master during pre-science and was kind of Nina’s friend too. He always loved to take on a lot of responsibilities, so they decided to give him a part-time course representative in microbiology which is Nina’s department since no one else was interested. He was always a good guy; most girls could count on him, although he wanted to be popular so he decided to be the course representative. A lot changed since pre-science, Martins has a girlfriend with hips three times the size as Jennifer Lopez, short and dark in complexion with a pretty face, her name is Sally, did I mention martin is very skinny…
 Sally: Martins, I’ve been looking for you.
Martin: I’ve been around. Amanda meet sally, Sally, Amanda.
Sally: hi.
Nina: hi, nice to meet you.
 Nina didn’t know she was Martin’s girlfriend but with the way she acted she could tell. Their lecturer came to class and Nina sat close to Zino and onome, they take almost all their departmental courses with biochemistry students. After the class, everyone starts leaving to their destinations…
Zino: Babi,(a nickname zino gave Nina because of her baby face) where have you been?
Nina: jumping from one house to another.
Onome: where are you staying now?
Nina: with Evelyn.
Zino: Evelyn? How is she?
Nina: she’s great.
Zino: really?
Nina: yeah, why?
Zino: I don’t know, I’ve always seen her like someone that likes her privacy and doesn’t like to share. Anyways, she your friend.
Nina: zino! Because she likes her privacy doesn’t mean she can’t harbor me.
Onome: don’t mind Zino, so it’s three of you?
Amanda: yeah, me, Evelyn and Agbani.
Zino: no way! Evelyn and Agbani?  That girl that behaves like a witch?
Onome: zino!
Zino: no seriously, wasn’t she in our room during pre-science? Didn’t you guys see how she was acting?
Nina: zino let it go, alright!
Zino: okay, just be careful. I know Evelyn is cool but Agbani very mysterious.
Onome: how far have you gone with the hostel search?
Nina: not too far, but everything is till second semester.
Zino: alright, Onome lets go.
Nina: where are you guys going?
Zino: to onome’s room, her dad brought our native soup. You want to come?
Nina: uh no, you guys go right ahead, I have to see Dennis anyways.
Zino: okay, bye. See you tomorrow!
Nina: yeah, with this crowd? I hope so. See you, Onome.
Onome: yeah, take care.
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