Chapter Fourteen:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

Ann’s really pregnant and getting married!
Nina: hey, Edith.
Evelyn: how are you? I have not been hearing from you, what’s going on?
Nina: I’m not settled yet that’s why.
Evelyn: I thought you are staying with your friend.
Nina: yes I am but she’s staying with her brother.
Evelyn: oh o, how do you change?
Nina: I try, most times he stays with his friends but I feel like I’m inconveniencing them.
Evelyn: you know what? How about you stay with me till you get a space in the hostel?
Nina: really?
Evelyn: yeah, why not.
Nina: that would be great Evelyn thanks.
Evelyn: so when are you coming?
Nina: tomorrow.
Evelyn: why not today?
Nina: today? No, let me spend a night at least with them. It’s somehow to leave today like something is chasing me.
Evelyn: I understand, don’t mind me. Besides, how is Dennis?
Nina: his fine I saw him yesterday .did you hear about Ann?
Evelyn: yeah, I did.
Nina: is it true?
Evelyn: yeah, it’s true.
Nina: (sighs) can you imagine how that happened?
Evelyn: it’s still shocking but she really is. They said she didn’t even know until the fifth month.
Nina: what?! How come?
Evelyn: it happens now!
Nina: I don’t get it, and you still see your period?
Evelyn: yeah, I guess that’s what happened.
Nina: but how could she make such mistake? You know, of all people I never expected this from Ann. I thought she was smarter than that.
Evelyn: my dear, I thought so too. Talk of the devil, here she comes.
Ann: hey, Amanda, how you doing? Evelyn!
Nina: I’m fine Ann, how are you?
Ann: pregnant as you can see.
Nina: what are you going to do?
Ann: how do you mean? I’m keeping the baby of course besides it’s too late to do anything now.
Nina: What of Agu?
Ann: he is fine.
Nina: he is supporting you.
Ann: yeah, he’s trying.
Nina: what of PDP and your dad?
Ann: PDP?
Nina: your city boyfriend.
Ann: oh, we broke up a long time ago and my dad can’t look me in the face.
Nina: oh, I’m so sorry.
Ann: it’s okay. We will soon be getting married.
Evelyn: oh, really!
Ann: yeah, it’s a traditional wedding.
Nina: that’s good. At least, thank God he didn’t deny the baby.
Evelyn: Agu is a cool guy.
Ann: yeah he is. Guys have got to go, alright see you later.
Nina: yeah, take it easy.

Ann leaves, both (Evelyn and Nina) stares at her in pity…
Nina: wow, they are getting married.
Evelyn: I think her father orchestrated it. Who would want that shame?
Nina: right? That’s what I think too. At least they are getting married; I’m just imagining how they will cope.
Evelyn: will you go for the wedding?
Nina: yeah, if I’m invited. You?
Evelyn: likewise. Meanwhile the name of my lodge is Jerusalem lodge.
Nina: ha ha ha, which one is Jerusalem lodge?
Evelyn: that’s what they call this one oh.
Nina: very funny!
Evelyn: just tell the bike man Jerusalem lodge ok?
Nina: okay, thanks so much Evelyn.
Evelyn: I could come around to help you pack your bags. What’s the name of the lodge?
Nina: Unique lounge.
Evelyn: ok, take care, see you tomorrow.
Nina: yeah, greet Agbani for me.
Evelyn: sure she’ll be happy to have you around.
Nina goes back to her lodge and starts arranging her things. She was so happy because she wasn’t really comfortable in the house and felt like all her movements were reported to her father. She also felt like she was inconveniencing Joseph, Mary’s brother.
Mary: (works in) hey, what’s up? What are you doing?
Nina: arranging my stuff. Where is Joseph?
Mary: he should be in school, seems like you are packing.
Nina: um… sort of. I will be staying with one of my friends.
Mary: anyone I know?
Nina: I don’t think so but she’ll be here tomorrow so you could meet her.
Mary: oh okay. You are not planning to stay in the hostel anymore?
Nina: I will, it’s just for some time. She just wants me to stay with her for a while; she was my bunkmate during pre-science. Her name is Evelyn.
Mary: okay. Matriculation will soon be here, are you parents coming?
Nina: I don’t know yet. Meanwhile my cousin’s matriculation is in two days.
Mary: which one?
Nina: that my uncle’s daughter in owerri.
Mary: will you go?
Nina: yeah, I’ll go.
The next day, Nina went to school and saw some of the people she used to know from her pre-science ( Ken and Chima),she waves at them…….
Ken: hey, wait, hi!
Nina: hi! Lastborn (that’s what they called Chima in pre-science), what of your sister Joy?
Chima: She’s good. You know my friend ken right?
Nina: um, I’m not sure but I’ve seen his face before.
Ken: we danced at Ann’s birthday.
Nina: I danced with so many people I can’t remember but I remember seeing you anyways. What’s happening? What department are you guys in?
Ken: me, industrial physics, lastborn, math and statistics.
Nina: cool! I’ve got to run; I want to meet a friend.
Ken: we can come with you.
Nina: really! Were you guys not going somewhere?
Chima :( tapping ken’s head) yeah, Ken were we not going somewhere?
Nina: if you guys need to be somewhere you can go I’ll be fine.
Ken: don’t mind him; we don’t have any serious place to go. We are through with our registration.
Nina: okay.
All walking, Chima wasn’t saying much and Nina was just doing most of the talking until she found Evelyn….
Ken: what of your friend I see you with all the time.
Nina: who Evelyn? That’s who I’m meeting; we are not in the same department though.
Ken: uh… you guys were always together.
Nina: yeah, we still are.oh! Here she is, Evelyn!
Evelyn: hey, were you looking for me?
Nina: somehow, met Ken and lastborn! They escorted me to look for you.
Evelyn: nice to meet you guys, thanks for accompanying my friend.
Ken: anytime, Mandy, see you sometime!
Nina: yeah thanks! Lastborn, say hi to your sister joy for me. Bye!
Evelyn: so have you talked to Mary?
Nina: yeah, I have, she’s cool with it.
Evelyn: sure?
Nina: yeah, how about Agbani?
Evelyn: she’s cool with it.
Nina: okay, we’ll go from here to her place.
Evelyn: alright.
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