Chapter Fourteen:The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina felt like she had seen that face before but she couldn’t tell, she just kept staring
at him to find out where she had seen the face.

Nina: thank you. Did you attend pre-science?
Tony: no, I didn’t. I’m in year two now.
Nina: oh, I’m sorry.
Tony: its okay, I get that a lot. I guess it’s because of how close I am
with Dennis.
Nina: so how did you guys met?
Tony: during admission, I was registering for year one and him, pre-science.
Nina: okay, so you didn’t get in through pre-science ?
Tony: no, I didn’t. I got in through J.A.M.B.
Nina: okay.
Tony: what kind of movie do you like so I can put it on for you? Wait I
know… romance.
Nina: [smiling] how did you know?
Tony: that’s what girl’s like.
Nina: really?! Well, I’m more of romantic comedy.
Tony 🙁 inserting the VCD) they are all the same, there’s a little bit
of fun in every movie.
Nina: alright!
Tony: [goes to sit close to her] so what kind of music do you like?
Nina: I like a little bit of everything except Jazz but rock is my
Tony: really?
Nina: yeah.
Tony: no way, people that love rock are quite different.
Nina: in what sense?
Tony: they are nothing like you.
Nina: how are my?
Tony: you look more fun, vibrant and fascinating. I’m a rock fan myself.
Nina: so are you saying rock songs are for loners basically?
Tony: if you want to put it that way.
Nina: therefore, you are telling me you are a loner.
Tony: no! I’m a guy and guys love rock.
Nina: not all guys, very few Nigerian guys.
Tony: true, but I love it.
Nina: alright.
Tony: list of your favorite artist.
 Nina: Kelly Clarkson, Avril
Lavigne, coldplay, Maroon5 , Evanescence,enya 
and some  I don’t know their
Tony: uh okay, you are the mild rock fan, Okay that I’ll believe.
Nina: I don’t really like the hardcore rock, they are just too lousy.
Tony: that’s the best!
Nina: okay, so your favorites?
Tony: hooberstank, limbiskit, the fray,coldplay, u2. I have them; I
could play them for you.
Nina: please do.
Tony: [looks for the CD and plays it for her, ‘the reason’ by
hooberstank starts to play] there you go.
Nina: oh my God, I love this song {she sings along]
Tony:  you know them then, why
didn’t you say so.
Nina: I might know some of the songs but not the artist.
Tony: it happens to me sometimes.
Both smiling and then she
remembered the person she came to see had not yet come back……
Nina: where’s Dennis?
Tony: I thought he went to get you something.
Nina: yeah, I thought so too. Please can you look for him for me?
Tony: alright, just wait I’ll be back soon.
Nina: okay, if it’s taking him too long to get the drink then let him
forget about it.
Tony: alright, I’ll be back soon.
Tony opens the gate and
Nina hears some girls giggling and yelling Dennis’ name.Dennis saw Tony coming
out of the gate and rushed out of his neighbor’s room.
Tony: guy, where have you been?
Dennis: I was with the Akunne’s.
Tony: have you forgotten you have a visitor?
Dennis: I sent a little boy to get the drink but he’s not back so I
decided to spend time with them.
Nina was really upset that he left her for 30minutes claiming to get a
Nina: what happened?
Dennis: I’m sorry; I was getting your drink.
Nina: really?
Tony: Amanda. Excuse me I need to get to school.
Nina: alright, thank you so much for the company.
Tony: you are welcome. Anytime! See you when I get back?
Nina: hopefully.
Nina was really pissed
because she knew he was with his neighbors. She came to see him and he abandons
her with his friend, pretend s to get her a drink and spends time with his neighbors
Nina: where have you been?
Dennis: I went to get you a drink.
Nina: it’s the shop that far from here? That it took you that long?
Meanwhile where is the drink?
Dennis: one question at a time. I sent my neighbor’s son.
Nina: so how come you are just coming now?
Dennis: I was waiting for him to get the drink.
Nina: so you can’t stay with me while you wait for the drink?
Dennis: I’m sorry; I wanted to get it quickly until you called me so I
came in.
Nina: I heard some girls calling you, who are they?
Dennis: my neighbors
Nina: you were with them.
Dennis: yeah, while I was waiting for the drink.
Nina: you are impossible.
Dennis: sweetie, I’m here now. (Going close to her) so what was Tony
telling you?
Nina: nothing, just keeping me company, since you weren’t there.
Dennis: come on, I just went for like some minutes. You know I missed you
(holding and kissing her).
Nina: leave me, I’m really not happy, don’t do that again.
Dennis: I won’t. So can I kiss you now?
Nina: (smiling)
Tony’s girlfriend walks in
with his cousin outside…
Ernestina: Dennis, what’s up?
Tony: hey, Tina how are you doing? Meet my wife Amanda, Amanda meet
Ernestina: where is the ring?
Nina :{ smiling} Hi
Ernestina: hey, nice to meet you.
Chize looked surprised to
hear that Dennis has a girlfriend…
Chize: (at the window) Hi
Nina: hi
Chize: Tina lets go. I have to get back to school.
Ernestina: okay, see you later Dennis.
Dennis: yeah, bye!
Nina could feel the tension
around the house. She could not understand what was happening but from what she
saw, it felt like Dennis didn’t tell any of them about her. Although Tony acted
like Dennis had mentioned her to him but his a guy so it’s expected of him…
Nina: who was the other girl?
Dennis: she’s Tony’s cousin
Nina: you didn’t introduce us.
Dennis: she was outside.
Nina: okay.
Dennis: so are you going to be staying with your family friends?
Nina: for now until I get the money for hostel.
Dennis: okay, I saw your brother in school.
Nina: yeah I saw him too.
Dennis: his still with his girlfriend?
Nina: yeah, I guess.
Dennis; he’s still with her, I saw them together. I heard Ann is
Nina: which Ann? The Ann in my room during pre-science?
Dennis: yes.
Nina: who is the father?
Dennis: I think its Agu.
Nina: oh my god! How come?
Dennis: they had sex that’s what happened.
Nina: I’ve not seen her since I came. I wonder how she’s coping, did he
deny the pregnancy?
Dennis: I don’t think so. People are saying she actually did it
Nina: that’s just ridiculous, why would she want to do it on purpose? Is
it not both of them that did it together?
Dennis: well, that’s their problem, hope they work it out.
Nina: Dennis, I need to go, you know I’m not settled yet.
Dennis: why not stay with me.
Nina: here?
Dennis: this is Tony’s room; my room is at the back.
Nina: so why did you bring me here?
Dennis: here is livelier, no one is there.
Nina: and who is here?
Dennis: you want to go there?
Nina: yep, I want to see where you are staying.
Dennis: okay, let’s go.
Nina: so how many students are living here?
Dennis: this is a family house. There are three lodges here, mine is the
second lounge.
Here we are…
Nina: okay, (holds a picture) who is this?
Dennis: my roommate.
Nina: you have a roommate?
Dennis: yeah, his in his finals. His name is Ifeanyi, you’ll see him
maybe when next you come.
Nina: okay.  I got to go.
Dennis: alright let me see you off.
Tony comes back from
Tony: hey, are you going?
Nina: yeah, you are back?
Tony: I just went to submit something.
Nina: okay.
Tony: I thought you are staying.
Nina: I didn’t plan to stay, maybe some other time.
Tony: uhh, okay let me see you off as well.
They walk her to where she
would get a bike to her lodge.
Over here most times people
use bike as a cab service. She got to the lodge; her childhood friend was with
her neighbors as usual so she went straight to bed. The next day she said her
prayers and went to school. Their matriculation was around the corner. She was
still worried about not being settled…

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