Chapter Fifteen:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

Tessy’s matriculation
Nina arrived her Uncles place, so she can go from there to her cousin’s (Tessy) matriculation. She didn’t know where the school was so she was going with Tessy’s younger sister, Zinny…….
Zinny: hey, Nina! What’s up?
Nina: I’m good. Long time!
Zinny: you think? How is school?
Nina: school is great! How are we going?
Zinny: to Tessy’s matriculation?
Nina: yeah.
Zinny: my boyfriend and his friend will take us there.
Nina: oh, okay.
Zinny: you going this way right? We are going to spend a night there for the after party.
Nina: that sounds cool. That means I have to take some things like soap, sponge and what I’m wearing tomorrow.
Zinny: okay. Oh, they are here, we need to start going we don’t know how far the drive is going to be.
Nina: right, okay, I’m done.
Nina took some things and left with them, it was in the same state but Nina had never been there before. They got there finally, no reception, the school was even smaller than Nina’s school, and it was a school for nurses. The ceremony was over; they took some pictures and went down to Tessy’s hostel. Zinny was happy for her sister but she wasn’t really happy that she wasn’t in school because she was older than Nina and Nina would soon be matriculating…….
Tessy: Nina, thanks for coming, it really means a lot to me.
Nina: it’s no problem. So how long is your programme here?
Tessy: three years.
Nina: wow, it’s a long time.
Tessy: no, before you know it I’ll be out of here.
Nina: I just feel for you, here is so deserted.
Zinny: how about your school? Heard is deserted too.
Nina: um, no offence but my school is much better than this school but like Tessy said is not that long, three years. So I think you are going to be okay.
Zinny: anyways, me I want to go to a federal school and I will.
Nina: who does want to? But the way our country is, is not helping matters. I’ve always wanted to school in Unijos(University of Jos) and Uniport(University of Portharcourt); it didn’t work out like I planned.
Zinny: I know I’ll attend a federal school someday, I’ll wait.
Nina: okay.
Tessy: Guys it’s time to go.
Nina: okay don’t know whether I should take my phone with me.
Zinny: what’s the use, there’s no reception.
Nina: Tessy, is it safe to keep it here?
Tessy: sure.
Nina: okay, let’s go!
Zinny: yeah!
Nina: hope it  (the party) doesn’t suck.
Zinny :( laughing) don’t hold your breath.
Tessy; whatever guys.
They got to their hall, the party was at ten and Tessy was contesting for the pageant. There were just two of them, Tessy and some other girl. The party wasn’t great, it was just okay and Tessy won the contest. She was giving a bike as her price and a TV, so they said but Nina didn’t see any of that, maybe Tessy sold it, till now Nina has no idea what happened to the bike and TV.
The party was over so they went back to Tessy’s room; they had a long day and decided to go straight to bed.

The next day, they were packing to leave and Nina couldn’t find her phone. The phone Nina was using was sent from Germany by her big sister, Antonia’s boyfriend…
Nina: Tess, did you see my phone, I can’t find it?
Tessy: no, where did you keep it.
Nina: in my hand bag, right here.
Zinny: let’s help you find it.
Nina: oh God, I can’t lose that phone.
Tessy: relax, we’ll find it.
They looked for the phone for an hour and they couldn’t find it. Later they found out that some villagers robbed around there. Nina didn’t have a choice but to leave there, she was really angry because she hadn’t used the phone well because network she was using with the phone didn’t function in some parts of her school. Besides, it was Tessy’s matriculation and she didn’t want her to feel bad about it.
Nina got back to her uncle’s place and headed back to school the same day…
Agbani: hey, Nina welcome!
Nina: thanks, how have you been?
Agbani: good, how was the matriculation?
Nina: it was fine. Where’s Evelyn?
Agbani: she went out.
Nina: okay, please can I use your phone?
Agbani: what of your phone?
Nina: I lost it on the matriculation day.
Agbani: how?
Nina: it was stolen, I guess. I still don’t understand what happened.
Agbani: was it stolen from you?
Nina: no I left it at the lodge and when I got back I couldn’t find it.
Agbani: that’s strange.
Nina: I thought so too but it’s passed. I don’t want to remember it.
Agbani: I’m so sorry about that, here (hands her the phone)!
Nina: thanks (dialing Dennis number).
Dennis: hello?
Nina: hi dear, it’s me.
Dennis: what happened to your number? I’ve been trying to reach you.
Nina: the reception there was poor.
Dennis: how about now?
Nina: my phone was stolen.
Dennis: oh, I’m sorry about that. Can you come around today?
Nina: yeah, I will.
Dennis: okay, see you later. Whose number is this?
Nina: Agbani.
Dennis: okay, love you.
Nina: love you too.
After some time Nina went to see Dennis…..
Dennis: (hugs her) I’m sorry about what happen.
Tony: what happened?
Dennis: her phone was stolen.
Tony: oh-oh! Welcome to the club.
Nina: your phone was stolen?
Tony: Dennis didn’t tell you? That was what they used  to welcome us.
Nina: are you serious? Wow, that’s bad.
Tony: was it stolen from you?
Nina: no, I left it at the lodge and didn’t meet it when I got back.
Dennis: yours was better, a gun was pointed at us.
Nina: oh my God!
Tony: it was as if I was watching my own movie.
Nina: wow!
Dennis: they even took some money.
Nina: thank God I wasn’t at home when they came; they would have done more than robbery.
Dennis: thank God. Have you eating something?
Nina: no, but I’m not hungry. You?
Dennis: yeah, I’ve had something. You sure you are not hungry?
Nina: yes, I am.
Dennis: okay.

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