Chapter Fifteen:The Fifth And The Last Child

After sometime they went to pack Nina’s luggage. Nina wanted them to go when  Mary would be at home. She didn’t just want to leave like that therefore she was hoping that by evening she would be around.
Nina: so, are you ready?
Evelyn: of course, let’s go.
Nina: (stopped a transport bike) Unique lodge.
They got there and met Mary as presumed…
Mary: Nina, are you back?
Nina: yeah, meet Evelyn.
Mary: hi, I’ve heard a lot about you, nice to meet you.
Evelyn: you too.
They packed everything and left for Evelyn’s house….
Agbani: Amanda! Longtime…
Nina:” agbani darego”! (Hugs her) it has really been long. How are you?
Agbani: I’m fine o! What of your brother?
Nina: he is fine.
Agbani: and Dennis?
Nina: he’s fine. What of “Mopo”?
Agbani: (laughs) he’s fine.
“Mopo” first of all means Police in English but it is the nick name of Agbani’s boyfriend.  During pre-science Agbani was head over heels for Mopo that she gives him money when she doesn’t cook for him, have sex with him in classes and go back to her room to ask for forgiveness from God by praying. Everyone knew he didn’t treat her well, she also knew that but couldn’t let go. Anyways, they are still together.
Nina: wow, here is really far.
Evelyn: far? It’s not far. We actually trekked from here to school.
Nina: are you serious?
Agbani: yeah, we do, there’s a shortcut we take.
Nina: okay, except that. So Evelyn what’s going on with you?
Evelyn: how do you mean?
Nina: that your boyfriend you use to tell me about.
Evelyn: he’s fine, we are good.
Nina: that’s good to know.
Agbani: (teases Evelyn)you and your Lawson!
Evelyn: yeah, yeah whatever.
Nina :( on the phone with Dennis) I’m at Evelyn place right now
Dennis: where is the place?
Nina: is called Jerusalem lodge right (asking Evelyn)?
Both: yes
Dennis: ok, I’ll come there soon.
Nina: ok, see you later.
Dennis got there and took Nina to his lounge to stay the night with him since she was travelling the next day to her cousin’s matriculation…
Nina :( hugs Dennis) hi
Agbani: Mr. Dennis longtime no see.
Dennis :( smiling) yeah, how are you doing?
Agbani: I’m fine o!
Dennis: Evelyn, what’s up?
Evelyn: I’m good, where are you taking my friend? She just got here.
Dennis: I’m sorry but I miss her and she’s travelling tomorrow, I just want to spend some time with her.
Evelyn: alright, only today!
Dennis: (laughing) yes ma’am.
Nina: (through with her packing) I’m done.
Dennis: okay, let’s go. Evelyn and Agbani take care.
Evelyn: you too, bye!
Agbani: bye!
Tony: hey Amanda, welcome!
Nina: thanks.
Tony: Okey, meet Dennis’s girlfriend.
Okey: hi, I’ve heard a lot about you.
Nina: good or bad things?
Okey: good things of course. You are even prettier than the picture I saw.
Nina: Aww thanks.
Dennis: I’ll be back, give me your bag let me keep it for you in my own room.
Nina: okay, let me come with you.
Dennis: I’ll be back now.
Nina: okay.
Tony: Okey, Amanda says she loves rock.
Okey: is that right? Well, you’ve met your competitor.
Nina: you love rock as well?
Okey: not me, I mean I like it to some extend but Tony is the rock fan.
Nina: oh yeah, we’ve met.
Tony: she can’t compete with me, she loves mild rock, I love all kind of rock and I’m dedicated.
Nina :( smiling) I don’t know where to get the CD’s, I only watch them on TV.
Tony: you don’t want to look for them.
Nina: No seriously I look for them, I just don’t see them, and they just mix them with other kind of songs or musicians. If you can get them for me where you get yours I don’t mind paying you.
Tony: it’s fine I can give you the ones I have now when I travel home I’ll get them for you.

Nina: oh that’ll be great thanks.
Dennis: (arrives) what would be great?
Nina: Tony is giving me his rock CD's.
Tony: borrowing her till I get hers.
Nina: yeah, lending me.
Dennis: you and rock!
Nina: yeah, can I come with you now?
Dennis: won’t you eat, Ernestina is preparing spaghetti.
Nina: okay.
Dennis: we’ll eat here, excuse me. Tony, what’ up! Is the food ready?
Tony: yeah, come get for you and Amanda.
Dennis: okay.
Dennis brought the pasta and everyone was eating and talking. In Nina’s mind, she felt like throwing up because the meal was tasteless, no salt and pepper. And she was wondering if this is what Ernestina feeds the guys, she was the only girl around most of the time. Apart from Chize that comes once in a while these days since she realized Dennis has a girlfriend.
After the meal, Dennis took Nina to his room, he has a roommate but he was still in school since his in his finals, he had a lot to do but he was coming back that night…
Nina: how have you been eating?
Dennis:  this way.
Nina: everyday?
Dennis: no, once a day. At night most of the time, I eat from a canteen sometimes and my roommate prepares a meal sometimes. Why? You didn’t enjoy the spaghetti?
Nina: um, it was okay.
Dennis: we know she doesn’t know how to cook but I she tries you know, cooking for all these guys.
Nina: yeah, she tries.
Dennis: (grabs her and kisses her) come here! I’m going to miss you. When are you coming back?
Nina: on Monday by God’s grace.
Dennis: okay, I love you.
Nina: love you too.
They start romancing and kissing each other and Dennis hands starts going real deep and she tries to stop him by holding his hands…..
Dennis: hey, come on, relax!
Nina: wait, wait!
Dennis: I don’t want to wait. I want you now.
Nina: Dennis, please stop. What if your roommate walks in now?
Dennis: he’ll work out. Baby please I’ve missed you; I need you (starts taking off her underwear).
Nina was having headache but she loved what he was doing but she didn’t want to have sex with him that way, she wanted it to be special and she felt like sex would change things between them. Therefore she wanted to be able to trust him before she lets him disvirgin her.
Nina: stop! Stop! I told you my head is aching me.
Dennis: another excuse, I’ll just rape you now!
Nina: Dennis, stop!
Dennis :( smiling) what will you do?
Nina: I’m serious stop!
Dennis: (spanks her butt and lay next to her) you are lucky I love you.
Someone knocking at the door……..
Dennis: who is it?
Ifeanyi: come on open this door!
Nina: (asking Dennis) who is the person?
Dennis: my roommate, hey! wear your pants.
Ifeanyi: {Dennis’ roommate at the door} open this door my friend!
Dennis: (opens the door) hey, ifeanyi what’s up?
Ifeanyi: what’s taking you so long? Oh, I see.
Nina: hi!
Ifeanyi: hi, Amanda right? Nice to meet you.
Nina: you too.
Ifeanyi: you are welcome to our humble home.
Nina: thank you.
Ifeanyi: guy, what’s for dinner?
Dennis: go to Tony’s place, Ernestina fixed us something. Yours should still be remaining.
Dennis goes close to Nina and realizes her body temperature is really high…
Dennis: baby, are you okay? Your body temperature is high.
Nina: I don’t know.
Dennis: oh my God! Um, let me check for a drug or something.
Nina: wait! Don’t go, stay with me please.
Dennis: I’m not going far, let me just check around the room and if I don’t see I’ll have to go to Tony’s place to get one.
Nina: okay but just hold me now.
Dennis: okay.
Ifeanyi: they didn’t remain for me.
Dennis: uh, sorry. Please stay with her let me get her pain relieving drug.
Ifeanyi: okay, what’s wrong with her?
Dennis: she’s having a headache.
Ifeanyi: okay, I’ll stay with her, just go.
Dennis: Amanda, I’ll be back, okay!
Nina: okay.
Ifeanyi: when did this start?
Nina: an hour ago.
Ifeanyi: sorry.
Dennis :( arrives) here, take water.
Nina: thanks, did you check for expiring date?
Ifeanyi :( laughs) even in your state you are just funny. Don’t worry I’ve checked you are safe.
Nina: thanks.
Dennis: see your big head! Just rest okay, are you still going tomorrow?
Nina: yes, I am. I promised I’ll be there.
Dennis: get well first okay!
Nina: yeah.
They all went to bed together in the same room; the room has two beds so Nina and Dennis slept in one while Ifeanyi slept in one. Nina became so comfortable with Ifeanyi because of how he welcomed her therefore she didn’t mind him being in the same room with them besides what were they going to do even if he wasn’t there, it’s not like they are going to have sex...

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