Brad Pitt and MIT Professor,Neri Oxman are just Friends

Since Brad Pitt's visit to MIT last November where he was pictured with professor,Neri Oxman,42 rumor has been swirling that they are indeed an item and are getting serious. Well ,according to Page six,it's not true. Though they met and have mutual love and interest for design and architecture,nothing has happened....yet.

“Their friendship has not turned into romance.” It’s conceivable that the actor and the professor’s professional relationship could morph one day into something more, but his rep recently told us that a similar narrative from Us Weekly about how Pitt was “smitten” with Oxman is an “exaggeration.”

Hmm,she is gorgeous though...She has this European allure about her,it's enchanting. Beauty and Brains,You go Brad!

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