Jessica Simpson share vacation photos with hubby in the Bahamas

Jessica Simpson shared diffferent photos from her vacation with hubby ,Eric Johnson at the Bahamas. The singer donned a yellow bikini and flowing sarong with playful patterns while her hubb showed off ripped abs in grey shorts. She captioned the photo:'I taught my husband the art of the closet selfie,'

She is in her own world.See more photos below;

Check out Kim Kardashian's New Body Fragrance

Reality queen,Kim Kardashian has been sharing racy photos on her social media,promoting her new fragance which she said the bottle was made from shape of her body. She calls it  narcotic elixir . She captioned; 'A narcotic elixir with notes of juicy peach nectar, jasmine, golden amber and more.'

'This fragrance has one of my favorite florals Jasmine in it with a rich Sandlewood and Amber! It has sweet and musky notes like peach and rose too!' -She added with anothee nude photo.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are Back on

They don't want to stay away from each other...Bearly six weeks after the break up,the love birds are back on.
Model Gigi Hadid,22 and singer Zayn Malik,25 were spotted sharing a kiss in public in in New York City on Sunday afternoon,obviously telling the world they are back together . And they looked cute doing it; Gigi donned a ripped cropped jeans, black sweater and blazer with leopard print booties and black satchel purse while Zayn rocked a  black puffy jacket over a red Resort Corps hoodie and slung a Gucci drawstring bag over his shoulder. 

Who is happy for them? I know i am. They are young,they should have fun.

Watch this Kid nail Beyonce's Coachella Performance

Coachella have always been a music festival to die for but thsi year Beyonce made up for her absense last year,inviting her husband,Jay Z ,Destiny's Child,sister Solange Knowles,a marching band and more on stage. It was a performance of a lifetime,and its only fair that her stans do a replica of it. 

A nine year old,Jacqueline LeGrande dance to O.T. Genasis and Jereme Jay’s “Everybody Mad” dressed as Queen Bey in THAT yellow sweat shirt and denim shorts in white boot. And she nailed it! Her mother shared the video on Instagram,watch below;

Kendra Wilkinson Rocks New Brunette Look

Reality star,Kendra Wilkinson who recently filed for divorce from Hank Baskett after nine years of marriage showed off her new look on instagram and captioned;“Been wanting to experiment like this for a long time n here it is. So excited for this change but I’ll always stay true to my roots,”

She looks good as a brunette too. Go Kendra,go Kendra!

Tonto Dikeh as Ambassador for NAPTIP

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh was honored on Friday in Abuja as the new ambassador to the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) on human trafficking.In a statement by Director- General of NAPTIP,  Mrs. Julie Okah-Donli,

“Tonto is the first Nollywood actress to partner with us in fighting the scourge of human trafficking, and automatically, is named an Ambassador for NAPTIP.

“There are many areas we can work together using her popularity as an actress and role model to many young people.’’

“She has fans and followers, especially on her social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and of course she can talk about NAPTIP on such platforms.

“She is known for the free skills acquisition and an empowerment programme she offers, especially young women, through her foundation, and that is line with our objectives as well,’’ Mrs Okah-Donli said.

“Other Nollywood actresses and celebrities should know that this is the right part to tow towards building a better and proud nation for all,’’ she said.
Tonto Dikeh becomes NAPTIP ambassador (Photos)

While Tonto said: “As an Ambassador of NAPTIP; I intend to do a radical campaign against human trafficking across Nigeria, as far as I can go.

“I have always been inspired to do this because human trafficking is a huge national problem that should not be left for government alone.

“My passion has always been to speak against it in my little capacity, and I just found the right platform which is NAPTIP.

“I do believe that God raised celebrities to be agents of positive change in societies because they have fans and a lot of people who follow them,” she said.

“We want to see our education and economy get better; we want to see our youths finished school and get Jobs.'
Tonto Dikeh becomes NAPTIP ambassador (Photos)

Tonto Dikeh becomes NAPTIP ambassador (Photos)

Tonto Dikeh becomes NAPTIP ambassador (Photos)

Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

The next day Evelyn had a departmental lecture leaving Nina and Agbani behind…
Evelyn; Agbani , what time is your lecture?
Agbani: I don’t have any lecture today.
Evelyn: how about you Amanda?
Nina: in the afternoon, still contemplating about going.
Evelyn: okay,(leaving) see you.
Nina: alright bye!
Agbani: bye.
Nina: oh, I’m so tired, I need to go back to sleep.
Agbani: why?
Nina: I didn’t sleep well last night.
Agbani: alright.
Nina didn’t know that Agbani had plans with her boyfriend since she was thinking both Nina and Evelyn would be going to school. After some time, Nina fell back to sleep and after an hour Agbani’s boyfriend (from her pre-science) showed up.
Mopo: baby!
Agbani: shh, Amanda is sleeping.
Mopo: Amanda stays with you guys?
Agbani: (whispering) yes.
Mopo: (whispering as well) okay.
Agbani: what can I get you?
Mopo: anything (hugging and kissing her)
Agbani: stop Amanda is here.
Mopo: so? She’s fast asleep.
Agbani: what if she wakes up?
Mopo: then she can join us.
Agbani: (smiling) not funny!
Mopo: come on!
Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina wakes up and starts hearing voices and she knew who the person was because she knows how Mopo’s voice sounds. She didn’t know if she could get up and she didn’t want to interrupt them as well. The crazy couple starts taking off clothes and actually having sex, Nina was mortified because she hasn’t seen a pornographic movie before but this was live, although she was backing them. Hearing agbani’s sexual noise was irritating her she just wanted to run out of the room but she didn’t want her to feel embarrassed besides its Agbani’s room and not hers therefore she wouldn’t want her to feel humiliated and uncomfortable in her own room. After the act, Nina decides to move a little so they would know she’s about to wake up….
Agbani: you want to get me into trouble.
Mopo: shut up, didn’t you love it.
Agbani :( whispering) stop, I think she’ll soon wakeup.
Mopo: :( spanking her) okay, I’ll see you later.
Agbani: just go please.
Finally (at least for Nina) he left…
Nina :( stretching)
Agbani: (giving a shameful expression) you are awake?
Nina: yeah, I need to head to class. I have lecture in like fifteen minutes.
Agbani: okay.
Nina tries to dress as fast as she could, she just wanted to leave that place…..
Nina: Okay, see ya!
Agbani: okay.
She went straight to school imaging how some people can be so shameless having sex while there roommate was there and was wondering how horny Agbani could have been and her shameless boyfriend…..
Nina: hey, Martins.
Martins: Amanda, how are you?
Nina: I’m good, thanks so much for taking care of some attendants for me.
Martins: you are welcome.
Nina: what’s going on now? Who is the biology lecturer?
Martins: she’s a woman; I don’t know her name yet.
Nina: okay, where is the attendance?
Martins: here.
Nina: thanks.
Martin was the choir master during pre-science and was kind of Nina’s friend too. He always loved to take on a lot of responsibilities, so they decided to give him a part-time course representative in microbiology which is Nina’s department since no one else was interested. He was always a good guy; most girls could count on him, although he wanted to be popular so he decided to be the course representative. A lot changed since pre-science, Martins has a girlfriend with hips three times the size as Jennifer Lopez, short and dark in complexion with a pretty face, her name is Sally, did I mention martin is very skinny…
 Sally: Martins, I’ve been looking for you.
Martin: I’ve been around. Amanda meet sally, Sally, Amanda.
Sally: hi.
Nina: hi, nice to meet you.
 Nina didn’t know she was Martin’s girlfriend but with the way she acted she could tell. Their lecturer came to class and Nina sat close to Zino and onome, they take almost all their departmental courses with biochemistry students. After the class, everyone starts leaving to their destinations…
Zino: Babi,(a nickname zino gave Nina because of her baby face) where have you been?
Nina: jumping from one house to another.
Onome: where are you staying now?
Nina: with Evelyn.
Zino: Evelyn? How is she?
Nina: she’s great.
Zino: really?
Nina: yeah, why?
Zino: I don’t know, I’ve always seen her like someone that likes her privacy and doesn’t like to share. Anyways, she your friend.
Nina: zino! Because she likes her privacy doesn’t mean she can’t harbor me.
Onome: don’t mind Zino, so it’s three of you?
Amanda: yeah, me, Evelyn and Agbani.
Zino: no way! Evelyn and Agbani?  That girl that behaves like a witch?
Onome: zino!
Zino: no seriously, wasn’t she in our room during pre-science? Didn’t you guys see how she was acting?
Nina: zino let it go, alright!
Zino: okay, just be careful. I know Evelyn is cool but Agbani very mysterious.
Onome: how far have you gone with the hostel search?
Nina: not too far, but everything is till second semester.
Zino: alright, Onome lets go.
Nina: where are you guys going?
Zino: to onome’s room, her dad brought our native soup. You want to come?
Nina: uh no, you guys go right ahead, I have to see Dennis anyways.
Zino: okay, bye. See you tomorrow!
Nina: yeah, with this crowd? I hope so. See you, Onome.
Onome: yeah, take care.
Check here for Chapter Seventeen

Jennifer Lopez in disco ball Mini dress at the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards

J'lo keeps bringing on the fashion. The 48-year-old who was nominated twice at this year's Billboard Latin Music Awards but sadly didn't win gave a wonderful performance on stage. She also brought her fashion A-game in this disco ball inspired min dress in silver heeled sandals,rocking her waist-length hair. Her beau Alex Rodriguez was by her side...of course (pic below)

Blac Chyna Slammed for wearing Dream hair extensions

Rob Kardashian's ex and mother of his daughter, Dream was slammed on instagram after sharing the photo above  of the toddler wearing pink clip on extensions. Chyna shared the photo with two hearts emoji and some fans commented. One said;“Please take that trash out of her beautiful hair,”

“Hope she won’t follow in her mother’s footsteps,” Another said

Mothers ,what do you think? is it totally okay or not?

Jennifer Lopez rocks two stage outfits at the Time 100 Gala

Singer J'lo did not only stun on the red carpet but also on stage for the 2018 Time 100 Gala . The Amor Amor singer rocked the stage in a white dress with featured plunging neckline, cutouts on the sides, and thigh-high slits . She also donned a crystal-embellished bodysuit which was underneath the dress . see below;

Toke Makinwa Reveals she recently had Surgery after battling Fibroid for seven years

Image result for toke makinwa

OAP,Author and Vlogger,Toke Makinwa shared on her vlog that she has been battling with fibroid for seven years and recently had surgery. She said;

I've been battling with fibroid for about six going to seven years. I think I was diagnosed seven years ago. It's been one hell of a ride, guys.

So, I finally decided to do something about the situation this year because it was getting to the point where it was beginning to affect me. You know, I was in a lot of pain, I couldn't sit up properly. It was beginning to push against certain organs inside of me. It was just nasty and a total disaster.

I had to wear undergarments, body magic, or waist cinchers just to make sure I don't look bloated or pregnant because I didn't want to have surgery'' 

Wow,so sorry about that . Thank God you are doing better now.

Meghan Markle's Military Style at the Anzac Day Service

Future princess,Meghan Markle gave us some military vibe in this long gray coat,floppy black hat, black suede heels and Gucci’s Dionysus bag at London’s Hyde Park. I love this style!

The couple later moved on to Westminster Abbey, where they joined new dad Prince William for a second Anzac Day service.Meghan changed her look in a dress suit in black crepe and a black beret in same heels.  See photo below;

Destiny's Child party together in West Hollywood

Beyonce,Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland were spotted having a girls time at the Dundas brand opening party in West Hollywood.

The hit girl band group gave a mouth watering performance at coachella and seem to not get enough off each other as they met up on Tuesday night. Beyonce wore s black mini gown while Kelly donnes a silver jumpsuit and white blazer and Michelle in black long sleeve shirt and matching pants.

Ivanka Trump wows in $12,888 dress for the First State dinner

Ivanka Trump looked lovely in this pink polka dot ruffle dress on Tuesday night, for the first state dinner hosted by the Trump administration. She was joined by husband,Jared Kushner who looked dapper in a tuxedo.

The dress is so gorgeous. Is it worth $12,888?(Hmm,can't really say),let me rephrase that,would i spend that much money on this dress?Maybe.

Michelle Obama Congratulates The Royals on their new born

Image result for michelle obama

Former Us First Lady,Michelle Obama sent a congratulatory message (below) to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their new born on Monday. She wrote;

“Barack and I are thrilled to congratulate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their newest arrival!” Michelle Obama wrote on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. “We hope to meet him soon for a Kensington Palace pajama party. I’ll wear my robe!”

J'lo Stuns in Zuhair Murad for the Time 100 Gala

Singer,Jennifer Lopez looked stunning at the Time 100 Gala in New York city Tuesday night. The 48-year-old wore this plunging shimmery Zuhair Murad dress which featured a thigh-high slit showing off her toned legs,accessorized with a gold clutch and matching heels.

She was also joined by beau Alex Rodriguez. More photos below;