Yvonne Nelson does not regret having a child outside wedlock

Ghollywood actress,Yvonne Nelson who gave birth to daughter,Ryn Roberts on Sunday, October 29th 2017, with her fiancée, Jamie Roberts said she does not regret having her baby outside wedlock. Though she said the right thing is to get married and have kids…In an interview with BBC,the producer said;

I believe it’s the right thing to do. To get married, have kids, raise a family is ideal but I believe society puts a lot of pressure on women, young women in Africa especially.”

”I am a very positive person. I don’t let all the negativity and all the bad talks get to me. I was staying positive. I had loved ones around me plus I had this beautiful blessing in my arms. It was all joy for me. I wasn’t listening to all the negativity outside at all. It didn’t really affect me at all”
“at the end of the day if my mum, my family is happy with me, I am happy with myself, that’s it”.

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