Viola Davis Stuns on the cover of Porter Edit

Oscar,Emmy and Tony award winnig actress, Viola Davis stunned on the cover of  NET-A-PORTER’s digital magazine PorterEdit where she talked about acting sex scenes,being a black woman in the industry and the #metoo movement.

 ‘I always felt in playing sexuality you have to look a certain way, to be a certain size, to walk a certain way. 

‘Until I realised that what makes people lean in is when they see themselves. There’s no way I am going to believe that all women who are sexualised are size zero or two, all have straight hair, all look like sex kittens every time they go to bed and want sex from their man, all are heterosexual. 

‘I am mirroring women. I always say it is not my job to be sexy, it’s my job to be sexual, that’s the difference,’

About being black in Hollywood;
‘I’m 52 and darker than a paper bag. Women who look like me are relegated to the back of the bus, auditioning for crackheads and mammas and the person with a hand on her hip who is always described as “sassy” or “soulful”.’  

And while Viola has achieved immense success in the performance industry, she admits there’s still a struggle with women of colour in the business.  

‘People need to understand that they shouldn’t see people of colour one way. We don’t always have to be slaves or in the ’hood or fighting the KKK. 

‘I could be in a romantic comedy. I could be in Gone Girl. Or Wild. I could be seen the same way as Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore. I actually came from the same sort of background. I went to Julliard, I’ve done Broadway. I’ve worked with the Stephen Spielbergs. I should be seen the same way. 

Speaking about the #metoo movement;
 ‘Not only do I have my own story, I have my own stories. ‘I am telling you, I have had men touch me in inappropriate ways throughout my childhood. I have had men follow me on any given day, and I am saying during the day, at one o’clock in the afternoon, and expose themselves to me.

‘It makes you feel like c**p, it makes you feel like, what would a childhood be if that were removed? And it’s hard to separate that stain from who you are. You tattoo it on yourself. Those personal experiences have allowed me to feel compassion for the women who have spoken up,’ she admitted. 

She is a brilliant actress. Love her in How to get away with murder.

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