Sarah Hyland Replies Body-Shamers on Instagram

 Modern family actress,Sarah Hayland replies fans after the body shamed her for looking skinny at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.The 27-year-old actress looked wore a gold Ermanno Scervino gown paired with oversize Lorraine Schwartz earrings. Some trolls wrote;
“Ew put on sum [sic] weight,” read the very first comment, kicking off a free-for-all that included remarks like “looking like a skeleton with a stick stuck up your bony a**.”

“I understand how insulting it can be when people assume you’re sick when you’re thin,” wrote one so-called supporter. “But please actually take it on board. You do look scarily and sickly thin for your body type. Your cheeks are hollow, babe.”

“To feel beautiful is one of the most important feelings, but this is neither healthy nor a good ideal for young girls,” added another.

“Hun you don’t even look like yourself, at all,” chimed in a commenter. “If I didn’t read your caption I would’ve bet money this wasn’t you. Here’s a lil’ tough love for you — you look sickly, you look like an anorexic whose cheeks are sunken in. You are drop-dead gorgeous, but no one is gorgeous when they have the stick-thin body of a 8-year-old girl. Sorry. … If I looked like her, I’d certainly want someone to tell me the truth. She looks sick, she needs help, and clearly she is oblivious to that.”

Sarah replies;

while some people were being mean,some were supportive;
“People who feel the need to put someone down clearly are not happy with themselves and are jealous of how gorgeous and how much you have achieved,” read one response. “Keep being you!! You have not hidden the fact you have had some health issues; regardless you don’t have to defend yourself to anyone ever.”

“People can be this thin and healthy,” another fan wrote. “Having said that, I don’t feel @sarahhyland looks ‘bone-thin’ anyway. I am as thin as, if not thinner than her, and without the ill health issues. The skinny shaming is disappointing, if unsurprising. It’s good that people are coming to Sarah’s defense by pointing out she has health issues, but this also kinda misses the point. Skinny people don’t have to prove they have a legitimate reason for being thin. Some people just ARE. And they’re allowed to feel good about it.”

“Sarah I know the weight struggle all too well and I deal with stupid comments all the time from ableist pieces of shit who don’t comprehend what it’s like to have your body attacking you from the inside out,” read another message. “Nor do they have the strength to handle it. Thank you for being you. You are beautiful.”

Sarah underwent a kidney transplant in 2012 and has been vocal about her battle with kidney dysplasia and its effects on her body.

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