Oprah Reveals why she doesn’t make appearances with long-time Partner,Stedman Graham

Media Mogul,Oprah Winfrey,64 revealed on Gwyneth Paltrow’s premiere Goop podcast on Thursday why she keeps her partner of 34 years ,Stedman Graham (since 1986,wow! and they are not married…) away from the tabloids. She aid to Paltrow,recalling what Maya Angelou told her;

“It has to do with whoever sat down at the computer at that moment,” “‘What can we say that is going to sell some stories?’” However, she then admitted, “It’s also why I stopped making as many public appearances with Stedman — because I realized that every time there’s a new photograph, there’s a new story. It’s an invitation.”

“I picture it,” she continued, going on to imagine the inner workings of a tabloid. “They’ve got the pictures on the wall. What do we have this week? What expression do we have? What can we create out of that?”

Hmm,it seems to be working out for them…34 years is not a joke but they should get married.

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