Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Swim with Sharks

Coco Austin took to her instagram to she photos from her family vacation at the Bahamas where she  and 2-year-old daughter,Chanel swam with sharks , Chanel. Husband Ice T was missing from the adrenaline-pumping adventure. She wrote;
"One of the highlights while in Bahamas has been swimming with the sharks!" the TV personality wrote. "I know what you're thinking.. I watched that TV show, 'When wild animals go wild' too but these guys acted like dogs."
"Plus the rush of doing something crazy is half the fun. I even got Chanel to come in with me!"

"As you can see Ice didn't make it in the water," she said of her husband, Ice-T.
"This seriously was crazy having all these sharks in the water at once," she captioned a video. "But I have to say, half the battle was holding Chanel while"

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