Chapter Twelve:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont’d}

The main campus

Nina got to school and went
straight to the admin office and met some of her friends. Zino is in the same
department with her and the quiet one in her room Onome. Some other girls that
she doesn’t really talk to were also in her department. There were people in
queue waiting to register at the admin office.
Zino: Amanda!
Nina: hey, zino.
Zino: longtime, why are you just coming now?
Nina: long story! But I’m here now.
Zino: yeah, they put me in natural science.
Nina: really, what department?
Zino: microbiology.
Nina: me too.
Zino: so, we are in the same!
Nina: yeah, really cool.
Zino: onome is also in the same department.
Nina: oh, that’s great.
As she talks with Zino, she
sees Dennis and a guy with a girl in the middle passing the building but she
didn’t want to call him.
Zino: is that not Dennis?
Nina: That’s him.
Zino: why didn’t you call him?
Nina: I didn’t feel like it. The guy with him looks familiar though. Did
he do pre-science with us?
Zino: I don’t think so.
Nina: I feel like I’ve seen him before.
She forgot he was the guy
she was crushing over before she got admission into pre-degree. Then he used to
keep an afro and she loved the way he dressed. She taught she was going to see
him during her pre-science but she never saw him and forgot all about him.
After sometime she had to meet with her childhood friend and dropped her bags,
then she called Dennis.
Dennis 🙁 phone ringing) hello!
Nina: hi, how are you?
Dennis: I’m okay.
Nina: what did you wear today?let me guess, white shirt and black chinos
Dennis: how did you know?i’ve been trying your line today you know!
Nina: really.
Dennis: yeah.
Nina: are you sure? Because it didn’t seem like you didn’t.
Dennis; what do you mean?
Nina: I’m in school.
Dennis: I knew it. I thought I saw someone like you but I didn’t want to
embarrass myself. Where are you?
Nina: Unique lodge.
Dennis: okay, I’ll be there by 7pm to see you.
Nina was with her childhood friend, Mary and Joseph. They live together
and Nina felt she would be inconveniencing them.
Nina: you stay with Joseph?
Mary: yeah.
Nina: oh ok…
Mary: no worries, he can stay with the neighbors for the time being.What
of Richard?
Nina: ok, he is fine, staying with a friend.
Mary: so what’s your course?
Nina: microbiology.
Mary: political science.
Nina: nice one. What of your parents.
Mary: they are fine. How is your dad?
Nina: he is fine.
Mary; have you been able to see your mum?
Nina: yeah, I have, she’s great.
Mary: I’m happy for you. You guys deserve to see your mum.
Nina: yeah, thanks.
Mary: what of your eldest sister, Sarah and Nathan?
Nina: She fine, Sarah and Nathan are in school.
Mary: wow! That’s good. Your Dad is really trying, four people in school
Nina: yeah, I thank God. Where’s Joseph? I’ve not seen him since.
Mary: he should be around school. That’s how he does, sometimes he
dosen’t even come back that day.
Nina: boys! They love walking about.
Mary: yeah, they do.
Meeting Dennis after six months
Mary’s neighbor calls her;
she excuses herself and went to meet them. Meanwhile it was 7pm and Dennis came
with his friend but he couldn’t reach Nina because of the bad network. It was
just one line that is recognized in her school,MTN but other network was really
poor so he sent someone to call her. She comes out and sees him with his friend
and she hugs him.
Nina: hi
Dennis: hi, you lied to me.
Nina: no, I didn’t.
Dennis: forgive my manners; meet Tony, Tony meet Amanda.
Tony: [shakes her hand] I’ve heard a lot about you.
Nina: really, hope they are good things?
Tony: of course.
Nina: okay, nice to meet you.
Dennis: [holding her hand] why did you lie about coming today?
Nina: I wanted to surprise you.
Dennis: let’s walk.
Tony: guy seriously, do you want to do that?
Nina: why what’s the matter?
Dennis: here is really rough, they’ve stolen our phones here.
Nina: are you serious?
Dennis: yeah. But I want you to come with me now.
Nina: yeah me too but is kind of late
Dennis: okay, at least I’ve seen you and it’s not fair to Tony standing
here alone.
Tony: no I’m okay, you guys can carry on.
Dennis: indeed, don’t mind him oh. Baby, I’ll see you tomorrow okay!
Nina: okay. Are you through with your registration?
Dennis: almost, you? Why are my even asking you just got here.
Nina: yes, but Richard took care of it. The only thing I have to do is
Dennis: you are lucky, you would have suffered.
Nina: when you are here?
Dennis: [smiling] oh yeah, I’ll make you suffer!
Nina: indeed {laughs}
They couldn’t get enough of
each other, anytime Nina is with him, she feels chills down her spine and when
he touches her, her hands and legs trembles. She was so happy to see him and
couldn’t wait to be with him the next day.
Dennis: okay, got to go. I love you.
Nina: love you too, bye! See you tomorrow.
Dennis: bye.
Nina: bye , Tony!
Tony: bye! At least I’ll get to see your face tomorrow, it’s quite dark
Nina: yeah sure, bye.
They left and she went back
to the room, Mary was in the other room with her room mate, Nina went to have
her bath and went to bed. She wasn’t served dinner because Mary hardly cooks
and sometimes she eats from neighbor’s pot. Joseph eats sometimes outside and
also from his friends’ pot. Nina slept off, before she did, she was thinking of
how it’s going to be with Dennis, she couldn’t wait to see him the next day and
then she remembered the girl they were walking with when she saw Dennis and she
felt maybe  she was Tony’s girlfriend.

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