Chapter Twelve:The Fifth And The Last Child

Admission to the main campus

She was at home for almost
6months and finally went to her state in the east, at her uncle’s place to stay
until her dad sends money for them to register for admission. She was very
bored in her uncles place because she didn’t have friends there. Sometimes her
sister Sarah comes to see her from her school and introduced her to the friend
she made with her brother Nathan.
Sarah: Nina, let’s go see a friend
Nina: what friend?
Sarah: his Nathan’s friend and also my friend.
Nina: is he cute?
Sarah: yeah, he’s cute.
Nina: really? That’s why you want to see him.
Sarah: no, he is just a friend and besides we are bored so let’s go
Nina: hope it’s not far?
Sarah: it’s trekable.
Nina: okay, let’s go.
They start knocking at the
Chinedu: hey, Sarah, how are you doing?
Sarah: I’m fine, meet my sister Nina.
Chinedu: the one you said is looking for admission?
Sarah: yeah.
Chinedu: you are welcome to my home.
Nina: thank you.
Chinedu: what can I get you?
Nina: nothing, thank you.
Chinedu: why now? Anytime Sarah comes here she doesn’t take anything.  You too?
Nina: I’m full, I really don’t need anything.
Chinedu: not even water?
Nina: hmm….
Chinedu: okay or Sarah did you tell her not to take anything?
Sarah: no oh! Why would I tell her not to take anything from you, come on?
Chinedu: hey, mike come and meet Sarah sister, Nina meet Micheal my
younger brother; he’s also seeking for admission as well.
Micheal: how are you doing?
Nina: I’m good.
Micheal and Nina started
getting along and exchanged numbers. When Sarah went back to school, Nina would
go see mike, they would talk, sometimes stroll and he would see her off but not
close to her uncle’s house so he won’t see them.
Micheal: how have you been?
Nina: good, you?
Micheal: fine. Nina I need to tell you something.
Nina: what?
Micheal: I think I’m in love with you.
Nina: what?! You are not serious.
Micheal: I’m serious. Since the first day I saw you I could not stop
thinking about you.

Nina: Mike, you can’t be in love with me. I have a boyfriend and you
know how much I love him.

Micheal: I know but I canu’t stop thinking about you.
Nina: you have to stop thinking about me. I’ll be going to school soon
and I don’t want to be unfaithful.
Micheal: don’t you love me?
Nina: as a friend, yes.
Micheal: what makes you think he isn’t cheating on you?
Nina: he’s not. How can you even say that?
Micheal: I’m sorry; it’s just that you can’t trust guys and I don’t want
you to get hurt.Besides since I met you I haven’t heard a phone call from him.
Nina: are you with me all the time?
Micheal: okay, maybe he calls you at night but if you were my girlfriend
I’ll call you every minute.
Nina: well, I’m not your girlfriend. So let it go. I have to go home;
it’s getting late before my uncle will start looking for me.
Micheal: alright, when are you going to school?
Nina: Monday.
Micheal: I’ll call you. See you tomorrow?
Nina: maybe. You can go back now don’t want my uncle to see you.
Micheal: alright, bye.
Nina: bye
Zinny (Nina’s cousin): madam where did you go?
Nina: Mike’s house.
Zinny: are you dating Micheal?
Nina: no, we are just friends.
Zinny: so what were you guys talking about?
Nina: normal stuff.i was bored just wanted to go out.
Zinny: okay. So I heard your results are out.
Nina: yeah, we passed but I didn’t get the course I wanted.
Zinny: what course?
Nina: I want to study medicine but they said the school doesn’t have
medicine yet so they placed me in microbiology.
Zinny: it’s not that bad. That’s why I’m waiting on JAMB(Joint admission
matriculation board) so I could get into a known university, that at least have
all the  important courses  a school should have.
Nina: I just have to make do with what I have. I can’t imagine spending
another year at home, at least you are lucky. You are working to keep you busy.
Zinny: yeah. Should I make dinner for you?
Nina: yes, thanks.
They eat twice a day in their
uncle’s house, sometimes once. Richard has been in school doing some
registration for him and Nina. Dennis was making new friends and having a nice
time that they never knew he had a girlfriend.
Nina: [calling Dennis] hello!
Dennis: hi, how are you?
Nina: I’m fine. I don’t think I’m coming on Monday.
Dennis: why? Don’t you want to do your registration? I saw your brother.
Nina: [hearing female voices] he is helping me do some of my
registration. I’m hearing noises.
Dennis: they are my friends.
Nina: seems like you are having a lot of fun.
Dennis: not really, I miss you.
Nina: are you sure? You don’t sound like it.
Dennis: of course I miss you, you don’t want to come.
Nina: I’ll come. Just called to let you know I wouldn’t be able to make
it on Monday.
Dennis: okay, whenever you are ready but don’t take too long.
Nina: I won’t.
Nina was still going on
Monday she just wanted to surprise him. She was so nervous thinking about their
meeting that she couldn’t wait. Richard called her to tell her he saw their
childhood friend that she could stay with them when she comes before she settles
in the hostel. Nina’s dad sent money for registration but didn’t have enough
money to send for her hostel fee. There wasn’t a boy’s hostel just girls hostel
and Richard was squatting with Augustine and some friends.

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