Chapter Thirteen:The Fifth And The Last Child

The next day she woke up and as usual there was nothing to eat, she had her bath and dressed up for school.  She went for her medical test and met some other friends there and also her brother and his friend. Since they gained admission into the main campus, Augustine became Richard’s very good friend because they were in the same department (electrical engineering) while Evelyn and Nina were close but when they gained admission also, they weren’t close because they were in different departments…
Richard: how are you?
Nina: fine and you?
Richard: I’m just there.
Nina: are you settled?
Richard: not exactly. I’m staying with Augustine and his brothers.
Nina: okay, where is he anyways?
Richard: he’s in that hall talking to a friend.
Nina: alright, thanks by the way, For doing some of my registration.
Richard: no problem, have you started your medical test.
Nina: yeah.
Richard: so how is Mary and Joseph?
Nina: they are fine; Mary is even complaining that you don’t come around to see them.
Richard: she should know I’m still registering or is she done with hers?
Nina: don’t think so. Besides when is daddy going to send the money for my hostel I’m not comfortable were I am.
Richard: are they giving you any trouble?
Nina: no, it’s just that I want to be settled and I don’t like inconveniencing people, therefore them being uncomfortable.
Richard: I understand. I don’t know, he said he doesn’t have any money that the minute he gets it, he’ll send it. I’m not also comfortable, you are even lucky the school has girl’s hostel, we boy’s would have to go outside campus to rent a place.
Nina: at least you guys can stand each other or learn to tolerate each other, even when you don’t know each other but with girls is something else.
Richard: what of Evelyn?
Nina: she’s fine, I saw her earlier.
Richard: is she staying in the hostel?
Nina: no.

Richard: why not stay with her.
Nina: I don’t know about that, but I’ll try and talk to her about it.
Richard: okay, so what course did they give to her?
Nina: environmental management.
Richard: not bad. Do you remember that boy from our state in pre-science?
Nina: yeah, what happen?
Richard: he’s in that department, he even wanted to convince me to take that course.
Nina: why?
Richard: he wanted me in the same department with him that when we graduate he can connect me to an oil company.
Nina: so what did you say?
Richard: don’t mind him he doesn’t even know what he’s saying.
Augustine walking towards them…
Augustine: Amanda, how are you?
Nina: fine, I thought you weren’t going to greet me.
Augustine: why not? Of course I’ll greet you. Were you doing your medicals here?
Nina: yep.
Augustine: you are very lucky your brother helped you with a lot and Martins your course representative.
Nina: yes, I know but I didn’t know Martins helped. I’ll thank him too.
Augustine: yeah, do that. He helped with your attendance.
Nina: wow, that’s nice of him.
Richard: so where are you headed?
Nina:  I’ll walk around a bit to see if I can see some of my friends.
Richard: okay, see you later. (Leaving) try to come pick your things from my room.
Nina: okay, what’s the name of the building?
Richard: salvation lodge.
Nina: alright, I’ll see you when I can.
Richard: alright take care. Besides, why did you buy that line? There’s no reception for that line you are using in this school. You have to change to an Mtn line.
Nina: I’ll do that later. Don’t really have time for that one right now.
Richard: alright, bye Nina!
Nina: bye.
Augustine: bye.
Nina: bye, Augustine!
She was walking pass engineering department and saw Dennis. Dennis was smiling from afar and walking towards her, her heart was pumping so fast as he approaches her and he finally got close.
Dennis: hey!
Nina: hi.
Dennis: where are you going?
Nina: walking round.
Dennis: alone?
Nina: Richard just left me.
Dennis: [holds her hand] come.
Nina: where are we going?
Dennis: I want to take you to where I’m staying.
Nina: okay.
Dennis: let’s take a bike.
Nina: okay.
 Face to face with her second crush but has no idea
Nina and Dennis arrived at his lodge.They got there and met his friend she met the night before…
Tony: hi, there.
Nina: hi!
Tony: I didn’t really see you well yesterday. You are really pretty.
Nina: thank you.
Dennis: I’ll be back.
Nina: okay.

Tony: come in and make yourself comfortable
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