Chapter Ten:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont’d}

She goes for block rosary; they prayed the rosary,
preached and nominated people to be ex-cos. After block rosary, she went to
class looking for Dennis but he didn’t come to night class as usual. She missed
him so much that tears dropped from eyes and she wondered what could have been
the problem or if she did something bad or if Richard had threatened him. By
10pm she went back to her hostel, lying in her bed wishing things were the
same. She missed the way he kissed and touched her, the way he says sweet words
to her and the way he made her feel like she was the only girl in that school.
She never felt this way for someone before and wished it never stopped. And
prayed that he was okay and hoped he wasn’t dumping her, and then finally
        Nina still missing Dennis…The other Richard
wants to have his way
The next day, after lectures she didn’t still see Dennis
but she saw Richard, not her brother, the other Richard….
hi there!
can I speak with you for some minutes?
Richard, please I don’t have time for this.
please. I have been trying to talk to you but you won’t give me a chance.
OK, what?
Richard: let’s just go into the
canteen and sit.
She felt she needed the
distraction and follows him….
Richard: so, how are you?
Nina: I’m good.
Richard: I um… really want to get to know you. Since the first day I
saw you I just couldn’t stop thinking about you.
Nina :{ tries to get up} is this why you called me here?
Richard 🙁 holds her arm) wait! I’m sorry, let’s talk about something
else. I’m Richard as you know and I’m from Awka. So since I know your name
where are you from?
Nina: Imo
Richard: nice. So do you have a boyfriend?
Nina :{ thinking about it} yeah I do.
Richard: oh, OK! I use to have a girlfriend, I white girl. Yeah, was in Germany
for a while.
Nina: so what happened?
Richard: it didn’t work out. We wanted different things.
Nina: okay.
The canteen is near the boy’s
hostel that if anyone is in the canteen, the boys would see them. Nina didn’t
know that Dennis and his friends were watching her.
Ikenna: dude check this out, Richard is with Amanda in the canteen.
Dennis: really? I can’t believe this girl. She’s unbelievable!You know
what I don’t even care.
Ikenna: guy, seriously?
Dennis: I don’t know man! She’s driving me nuts.
Ikenna: do you like her?
Dennis: yes, but it doesn’t look like she likes me. She’s just playing
with my heart and I don’t like it.
Ikenna: I wonder what Richard is telling her.  You have to do something before this guy
takes your girl, you know how he is.
Dennis: I don’t know what to do. I can’t force her to be with me.
Ikenna: but you are not doing anything to make her feel like you care.
She’s been looking for you; I don’t know why you’ve been hiding from her.
Dennis: I wasn’t hiding,i was avoiding her. She shouldn’t just do what
she likes and expect me to be following her like a puppy.
Ikenna: I get it; you are upset about the “cousin” that came earlier.
At least, tell her how you felt about the situation, Instead of concluding. She
has the right to know what she did wrong.
It was getting dark and Nina
was still with richard……
Dennis: what’s she still doing there?
Ikenna: you know that guy has a sweet mouth. I hope she doesn’t fall for
Dennis: okay, I’m going there.
Richard: what kind of music do you like?
Nina: rock.
Richard: really, I like hip pop and r&b
Nina: I like R&B too but rock is my favourite.
Dennis passes by; acting
like he wants to buy water but it was so dark Nina didn’t know who the person was.
It was when he passed the second time that she perceived his cologne and she
smiled in her heart because she could feel his jealousy. She wanted to call him
but she didn’t, she was just happy to feel his presence after a week. Then
after some minutes with Richard she went to the hostel.
Nina: Richard, it’s dark. I’ve to go.
Richard: OK, I had a nice time.
Nina: likewise.
Richard: let me see you off to the hostel
Nina: okay.
He got to the hostel and
walked back, then she went in. on her way to her room she meets Evelyn…
Evelyn: madam, where are you coming from?
Nina: Was just at the canteen with Richard.
Evelyn: Richard? Anita’s  boyfriend?
Nina: he’s dating Anita? Richard is a liar! He never said he was dating
Evelyn: don’t mind him oh; he’s a playboy, that’s what he tells every girl.
Entering their room…
Nina: imagine!
Zino: amandababi, I saw you with Richard.
Nina: eh he Zino?! He’s just a friend
Grace: Amanda and Richard? You guys will be a good match oh! I’ll call
you, Amandarich!
All: amandarich, amandarich, Amandarich!
Nina: stop you guys. I don’t know why you are always on my case. What of
Ann, Agbani and nenye that are dating people?
Gift: really, so you admit you are dating Richard.
Nina: no, I don’t mean Richard. We were just having a conversation.
Evelyn :{ smiling} Hmm, not Richard then who?
Nina: Evelyn please let it go.
Zino: it’s true that reminds me. Ann said she didn’t have time for all this
chewingum boys and now she’s dating one.
Grace: don’t mind her she’s just a hypocrite.
Zino: I am going to remind her. I can wait to see the look on her face
when I ask her.
It was time to go to class
and Nina was going to the canteen to get water to drink and she sees Dennis
sitting in front of the canteen with Ikenna.
Nina: Hi
Dennis: Hi
Nina: where have you been?
Dennis: around.
Nina: I’ve been looking for you, didn’t ikenna tell you?
Dennis: he did, I’ve been busy.
Nina: you’ve been busy? Okay, at least I can see you are okay. Alright,
take care.
Goes in to get water and
comes out then Dennis grabs her wrist…she really missed his touch but didn’t
show it…
Dennis: where are you going?
Nina: to my room.
Dennis: are you coming to class today?
Nina: yeah, that’s where I’m going.
Dennis: okay. I’ll see you there.later!
Goes back to her room,
hurriedly gets her stuff …..
Evelyn: madam, where are you rushing off too?
Nina: class of course.
Evelyn: I thought you weren’t going today.
Nina: when did I tell you I wasn’t going?
Zino: Ann, are you not going?
Ann: I don’t know, why?
Zino: have you seen Agu today?
Ann: zino, what’s your point?
Zino: nothing, it’s just that I don’t know what’s going on between you
Ann: He is a friend.
Zino: Ann! Stop lying.
Ann: okay, I like him. We’ve started dating, so what.
Evelyn: what of the guy at home?
Ann: he’s still home.
Zino: Ann! Why?
Ann: look, he’s far away okay! And I need to keep body and soul together
right now. This place is frigging boring!
Nina :{ laughs} okay, I’m out (walks off to class).
Ann: why are you laughing? Like you don’t have a boyfriend here…
Nina: at least I don’t have at home! {And she leaves}
Ann: come back now let’s finish it.
Nina goes to class and just
remembered what Dennis said and became angry. Saying in her thoughts {who does
he think he is? avoiding her all this while and all he can say is; around, see
you in class!, screw him. If he doesn’t have a good explanation why he has been
missing for a while then she doesn’t have anything to say to him}.
Dennis :{ goes to the class
she’s in and calls her out}hey
Nina: hey
Dennis: how are you?
Nina: I’m good and you?
Dennis: I’ve been good.
Nina: of course you’ve been good. What happened?
Dennis: nothing, I just needed sometime to myself.
Nina; what kind of time?
Dennis: my reading time.
Nina: really? That’s why you disappeared for what? Like five days?
Dennis: I know and I’m sorry. In fact I rephrase that, I don’t have to be
Nina: is that right? Alright then, since I’ve been a distraction to you
I guess I better have my own reading time. Excuse me!
Dennis: wait, why are you going?
Nina: I believe we are done here. You had your time, now I should have
Dennis: wait, you really hurt me. You know that?
Nina: hurt you? What do you mean?
Dennis: this whole thing started when that guy came.
Nina: what guy?
Dennis: your supposed cousin.
Nina: how did he cause any trouble and point of correction he is my
Dennis: why were you with him throughout the night? I even passed were
you guys sat and you didn’t even say hi. It made me feel like he was some guy
that you were really interested in.
Nina: his just my cousin, we are really close and I didn’t want him to
know that I am dating someone here.
Dennis: why? What’s his problem?
Nina :{ sighs] do you remember when I told you I had a boyfriend?
Dennis: yes, where is this going?
Nina: well, I said that because he asked me to promise him that I
wouldn’t date anyone here. He told me to face my studies then I can deal with
boys later. That’s why I didn’t know how to tell him, although my brother sort
of told him but I convinced him that we are just friends.
Dennis: I felt really bad.
Nina: I’m sorry. Besides, when you passed why didn’t you say hi? At least
I would have introduced you as friend (smiling).
Dennis: and say what? I wasn’t sure if he was your cousin because of how
cozy you guys were. I didn’t want to interrupt anything.
Nina: is that why you’ve been avoiding me?
Dennis: yeah, I was upset.
Nina: are you still upset?
Dennis: are you going to have your reading time?
Nina: {smiling} maybe!
Dennis: I’m not upset, just missed you.
Nina: missed you too.
He starts touching and
kissing her…
Dennis: but I’m I really a distraction? Because if I am, I can give you some
Nina: no, you’re not. But you became one when I didn’t see you these
past few days.
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