Chapter Ten:The Fifth And The Last Child

Richard the new guy and other guys
Other guys were still asking Nina out, although Nina thought it was because she was hiding her relationship with Dennis, that they didn’t know that she has a boyfriend. Actually they knew but didn’t care; the only person that stepped away was Fortune.
After lectures, Nina went to her hostel to catch some sleep and someone stops her...A guy named Richard, not Nina’s brother. Richard used to date Anita or probably had an affair with her. He was also charming but short…
Richard: hi Amanda!
Nina: hi, how do you know my name?
Richard: I’ve been watching you.
Nina: really, what else do you know about me.
Richard: I know that you are really witty, pretty and fun to be with.
Nina: it’s that right? Well good for you.
Richard: so where are you going?
Nina: to my room obviously.
Richard: are you coming out later?
Nina: no, except for night class.
Richard: night, what will you be doing in the hostel from now till 7pm?
Nina: sleeping
Richard: seriously?
Nina: yep!
Richard: that’s boring.
Nina: guess you were wrong about the fun part. I’ve got to go.
Richard: OK, hope to see you soon. Bye
Nina: bye
Nina got to her room and saw Evelyn...
Nina: hi
Evelyn: who was that guy i saw you with? You want me to tell Dennis?
Nina: oh please there’s nothing to tell. I’m tired, I need to sleep.
Evelyn: okay! I’ll be watching you.
Nina: you don’t have work.
Nina gets some sleep for like an hour only to wake up and see one of the guys that has been asking her out, Izu in her room.It was just Grace that was in the room...
Nina :{ opens her eyes} oh my God! What are you doing here?
Izu: relax; I just came to watch you sleep.
Nina :( yelling) what? Isn’t there any privacy or security anymore? What rubbish! Leave my room right now. Grace, what is wrong with you? Why did you let him in?
Grace: I thought you were expecting him.
Nina: expecting who? Are you kidding? In this hostel? When have I ever brought a guy to the hostel?
Grace: I don’t know, I just thought since you came back to the hostel when most of us were not around, you were expecting someone.
Nina: I don’t have time for this (facing Izu) and what are you still doing here?
Izu: please just stop yelling. I got you some snack and i didn’t know how to give because you are always in a hurry after lectures and I don’t stay in the hostel so i came to your hostel. Please, let me just stay for a while at least 30minutes.
Nina :{ sighing} I don’t need your snack, you have 15minutes.
Grace: I do {smiles}.
Nina: come and have it.
Izu: may I see your photo album?
Nina :{ brings out her album} here.
Izu: you look really pretty here. You still pretty tough but you look so innocent.
Nina: that was when I just came in.
Izu: so, why do you hate me so much?
Nina: I don’t hate you.
Izu: you don’t like seeing me.
Nina: and why is that?
Izu: I don’t know.
Nina: you seriously don’t know? Look at the time and place you are seeing me.
Izu: I’m sorry about that. It won’t happen again as long as i get to see you more often.
Nina: are you conditioning me?
Izu: no, no, I just love seeing your face.
Nina: whatever!
Her roommate starts trooping in one by one...
Ann: izu what are you doing here? Izu,you and woman. Amanda so this is your handwork?
Nina: no, its grace that let him in.
Zino: and who is gisting with him?!
Izu: ladies, it’s not her fault. She didn’t even know I was coming.
Ann: izu, you should leave now. I want to change what I’m wearing.
Izu :( laughing) OK, thanks for your time, Amanda.
Nina: OK, let me see you off.
Ann :( whispering) it’s Grace that let him in huh?
All: laughing
Izu: sorry about that.
Nina: it’s cool, my roommates are always like that but seriously don’t come here again.
Izu: i won’t.
Nina: OK, bye!
Izu: bye.
                                        Blushing Nina!
It was almost time for night class and Nina was preparing to go. She put on her nightgown and robes as usual, studied for 2 hours and then Dennis came to take her away as usual....
Dennis: hey!
Nina: hi, I’ll meet you there, go.
After some minutes she met him, and they start making out...
Dennis: come and see this place.
Nina: where are you taking me to?

He drags her to a very small room that looks like an office and there was a table inside. Lifts her up to the table and starts making out.  It was going too far and was leading to sex and she stopped him right away....
Nina: wait, wait!
Dennis: no, no please.
Nina: stop I’m serious.
Dennis: {angry} why do you keep doing this? Every time i try going down there you stop me.
Nina: I can’t I’m sorry (leaving)
Dennis: wait! I’m sorry too is just that I got in the mood and felt bad when you said I should stop. Are you a virgin?
Nina: i don’t know.
Dennis: you don’t know? What do you mean you don’t know, is either you are or not.
Nina: I am.
Dennis: Hmm, now I get it. Its fine, I’m not going to disturb you okay? Anytime you are ready.
Nina: okay.
Dennis: let’s leave this room and stay outside. (as they walk outside  and finds somewhere to sit…) You don’t look like a virgin you know!
Nina: how do they look?
Dennis: I don’t know, innocent, maybe bad kissers (laughing). But you are a wonderful kisser and sweet.
Nina: thank you. So how many girls have you dated?
Dennis: not much but they weren’t as special as you.
She follows him and he tells her about his dad and his family. She tells him about hers but not all the detail. Because her elderly cousin was trying to sleep with her whenever she was asleep and she was a very deep sleeper. So she assumed he must have disvirgined her.
       Misunderstanding Nina’s cousin
The next day she didn’t know her cousin was coming to her school so after lectures, she and Evelyn went to the stream only to see her cousin coming with Augustine....
Nina :( drops her bucket and runs to hug her cousin) oh my god, Daniel what are you doing here?
Daniel: Richard knew I was coming. Let me get that for you.
Nina: really? He didn’t even tell me.
Daniel: I wanted to surprise you.
Nina: Aww, that’s so sweet. Meet Evelyn, my friend.
Daniel: hi Evelyn, how are you?
Evelyn: fine. Wow, all of you are so tall in your family.
Nina and Daniel:  {laughs}
They got to the gate of Nina’s hostel and Daniel dropped the bucket, then Nina took it to her room, dropped it, came out and started showing him around the school and after a while she went to prepare something for both of them.
Nina :{ gives the flask to Daniel} here.
Daniel: thanks. I’ll see you later OK?
Nina: okay, it’s for you and Richard.
Daniel: alright later.
Richard: Daniel, what are you holding?
Daniel: Nina prepared it.
Richard: so she can still cook.
Daniel: what do you mean?
Richard: ever since she has been dating that jackass she hasn’t been cooking.
Daniel: are you serious? So what have you been eating?
Richard: I’ve been surviving. Sometimes my catholic sisters cook for me.
Daniel: who is this guy she is seeing?
Richard: one guy from the south. Don’t worry you’ll see him soon.
In the evening, Nina went to see her cousin. She didn’t want him to know she was dating someone. They sat and talked throughout the evening and guys were wondering if he was the boyfriend from home. Since Richard wasn’t the talking type, he didn’t tell much people about he’s cousin. It was 7.30pm and Nina was still with her cousin sitting by the water tank. Daniel was talking to Nina about what he heard and advised her to face her books that she didn’t need any boy to distract her. That he was disappointed with what he heard. Nina denied she was dating Dennis because she didn’t want her cousin to look down on her.
Dennis :{ watches them from the hostel} who is that guy?
Ikenna: her boyfriend from home. Her brother invited him.
Dennis: serious?
Ikenna: I don’t know, I heard he’s her cousin.
Dennis: then what is she doing there by this time with him?
Ikenna: ask me!
They stayed outside till 10pm. Dennis watched them all through the night and was pissed that she didn’t even come to night class and started suspecting otherwise. He was angry that she lied to him and remembered when she said she had a boyfriend. Then blamed him for starting it, and started avoiding her. Nina cousin left the next day and she didn’t want to tell Dennis why she didn’t go for night class.
Hostel guy: the guy is leaving.
Dennis: so?
Hostel guy: dude, I know you are upset but you have to concentrate. You know this school doesn’t favour guys that well from the south. You have to make a particular cut off mark before you can be considered.
Dennis: who says I’m not concentrating? And I know that I’m not playing.
Hostel guy: okay, I just need you to make it to the main campus
Dennis: thanks for your concern. I know what I’m doing.
Dennis thought about what the guy said and tried to convince himself that he didn’t need her. Besides she’s also from the east and he’s just from the south. During lectures, Dennis would sit at the edge of the hall so she wouldn’t see him and immediately after class, he would leave, he even stopped night class and went to an old building with his hostel guys. He did it for three days and Nina was getting worried that she hasn’t seen him.
Nina :{ walks into the canteen to get water and sees he’s friend} ikenna hi, I’ve you seen Dennis?
Ikenna: um, nope
Nina: how come? Is he not your friend?
Ikenna: i don’t know where he is right now.
Nina: ikenna, please tell me. I haven’t seen him for days, I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong.
Ikenna: right now I really don’t know where he is but I can give him a message for you.
Nina: OK, please tell him I need to see him, I’m worried.
Ikenna: okay I will, take care.
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