Chapter Nine:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

                        Another party, Richard gets furious
The excos were planning a traditional party for the state and students from that state would participate in the coronation of king, queens, prince and princess. The state  is in the east; Nina is from the east but not from that state so she couldn’t participate – contest for Queen or princess. Even if she was, she didn’t plan to participate.
The party was drawing near and they were all preparing for it. Some went to town to shop for costumes while some were shopping for food items. The night before the party, everyone from that state was preparing the food and Nina was outside with her brother’s friend Augustine....
Nina: Augustine, what are you listening to?
Augustine: (with his disc man) Celine Dion.
Nina: oh let me listen.
Augustine passed the Walkman and started talking to the other guys around and Nina started listen to the tracks and her best was Faith by Celine Dion from her One Heart album and she kept playing it on and on until Dennis came to take her away from where she was....
Dennis: hi Amanda. What are you doing here?
Nina: nothing, just listening to music.
Dennis: come (shakes Augustine hand and the guys around and drags her hand)
And takes her under a tree after the boy’s hostel (few walks from the boy’s hostel) and sat there. They listened to the music together.....
Dennis: nice music
Nina: yeah I just love Celine Dion. She has one of the best voices in music.
Dennis: I’m more of hip pop though but I think Celine Dion is good.
Nina: yeah she’s really good.
Dennis: I really missed you during the break. I got something but it’s not here right now, it’s in my bag. I’ll give you during night class.
Nina: really! What did you get?
Dennis: I’ll give it to you maybe tomorrow night in class or any night.
Nina: OK. I feel terrible for not getting you anything.
Dennis: I guess you didn’t miss me as much as I missed you.
Nina: I did. Frankly i couldn’t wait to see you.
Dennis: (draws close to her) you have a different way of showing it.
Goes close to her and starts kissing her. He had no idea how long she had been waiting for that kiss.  How she dreamt every night just to be in his arms. They kissed and his arm got to the right shoulders of her robe and gently draws them down. His arms going to her breast, her waist then her thighs and her brother screams her name.
Augustine told him his sister left with Dennis and Richard started looking for his sister only to find her with a guy under the tree and her robe coming off. She was lucky that it was really dark and he couldn’t see vividly what they were doing....
Richard: Amanda! Come here!  
Nina :( jumps up, adjusting her night wear and meets him, speechless)
Richard: what are you doing out here by this time and why is your robe off?
Nina: I was just sitting down
Richard: are you crazy? Do you think I’m stupid? Is this what you have been doing? I’m going to report you to daddy first thing in the morning if you don’t stop this right now. I don’t ever want to see you with that guy again or dad is going to be the first to hear this. Get out of my sight can’t even look at you.
Nina goes back to take Augustine’s walkman, Dennis just watching...
Richard: where are you going? Didn’t you hear what I just said?
Nina :( almost crying) I want to get Augustine’s walkman!
Richard watching her, she doesn’t say a word to Dennis; takes the walkman and runs to her hostel, crying and feeling so embarrassed. Goes to her bed, wishing the night had never happened except for the part she was with Dennis. To prevent her dad’s rage she decided not to see Dennis again, it hurt her really bad that she didn’t know how to see him in night class and not say hi. So she decided not to go for night class.
The party came around and Nina’s brother’s girlfriend, ify was the queen and Nina’s friend,Princess was the princess and the king and prince were not a friend of Nina neither did she know them.
The queen and princess followed their king and prince to their village homes and people were speculating that the king must have slept with Ify and Princess. Richard heard some guys talking about it and he was devastated but he didn’t want to believe what people were saying. He was scared because they stayed up to a week in the “King’s” house. Meanwhile all this while, Nina never knew what was happening because she was avoiding Dennis and wasn’t herself. Dennis couldn’t take it and went to her hostel, it was the first time he had ever looked for a girl in the hostel....
Dennis :( sees a girl from the hostel) hi, please excuse me. Can you help me call someone?
Hostel Girl: who?
Dennis: Amanda
Hostel Girl: okay.
Dennis: thank you.
Girl: Amanda! Who’s Amanda?(screams at the hostel main door)
Nina: I’m here
Girl: someone is looking for you outside
Nina: who is it?
Girl: (leaving) I don’t know.

She knew it was Dennis but she didn’t want to come out. Dennis saw a girl from his state and begged her to call her. She passed the message and Nina told her she will see him but she didn’t until Dennis went into the compound and went to her window....
Dennis: Amanda, I know you are in please come out.
The last thing Nina needed was another drama from the hostel so when she heard he’s voice she ran out immediately.
Nina: (surprised) what are you doing here?
Dennis: I’m sorry, I needed to see you. What have I done?
Nina: I can’t see you anymore I’m sorry.
Dennis: you just took that decision on your own? Is it your brother?
Nina: yes, please just go.
Dennis: but I want to be with you. I can talk to your brother.
Nina: No! Please don’t! It’s not necessary.
Dennis: do you want to be with me?
Nina: yes I do.
Dennis: then let me talk to him.
Nina: no just let it go.
Dennis: I missed you. I don’t want to live like this please. We have come this far, we can’t stop now.
Nina: (she was uncomfortable standing with him at the hostel gate and was worried her brother would see her,so she had to say something so he would just leave)I’ll see you tonight OK!
Dennis: okay, I’ll be waiting.
Nina: go please! Later
Dennis: promise you’ll come?
Nina: I promise. Please go! I don’t want people to see me and report me to my brother.
Dennis: OK, later.
Almost time for class and Nina was preparing to go to class....
Evelyn: babe, this one you are preparing for class hope all is well?
Nina: what do you mean? Like I don’t go to class?
Evelyn: you’ve not been going for some days now.
Nina: I needed a break.
Evelyn: you’ve not been looking okay. Is everything alright?
Nina: yeah, everything is fine.
Evelyn: OK.
Nina: are you coming?
Evelyn: you know I’ve stopped night class long-time ago.
Nina: alright, I’m going.
Evelyn: okay, take care.
Nina was heading to the class and she sees Dennis around the old library...
Dennis: shh, over here!
Nina: (she looks towards the library and goes to meet him) why are you here? Someone could see us.
Dennis: no one will see us. Here, that’s what I got for you. I didn’t know what to get for you, hope you like it.
Nina: (opening the pack and sees its glass frame. No guy has ever bought her anything before) oh wow, thank you so much. It’s beautiful, i love it.
Dennis: you do?
Nina: yes I do (gives him a kiss on the cheek)
Dennis: I’m glad you love it. Look, it’s a full moon tonight.
Nina: Yeah, everywhere is so bright.
Dennis: just like your eyes.
Nina :( giggling, holding hands and hugging each other) my eyes are not that bright.
Dennis: you have no idea how bright they are. Do you like brandy’s song?
Nina: yeah i do.
Dennis: can you sing to me, I’m sure you must have a lovely voice.
Nina :( shy) I don’t.
Dennis: are you shy?
Nina: I’m not.
Dennis :( holding her waist from her back and looking at the sky) I’m not looking at your face so please sing for me.
She starts singing brandy’s song “I’ve got nothing without you” and he sings along with her. They danced and cuddled throughout the night until 2am before he saw her off to her hostel. From that moment on they started dating. What Nina didn’t know was Dennis confronted Richard about his feeling for Nina and gave her brother his word. Although Richard doesn’t still like him but he just wanted his sister’s happiness, after all he was dating someone else’s sister as well.
Nina thought they were always doing a good job hiding from him, she never knew he just left her but had his eyes on Dennis. Meanwhile many people tried to ruin their relationship especially with Dennis. Some guys were always taken him to drink and sending some girls to seduce him so they could tell Nina. They tried so many times but he didn’t fall for it.
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