Chapter Nine:The Fifth And The Last Child

It was
almost the end of the semester and most of them couldn’t wait to get home
because they didn’t like
they were staying in a place without light, water. At a point, they started
drinking water from the stream when they couldn’t buy water, no bank around for
some people that had account at that time, no good market. It was literally a
terrible place and definitely not a place for students but some people started
liking the place because they fell in love. Some were in love; some had never
had a boyfriend before so they saw it as an opportunity to explore while some
were just sluts having sex.
At the end of the semester, there was no exam. The
exam for admission into the university was in the second semester. They all
went home one by one, Nina and her brother went home but before they did, Nina
didn’t have a phone number so Dennis gave her a number she could use to reach
              Nina and Richard head home
They got to their uncle’s house in the east before
they travelled back to the west to their parents. From Nina’s house in the west
to Dennis’s house in the south was ten hours by road, you can imagine how
impossible it was for her to go on her own at her age and he didn’t have anyone
in the west he could visit  and stay with
so he could see her. Therefore they had to wait until the break was over, which
was three weeks.
Things started changing at home. Their stepmom
wasn’t maltreating them anymore because they were all grownups and were in the
university…at least not yet – what does a secondary school dropout  (their step mum) know about pre-science.
Sometimes Nina would call her boyfriend Dennis from a business line….
Nina’s dad and his wife always come back late at
night from the restaurant he opened for her when he met her….
Car horning……
Nina and Richard go out to open the burglary.
Richard goes to the boot to get things their dad brought back…
Richard how was school?Have your sister stopped being lazy?She looks different
🙁 laughs)
daddy, the place was stressful.
you are not looking well. You guys were not eating well? Anyways, sometimes it’s
good. It’ll make you stronger.
They all went in, Nina locks up and dishes out food
for her dad.
Second semester
She spent her three weeks thinking about her
boyfriend and going back. She knew that passing her exam is the only way to
stay away from home and be with Dennis forever. At least that’s what she
thought…She also spent some days with her eldest sister in the city before
going back. The break was three weeks but they spent five weeks because there
wasn’t enough money to go back. Her dad was also paying bills for her elder
brother and sister; Nathan and Sarah’s school.
Some of the students were in school. Nina and her
brother were in the east. Dennis was already in school; Richard finally had a
phone that they could use to reach home. They got to the east (their Uncle’s
place) on a Saturday and left for school on Sunday. They arrived school; Nina
came with her new boxlike bag since princess teased her old bag last semester.
cheering: welcome! Welcome!
welcome back to sand fly bites!
what did you bring for us? Whoa, you brought a new bag. Watch out princess!
Everyone laughing
whatever, I’ve had that bag since.
why didn’t you bring it last semester?
what for? Anyways, here’s what I brought.
(She handed them nylon full with chicken)
aren’t you going to remove some for our cooking?
I have.
Nina couldn’t wait to see Dennis but she didn’t want
him to think she was desperate see so she waited until evening before she went
to class. Meanwhile Dennis was expecting her to see him the minute she came
because he saw her brother and knew she was around. They arrived since morning
but Nina stayed in the hostel till evening.
She didn’t want to stay late in class so she went
early by 6pm so by 10pm she’ll be done with studies. She didn’t want Dennis to
see her so she went to a class that he could never suspect she’ll be and began
studying. After some minutes she heard footsteps and she saw Dennis walking
pass the class she was in……
so this is where you are? I’ve been looking for you. So you came back and
couldn’t even say hi, it’s not fair.
how was your break (trying to be cool)?
good and yours?
so why did you come here? You never come to this class to study or are you
hiding from someone?
nope, i just felt like using this class.
ok, so what did you bring for me?
myself. You what did you bring?
I came before you. It’s finished.
I came since morning, my roommates finished it.
Dennis kind of missed you
indeed and you didn’t call.
I didn’t know how to reach you until you gave me your sister’s number. When I called
she said you had left.
i told you not to call the line except i buzz you.
I’m sorry, I didn’t hear from you so I wanted to know what went wrong.
just don’t do it again.

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