Chapter Eleven:The Fifth And The Last Child

Ann’s birthday
The romance continued
between them, Ann birthday was close by and they were preparing for it. So they
went to the market outside campus to get stuffs for her birthday and started
preparing. Meanwhile, Dennis got a call from home and traveled on the day of
the party. During the party, they took pictures, danced, drank and did all
sorts of things high school children do in parties. After Nina finished
serving, she went to the dance floor and starts dancing and all the guys wanted
to dance with her because she was a very good dancer and besides her boyfriend
wasn’t around so it was their opportunity. Out of the guys she danced with,
there was one that had so much dance swag. His name is Chris, she enjoyed
dancing with him, it was the first time she was meeting him but she didn’t know
he had known her for a while. She was just dancing from one guy to the other, until
some guys started fighting because of a girl.
Meanwhile Nina’s quiet
roommate,Nenye who is dating one of the bad boys in school caught him asking
another girl out and was really heart broken and started crying but after some
weeks they sorted things out. She knew he was a player but he is her first love
and the environment was very lonely that she became really close to him and
barely had girlfriends. The party was over and Nina’s roommates were just
talking about how they had a blast and how Ann was so lovey-dovey with Agu.
Nina: who were those guys fighting outside?
Evelyn: those cultists that initiated some boys some months ago.
Nina: I just don’t get why they can’t respect themselves.
Zino: don’t mind them; meanwhile see the way Ann’s boyfriend was just
protecting her.
Grace: I know right?! Love, love, love…
Ann: you guys please don’t start with me this night.
Zino: imagine, she doesn’t want to argue, that’s unlike you.
Nina: that’s what happens when you are in looove!
Ann:Nina that reminds me, I didn’t see your boyfriend at the party.
Nina: don’t try to change the subject.
Zino: so Ann, who is the main guy now?
Ann: you know the main guy now!
Grace: no, we don’t! The way you are glowing around Agu here, we really
can’t tell.
Ann: the one at home of course!
Zino: are you sure?
Grace: therefore the one at home is leading?
Ann: ofcourse! Just like PDP and APC!
Zino: therefore the one at home is PDP. That’ll be his name from now on
All :{ laughing}
They all went to sleep and the
next day, they prepared for class. Nina was expecting Dennis but he arrived two
days later.Then their romance went on and all until it was time for their exams
and they were preparing seriously. Everything happened so fast, that there
examination was over, Nina didn’t have sex with Dennis throughout the six
months, and they were all hoping and praying to see each other in the main
campus when the results are out.
Pre-science coming to an end
Nina started taking
pictures with so many people and more with her friends and roommates. She and
Dennis had already taken a picture and that was the only picture they took
there. After their exam they were planning to leave the next day or at most,
two days after. The day Nina finished her paper; Fortune went to the hostel to
see her.
Fortune: Amanda, hi! How
was your paper?
Nina: It was fine. Thank you
Fortune: so when are you leaving? We want to have a little get away
Nina:{she was scared why he wanted to know when she was leaving because
she didn’t trust him and her brother warned her not to tell anyone}um, I don’t
Fortune: what do you mean you don’t know? You want to remain here?
Nina: no, I mean it could be could be right now or tomorrow.
Fortune: you’ve packed your bags already?
Nina: Yeah
Fortune: since you don’t know when you are going, can I at least take a
photo with you.
Nina: okay.
As she went outside to take
a picture with him, Dennis was watching them from afar. After they took the
picture, Dennis went straight to her….
Fortune: thank you for taking this picture with me.
Nina: you’re welcome.
Fortune: take care.
Nina: you too.
Dennis: hey, what’s happening?
Nina: nothing much, he just wanted us to take pictures.
Dennis: so how many guys have you taken pictures with?!
Nina: a lot that I don’t even have them. Its part of the going away gift!
Dennis :{ smiling and holding her waist} I’m going to miss you.
Nina :{kissing him} me too. We’ll see in the main campus by God’s grace.
Dennis: yeah, by his grace. I love you.
Nina: this is the first time you are saying this to me. Oh Dennis, I
love you too so much.
Dennis: I’m glad I met you.
Nina: [almost shedding a tear] me too. You know, I never knew I could
love anyone here. The first day I came here I started counting my days but the
day I met you time started moving really fast that I can’t believe six months
is gone. I’ll always cherish this moment and the time we shared.
Dennis: me too. When are you leaving?
Nina: tomorrow
Dennis: me too but in the evening.
Nina: okay.
What Nina didn’t know was
that the brother had a change of heart because he didn’t trust the party they
were organizing. Meanwhile a student died some years back on her bed; she
stayed for a night, slept alone in her room and didn’t wake up. Richard noticed how
most of the girls were leaving and he didn’t want Nina to be alone in her room
especially when he knows she can’t sleep in the boys hostel so he sent ikenna
to tell her to dress up and pack her bag. Ikenna looked for her and saw her with
Ikenna: Amanda. I’ve been looking for you.
Nina: why?
Ikenna: you brother asked me to tell you to dress up and pack your bags.
Nina: what?! Is he dressed?
Ikenna: not quite I think he wants you to leave or something.
Nina: no, I don’t want to leave today.
Ikenna: I’m just the messenger [leaves].
Nina: why does he want me to leave now? Why does he always do this?

Dennis: maybe he has he’s reasons.
Nina: what could be his reasons? If not that he’s happy I’m not going to
be with you.
Dennis:I know he doesn’t like me but that shouldn’t be the reason. Just
get dressed
at least and see what he has to say.
Nina: but we’ve planned this night out to be the most memorable night.
Dennis: yes, but we a lot of memories and we’ll still have more when we
meet again.
Nina: [hugging him and squeezing very tight] but I want to be with you.
Dennis: me too, everyday but we have to be strong for another day. I
don’t want Richard and I to have another
problem. Please my love…
Nina: okay, let me go and dress up.
Dennis: let me see you off.

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