Chapter Eleven : The Fifth and the last child {Cont'd}

Dennis follows her to the hostel and she discovered the hostel was really empty that they were almost locking the hostel ,she took her bag, changed, came out with her bag and met Richard under a tree…
Nina: Richard why I’m I leaving today and you are not.
Richard: I still have some things to do but I’ll come to uncle’s house tomorrow. Did you not see how your hostel looks?
Nina: I did but I could squat with some girls from the other hostel.
Richard: did you here about a girl that stayed around the hostel last year?
Nina: I did and so?
Richard: thank God you know is not something I made up. Look I’m just trying to protect you and daddy will deal with me if anything happens to you. Besides I don’t want anything to happen to you, please don’t argue and just go home.
Nina: how I’m I going?
Richard: there’s a bus that will take everybody to the junction, from there you see a bus that will take you to town to get to uncle’s house.
Nina: [walking] okay.
Dennis walks her to the bus.They get to the gate and she enters the bus, the bus wasn’t moving yet so she wanted to give a goodbye hug to him. She had never hugged him in front of people before but this time she didn’t care so they hugged each other and the bus was ready to leave, then she hopped in. From the school gate to the junction was like going to another village, it was very far and all she could think of was when he said he loved her then tears rolled down her eye in the bus but she didn’t want anyone to notice. But Anita noticed and assured her she will meet Dennis in the main campus.
Some girls were still in school, sleeping around with their lecturers and co-coordinators for high score in their grades so they could be in the main campus while some were drinking and partying with some guys that were still around. That was the end of the programme and everyone went home, waited and prayed for their admission letter.

Nina and her brother went home and continued their daily routine hoping and praying that they gain admission because Richard just couldn’t handle more drama from his Dad and step mom; Nina also didn’t want the disgrace and wanted to see Dennis’s face again. Sometimes Nina would go to stay with her sister in town; she always called Dennis with a business line because she didn’t have a phone. Whenever she calls Dennis she loved it and spent almost an hour talking to him, some times 30mins,45mins,50mins at most and a minute was 50naira then but luckily for her the girl that was in charge of the calls could not read minutes well.

They use landlines back then and the sales girl could not tell the call times effectively so whenever it read 40mins the girl would calculate the amount for 4mins and Nina was so surprised how cheap it was to make a long call. From that day she became their customer. Meanwhile Dennis was thinking she was from a rich family, for her to be able to make such long calls. Nina had no idea what she was doing until the manager decided to handle the calls herself, luckily for Nina she made a call of 15mins, the money was not so much compared to the calls she had been making. So from that day on she stopped calling for that long and gave Dennis her sisters number so he could call her.
Antonia works with an airline, she was trying to make ends meet after she left her Dad’s house. She was doing quite well for herself. She and Nina out of all her siblings were really close although it wasn’t like that when they were in their father’s house but later they grew to be very close. It was valentine, her sister wasn’t in a serious relationship and her boyfriend was far away so she spent it with her sister Antonia and Lizzy (Antonia’s friend).
Lizzy: Tonia, how do you intend to spend valentine?
Antonia: who cares about valentine? Men are dogs, I don’t need to spend valentine with a man to feel good.
Lizzy: yeah, that’s right. I got some chocolate though. Nina, how are you?
Nina: I’m fine, thank you.
Lizzy: do you know that my silly boyfriend. A week to valentine he started saying nonsense just to piss me off so I could breakup with him.
Antonia: imagine! Has he called you today?
Lizzy: no, that’s what he wanted.
Nina was just watching and listening to what they were saying. They said all sorts of things about men and it got her worried about Dennis if he was the right guy for her or if she was ready to start dating. They ate their chocolates and drank a bottle of vodka until they were all tipsy. Nina didn’t call Dennis, she wanted to see if he was going to call her but he didn’t and by 10pm that same day she sent a text to him that it was over. He tried calling her back but she didn’t want to answer till the next day…..
Nina :{ phone rings} hello!
Dennis: hi, I got your text. What have I done?
Nina: what was yesterday?
Dennis: I was expecting your call. You told me not to call your sisters line until you buzz me.
Nina: you should have called.
Dennis: I would but I didn’t know if your sister was with you. You didn’t authorize me to call her without buzzing me. Okay, I’m sorry.
Nina: no, I’m angry. You could not even call until I texted you.
Dennis: I’m sorry please. Is that why you want to breakup with me? I love you; you know we are far away from each other please let’s not have any fight okay?
Nina: okay, I’m not going fight with you.
Dennis: I love you.
Nina: I love you too.
Nina realized that he spent 19minutes talking to her, which means he cared. She told herself that it’s because she didn’t have a cellphone that’s why it’s hard to reach her so she should keep doing the calling or buzzing him with her sisters line whenever she’s around.
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