Chapter Eight:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

In the evening, Nina decided she would go to class, that she wont let Dennis stop her from studying.
In Ninas thought {its not like I heard sex with him, its just a kiss. Besides he saw me today and didnt talk about it, its probably not a big deal to him after all he still went to the party and probably locked lips with Tina. I blame myself for letting him kiss me but its all in the past now, i can also act like nothing happened. }
Nina :{ reading as well as Evelyn and princess} Evelyn please pass me your ruler.
Dennis walks into the classroom and walks straight to where she was sitting....
Dennis: you came.
Nina: yeah I did. Youve seen my face, are you happy now?
Princess: shhh…
Dennis: princess, how are you doing?
Princess: fine, you are making noise.
Dennis: sorry, Amanda can I see you outside.
Nina :( in her thoughts oh no why does he want me outside, hope he doesnt want to talk about the other night because Im not ready for that)um, ok!
They went outside....what Nina didnt understand is when you let a Nigerian guy kiss you he assumes you are his girlfriend. They dont have time to define relationships or ask where its going, even the matured ones. But he was different....
Dennis :( holds her hand) let me show you something.
Nina: what? Where are you taking me?
Dennis: (smiles) shhh, you are disturbing the class.
Nina: wow, Ive never being to this part of the school before. Its quiet and peaceful.
Dennis: yeah, it is. Thats why I brought you here so we could talk.
Nina: about what?
Dennis: about our kiss.
Nina: oh, what about it.
Dennis: what do you mean what about it? Like its normal and you dont mind.
Nina: yeah I guess.
Dennis: so its ok that I kissed you.
Nina: its past and I dont want to talk about it.
Dennis: why? Did I do something wrong?
Nina: no, you didnt, just like Im not doing anything wrong. We kissed, you went back to your party, everyone moved on.
Dennis: what do you mean moved on? Are you dating someone else?
Nina: someone else? Who was I dating before?
Dennis: well I dont know. I thought...
Nina: thought what? That you might have a shot? Think again.
Dennis: Im sorry. Its just since that night I couldnt stop thinking about you and when I didnt see you in class I missed you. I thought we had a connection, I thought you felt what I felt.
Nina :( speechless)
Dennis: didnt you? Amanda, you are not saying anything.
Nina :( she was scared to admit but what has she got to lose by admitting) yes I did.
Dennis :( draws closer to her and puts his hands on her shoulders) then whats the problem? Or where you serious about the guy at home?
Nina: no I wasnt. But I cant do this.

Dennis: why?
Nina: my brother is not going to like this.
Dennis: he doesnt have to know if thats what you mean.
Nina :( she couldnt handle the hotness around them meanwhile they were outside) um, I dont know. Please I have to get back.
Dennis: wait, let me see you off. (Held her arm and felt her pulse) you are beating so fast. Are you scared?
Nina: no, Im not.
Dennis: wait, do you just want to go like that? (He holds he neck mildly to kiss her).
Nina: she didnt stop him.
They kissed and kissed until hes hands started going places that she loved but felt it was too soon and stopped the kiss.
Nina: I have to go.
Dennis: ok, Im sorry. Let me see you off now.
As they walked together they see Denniss roommate...
Kc: guy, whats up? (Shakes hand)
Dennis: Im good. Meet Amanda, my girlfriend.
Nina :( shocked but didnt express it and felt he probably meant his friend that is a girl) smiled
Kc: nice name, where are you from?
Nina: from the east.
Kc: youre my sister now. I think Ive met your brother, fair right?
Dennis: the guy in hostel B.
Nina: yeah, thats my brother.
Kc: nice meeting you. Hope his not giving you trouble?
Nina: no, hes not.
Dennis: {laughs}
Kc: if he does I can deal with him for you.
Nina :( giggles) ok
Kc: bye Amanda! Guy, later.
Nina: bye
She gets to the class and notices that princess and Evelyn had gone to class. She didnt feel like studying anymore because she was so filled with his love. She just wanted to go to the hostel and think about the kiss.
Dennis: looks like your friends left you.
Nina: imagine!
Dennis: so what do you want to do?
Nina: go to the hostel I guess. I cant read alone!
Dennis: I could stay in this class with you.
Nina :( then shes not going to be reading but staring at her book) no thanks, Ill go.
Dennis: ok, I should walk you then (Holds her palm)…
Nina: (she lets him hold her arm) so how was the party??
Dennis :( laughs) okay, nothing spectacular.
Nina: really, because I heard you were having a blast.
Dennis: I was just living the moment. I danced with a couple of girls but that was it but most of them were not up to my standard. The only person that tried was Tina. She was quite a dancer.
Nina: really!?!
Dennis: (smiles) trust me, nothing happened between me and Tina and nothing will happen. Besides shes not my type.
Nina: whatever! Heres my stop. Goodnight.
Dennis :( spreads his arms wide) not even a hug?
Nina :( sighs like she doesnt like it) and hugs him. Tries to pull away
Dennis: why are you in a hurry?
Nina: Im not in a hurry, its just late.
Dennis: alright Ill see you tomorrow. Bye
Nina: bye
She gets to the hostel and sees that all her roommates were asleep and went straight to bed. The next morning, feeling guilty from last night...
Nina: morning Bunkie!
Evelyn: morning. What happened to you last night?
Nina: you guys that left me last night.
Evelyn: what do you mean left you? Do I know where you went?
Nina: I didnt go anywhere, I was around.
Evelyn: I hear you.
It was almost the end of the semester and most of them couldnt wait to get home because they didnt like how they were staying in a place without light, water. At a point, they started drinking water from the stream when they couldnt buy water, no bank around for some people that had accounts at that time, no good market. It was literally a terrible place and definitely not a place for students but some people started liking the place because of they fell in love. Some were in love; some had never had a boyfriend before so they saw it as an opportunity to explore while some were just having sex.
At the end of the semester, there was no exam. The exam for admission into the university was in the second semester. They all went home one by one, Nina and her brother went home but before they did, Nina didnt have a phone number so Dennis gave her a number she could use to reach him.

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