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Chapter Thirteen:The Fifth And The Last Child

The next day she woke up and as usual there was nothing to eat, she had her bath and dressed up for school. She went for her medical test and met some other friends there and also her brother and his friend. Since they gained admission into the main campus, Augustine became Richard’s very good friend because they were in the same department (electrical engineering) while Evelyn and Nina were close but when they gained admission also, they weren’t close because they were in different departments…
Richard: how are you? Nina: fine and you? Richard: I’m just there. Nina: are you settled? Richard: not exactly. I’m staying with Augustine and his brothers. Nina: okay, where is he anyways? Richard: he’s in that hall talking to a friend. Nina: alright, thanks by the way, For doing some of my registration. Richard: no problem, have you started your medical test. Nina: yeah. Richard: so how is Mary and Joseph? Nina: they are fine; Mary is even complaining that you don’t come around to see them. Richard: she …

Chapter Twelve:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

The main campus
Nina got to school and went straight to the admin office and met some of her friends. Zino is in the same department with her and the quiet one in her room Onome. Some other girls that she doesn’t really talk to were also in her department. There were people in queue waiting to register at the admin office. Zino: Amanda! Nina: hey, zino. Zino: longtime, why are you just coming now? Nina: long story! But I’m here now. Zino: yeah, they put me in natural science. Nina: really, what department? Zino: microbiology. Nina: me too. Zino: so, we are in the same! Nina: yeah, really cool. Zino: onome is also in the same department. Nina: oh, that’s great. As she talks with Zino, she sees Dennis and a guy with a girl in the middle passing the building but she didn’t want to call him. Zino: is that not Dennis? Nina: That’s him. Zino: why didn’t you call him? Nina: I didn’t feel like it. The guy with him looks familiar though. Did he do pre-science with us? Zino: I don’t think so. Nina:…

Chapter Twelve:The Fifth And The Last Child

Admission to the main campus
She was at home for almost 6months and finally went to her state in the east, at her uncle’s place to stay until her dad sends money for them to register for admission. She was very bored in her uncles place because she didn’t have friends there. Sometimes her sister Sarah comes to see her from her school and introduced her to the friend she made with her brother Nathan. Sarah: Nina, let’s go see a friend Nina: what friend? Sarah: his Nathan’s friend and also my friend. Nina: is he cute? Sarah: yeah, he’s cute. Nina: really? That’s why you want to see him. Sarah: no, he is just a friend and besides we are bored so let’s go there. Nina: hope it’s not far? Sarah: it’s trekable. Nina: okay, let’s go. They start knocking at the gate…. Chinedu: hey, Sarah, how are you doing? Sarah: I’m fine, meet my sister Nina. Chinedu: the one you said is looking for admission? Sarah: yeah. Chinedu: you are welcome to my home. Nina: thank you. Chinedu: what can I get you? Nina: nothing, thank yo…