Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue India

Hits newsstands this Saturday! Elsewhere in the mag, Kardashian marveled at the long-running success of the famous family's E! series, which she expected to run for 'one or two seasons'
Kim Kardashian stunned on the cover of Vogue India as she discussed her family strengths and weaknesses. She said she admires Khloe’s ‘I-don’t-give-a-f*** attitude,’ but she thinks she is ‘getting too sensitive.’,loves how Kourtney is ‘savvy with finances,’ but she is too ‘stubborn.’ Don’t like Rob’s ‘moodiness’ but he has a great ‘sense of humor.’,loves Kendall’s ‘sweetness’ but said she wished she could ‘take away her anxiety.’,admires Kylie’s ‘ability to just go for it and not care what other people’s opinions are,’ but her ‘”I don’t care, I know what I’m doing” thing.” attitude.
Speaking of momager,Kris Jenner,she said ‘Nothing.She’s perfect’ .Kim also talked about how she never imagine their reality ‘KUWTK’ show success;
‘Every time I think, “You guys, we filmed four seasons, what else can we talk about, what else can we do?” something else happens,’
‘Khloé comes in and says, “I’m getting married, and in a week.” And there are so many topics that we talk about that are relevant in the world.  
‘I mean, there’s so many people that have come to me and said, “You know what? My father transitioned, too.” And I think about that. If we can help one person with what is going on in our lives, that is so worth it.’

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