Jennifer Lawrence Team Up With Catt Sadler to Produce TV Series

One of Hollywood highest paid actress,Jennifer Lawrence is set to produce new docuseries with former E! News host,Catt Sadler.

During a speaking event at The Wing in New York City on Friday,  the 27-year-old actress revealed she signed on to executive produce a new TV series which was inspired by #MeToo, Time's Up and gender wage gap issues in Hollywood
"I'd love to direct. Greta Gerwig asked me that, and I was like, 'Well, I wanted to and then you ruined it, because I'm never going to beat [Lady Bird]. I found that very discouraging because it's perfect," Lawrence joked. 

"I would like to [direct] one day. I think it's important to start getting behind the camera, producing, so I can have more control over who gets hired and make sure I can be a part of it, and make sure there's diversity on all our films," she continued. "I'm going to be EPing a show with Catt Sadler, actually, which I wasn't supposed to announce, but I am." 

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