George Clooney Marks His Wife 40th Birthday

Not hard to believe: This week actor George opened up about his first meeting with Amal - saying they felt an instant attraction (pictured October 2015)Taking to the skies! on Saturday George and Amal Clooney were once again enjoying the high life as the couple boarded a private jet in Los Angeles
George Clooney and Amal Clooney hope on a private jet in Los Angeles to mark her 40th birthday. Wonder where they are jetting off too,probably George's home country...George made an appearance on Netflix's My Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman where he revealed how he met his wife.
'I didn't leave the house,' he said. 'No, it's the wildest thing. A mutual friend of ours said, 'I'm stopping by and can I bring my friend?'

'And I was like, 'Of course.' I got a call from my agent who called me and said, 'I met this woman who's coming to your house who you're gonna marry.''

He continued: 'The funniest thing was my mom and dad were visiting so my parents were there. And we just talked, we stayed up all night talking.'

'And I got her email address, because she was going to send me some pictures of my parents. So we started writing. I didn't know if she wanted to go out with me — I just thought we were buddies.'

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