Fans Hope Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Will get back together since they are both single

You know,the night before the news about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux broke,my sister and i were just talking about Brangelina and while there divorce have not been finalized after seven months. And we talked about Jennifer and Justin,how she found it difficult to move on and probably settled for Justin since they was no hope of getting Brad back. And Boom! The news break. Well,fans were clearly thinking the same thing immediately after the news and think its a sign that Brad and Jennifer should be together. See their funny memes below;

Look how happy she was with Brad pitt
Shipping: Twitter exploded with reaction to Jennifer Aniston's break-up news on Thursday, and every single tweet had two words in common: Brad and Pitt

And domeone made this comment ;’Why would she consider taking back a man who cheated on her and publicly humiliated her. She can do better.” and i’m like she is right why would she? I hope Jen is not still hung up on him,she can do better indeed.

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