Eldee Have this to say about Wealthy Nigerians

Former Nigerian rapper Eldee who is now based in the US says Rich Nigerians acquired their wealth by luck. He wrote;

“We don’t have enough mentors for our young entrepreneurs because many of our wealthy folks weren’t business savvy, they were simply lucky,.. lucky to have a friend/uncle/brother in govt & able to usurp opportunities./resources illegally. “They simply “hammered”. You can’t teach luck and that’s why they can’t offer you any valuable business advice. “More than 80% of the wealth in the nation was illegally allocated, stolen or usurped. Genuine business success is rare so don’t be surprised when all they can tell you is “by the grace of God”. “Don’t get me wrong, there are many successful businessmen that can mentor the best in the world, they’re just rarely in the top 5% of our wealthy class, and not nearly enough to support the millions of young up and coming entrepreneurs.”  
Who agrees with him? I sort of (i said sort of cos i hope to change that someday) agree on the part of mentors…We don’t have that here.

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