Chapter Six:The Fifth And The Last Child

The love of her life
Next time in class, Nina and her nickname, Evelyn always walk to class together. Their class accommodated all students for the programme. They went to class, sat together as usual and their biology teacher was teaching. He wasnt really good; all he cared about was selling his text books so people made fun of him by talking to each other or making fun of him. Nina and Evelyn were whispering to each other.....
Nina: this man likes money, look at his tummy.
Evelyn: (giggling)
Dennis :{ sitting In front of them turned and looked at Nina}
Nina: (noticed he was staring) what?!
Dennis :{ shook his head and whispered} be quiet.
Nina: you be quiet! How did you hear us if you werent talking as well?
Dennis: I wasnt talking thats how I heard you.
Evelyn: face your front
Dennis: stop talking!
The class was over, Evelyn was greeting a friend, and Nina was going to the hostel. Dennis walking fast to meet her...
Dennis: hey, whats up?
Nina: not much.
Dennis: that class was whack. Im Dennis by the way.
Nina: and you acted like you were paying attention. Amanda
Dennis: mmmhm, nice. Im from the south.
Nina: East.
Dennis: Nice to meet you. Wheres your friend?
Nina: she should be in the hostel by now. Ive got to go, bye.
Dennis: (smiles) see you around.
Nina went to the hostel and started preparing lunch for herself and her brother. When she was through, she took them to him and asked someone to call him. Instead of calling him, they called out Dennis.
Dennis :{ from afar} hi, looking for me?
Nina: no, my brother.
Dennis: you have a brother here?
Nina: yes.
Ninas brother comes out and shook hands with Dennis.
Dennis: you are her brother? I had no idea.
Richard: its cool. {Takes his lunch from her} whats this name Im hearing people call you now?
Nina: what name?
Richard: dont play games. Im hearing people call you Amanda.
Nina: oh, that name. Its a nick name.
Evelyn: Amanda, Amanda.
Richard: nickname huh? Even Evelyn calls you that now?
Nina: forget it, it’s not important. Hi Evelyn, whats up?
Evelyn: not much was wondering what's taking you so long.
Richard: hi Evelyn. See you girls later.
It was evening and they were preparing for class. Fortune came as usual to check for people using stoves in their rooms. Nina never liked seeing him. So she and Evelyn went to class together to study.
Dennis and Richard were becoming friends initially but when he found out that Nina was his sister, he wasnt close anymore because he knew his intentions. Meanwhile Nina never had it in mind to date anyone during the six months. She told herself that she would focus on her studies in order to make it into the university. Dennis and his friend comes to class, he sees Nina and her friend and goes over to say hi.......
Dennis: hi, Amanda and Evelyn.
Nina: hi (in her thoughts -I dont need distractions, see why I hate night class)
Dennis: i didnt know you girls come for night class.
Nina: actually, we dont. We just started today.
Dennis: Evelyn, hello!
Evelyn: oh hi, Im sorry. Its just our room is becoming too noisy these days.
Dennis: very serious...okay, Ill leave you girls to study now.
Nina: yeah alright.bye
Evelyn: bye
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After the lights out, some people stayed while some left the class to their hostel. Ninas roommate princess was always falling ill, she had this flashy beauty that every guy just liked her but when they go close to her they notice her bass voice and shes never speaks English without adding her language. They got tired of her behaviour because she acts like a child and doesnt speak English fluently.
Nina is older than princess with a year and Nina was 18years old at the time. Princess started becoming friends with Nina because she liked her style. So they became friends and started doing things together with Evelyn.
In class, Dennis always disturbs Nina and her friends that Nina didnt know who he was after. She noticed she wasnt studying enough, she started sitting away from her friends in class because they use half of their time to chat and the other to read. Whenever Dennis came to class, he goes from one sit to the other to interact with them.
  Nina finds out about her brothers girlfriend & Fortunes feelings
Meanwhile Ninas brother was having a relationship with the party girl in her hostel, her father is rich and she claimed to be a virgin. Ninas roommate told her about the girl dating her brother. Her name is ify, she loved drinking, partying and making a lot of noise in the hostel.
Zino: why is that girl always making noise?
Nina: what girl?
Zino: the one that is claiming to be a virgin.
Sisters (gift & grace): virgin indeed. The area would swallow a beer bottle.
All :( laughs)
Ann: I wonder what your brother sees in her.
Nina: what?!My brother is dating her?
Evelyn: you didnt know?
Nina: no, whats happening here. No wonder she has been nice to me and I never guessed.
Nina never guessed because some girls become friends with her because of her brother, even Evelyn herself liked her brother. Most of the girls liked her brother and most of the guys liked her. Sometimes Evelyn prepares food for Ninas brother but when she found out that Richard has started dating Ify she stopped cooking for him.
Nina: well, its none of my business. Its his choice.
Zino: youve gotten a sister in-law.
All: in-law, in-law!
Nina: oh please, his dating her now his going to marry her?
Ann: you never know...
Nina: whatever...
Ann making up and dressing up for night class.
Zino :( clears throat) Ann, are you sure you are going to class at all?
Ann: because Im going to class doesnt mean I cant look good. Besides I dont have time for these chewing gum boys. My boyfriend works and hes matured.
Nina: levels....
Ann: see you guys later.
Nina goes to class with Evelyn but this time Evelyn didnt feel like going so she went alone. After the light went off she started packing to leave and Dennis arrives.
Dennis: hi
Nina: hi
Dennis: Evelyn didnt come with you today.
Nina: no
Dennis: you going?
Nina: yep, done for the day.
Dennis: i didnt see you in the usual class today.
Nina: oh you were looking for me?
Dennis: not really. Normally I see you there, I was just wondering.
Nina: ok, got to go.
Dennis: let me see you off.
Nina: okay
On their way, Dennis speaks...
Dennis: I had their throwing a party on Friday
Nina: yeah the excos are organising it. They said its a welcome party.
Dennis: Imagine something they would have done since.
Nina: I guess theyve been organizing it since.
Dennis: are you going to go?
Nina: yeah, after all its a welcome party. Here is my stop! (Giggles)
Dennis: alright goodnight! My regards to Evelyn.
Fortune and his boys goes to the hostel, he was drunk and shouting Amandas name in the hostel. She was in the kitchen warming her food. She comes out....
Nina: what do you want?
Fortune:  came to see you.
Nina: what
s that smell? are you drunk?
Fortune: no, Im not. How dare you say Im drunk? Besides who is that guy I always see you with?
Nina: (leaving) I dont have time for this.
Fortune: (grabs her hand outside) wait, please. I came to tell you something
Nina: what? Say it and leave.
Fortune :( going on his knee) please ilove you. Be my girlfriend!
Nina: what are you doing? Get up, get up!
Everyone :( staring and whistling)
Nina: Fortune, you are drunk. Please stop humiliating me. I cannot be interested or involved with someone that drinks and stinks of cigarette. Excuse me.
Fortune: please give me a chance to show you how I feel.
His friend leave the girl’s hostel to know whats going on and takes him to the hostel.
His friends, Pleasure and Agu: guy, what are you doing?
Nina enters her room and all the girls stare at her...
Zino: what happened?
Nina: it’s that crazy Fortune causing a scene.
Evelyn: presido (slang for president) is tripping for you.
Ann: seems this guy likes you. Why dont you want to give him a chance?
Nina: I don’t like him.
Zino: he is handsome.
Nina: then you date him. Please I need to sleep I’m tired.

 Nina meets hat guy, sly and Richards’s girlfriend
The next morning, it was the talk of the school; the president knelt down to Amanda. Some guys were pissed that she blew him off while some were happy so they would get their chance. They went for lectures and during their break, the president announced the party theyve been organising and everyone is invited.
All: (saying different things) hope there’s booze? Who will be my date? You should have done this since.......
Then after the class, Nina went to meet her brother and she saw Ify there.
Nina: Rich, hi. What’s up!
Richard: good. Meet ify, ify my sister uh....Amanda
Ify: I know her. Everyone knows her in the hostel. We talk.
Nina: yeah, we know each other. Um, ify can I steal my brother for a while?
Ify: sure (leaves)
Nina: Richard, i need money I’m broke.
Richard: what do you mean you are broke? You mean you have finished the money you came with?
Nina: that’s what I mean by broke.
Richard: but there’s nothing to buy here apart from hand-outs. (Sighs) take! That’s 2,000naira. If you like come back tomorrow, I need to call dad.
Nina: thanks. You can call dad? Is there network here? And meanwhile what’s happening with both of you?
Richard: one question at a time. Yes I can call dad from a business line under that big tree, that’s where there’s network. There’s a light skinned girl doing the business, she has a sister.
Nina: I think I know them; they stay in the other hostel. So which of them? The cool one? Meanwhile you’ve not answered my last question.
Richard: (leaving) yeah the cool one. Ify is a friend.
Nina walks home and a guy calls her. He is always wearing a hat
Sly: hi, I’m sly
Nina: Amanda
Sly:  I know, you are really beautiful…That’s your brother right?
Nina: yeah. How did you know? You stay in the hostel?
Sly: no, I stay off-campus but I do my homework.
Nina: I see.
Sly: the party is tonight. You coming?
Nina: yeah
Sly: alright. Look forward to seeing you.
Nina: okay, bye.
As she walks, sees Ann
Ann: Amanda, wait up! Who was that I saw you with? You want me to tell Fortune (jokes)?
Nina: who is Fortune? I have nothing with him so you can go ahead and tell him. That way he’ll leave me alone.
They get to their room....
All: who?
Nina: Fortune, imagine.
Ann: I saw Amanda talking to a tall guy
Evelyn: really? Amanda, who is the guy? I’ll tell Dennis.
Zino: who is Dennis now?
Nina: you are not serious.
Evelyn: His the guy from night class that is always disturbing Amanda
Zino: night class! You’ve been hooked already?
Nina: don’t mind Evelyn, he disturbs both of us.
Evelyn: please, that’s his backup. He likes you, he just don’t know how to say it because I am always with you.
Nina: then why didn’t he say something last night? We were together! He even asked of you.
Evelyn: whatever! He likes you.
Zino: who is this Dennis?
Evelyn: he is from south, and he always listen to music.
Zino: hmm, like Amanda.
Amanda: enough about me please. What are you guys wearing for the party?
Ann: trust me now. My show back top, mini skirt and boots.
All: ANN!
Ann: what?! It’s a party.

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