Chapter Eight:The Fifth And The Last Child

Discussion about the party and Ninas denial
The next day she didnt want to see him because she was ashamed of what he thought of her. After lectures, she went to the hostel, thinking and trying to sleep. She was wondering why she let him kiss her when she vowed to herself before going to the school that she wont have anything to do with any guy. Finally, she slept off and when she woke up........
Evelyn: (just coming from the kitchen with a pot of jollofrice) hey, what happened to you today? Sleepyhead!
Nina: how?                         
Evelyn: immediately after lectures you just went straight to the hostel.
Nina: I was really tired.
Evelyn: Dennis asked of you.
Nina: oh, okay. How is he?
Evelyn: fine I guess. Whats up?
Nina: Im good, just tired.
Evelyn: that reminds me I saw Dennis at the party.
Nina: you did? So he still went to the party?
Evelyn: he can dance really well. I saw him dancing with that slut Tina and co.
Nina: good for him.
Evelyn: thats true; he was supposed to be with you in class. Hope you werent alone.
Nina: no, no, I wasnt alone.
Evelyn: ( looking suspicious) ok. So how was study?
Nina: how is it supposed to be? Normal now… You should be telling me about the party, at least you all had more fun than I did. So did Dennis walk out of the party with Tina?
Evelyn: I dont know I was doing my thing. Meanwhile why are you asking about Dennis alone?
Nina: hes the only person youve mentioned you saw at the party and beside I heard some boys were having sex with some girls last night.
Evelyn: yeah its true but I went with Zino and the sisters so I definitely didnt kiss or sleep with a guy. Besides I have a boyfriend at home and I intend to be faithful to him.
Nina :(smiling) you have a boyfriend at home? Thats good, from today you have a spy in this school that will report you to him when you mess up.
Evelyn: very funny, dont waste your sight or ears because Ive got nothing. How about you? Do you have a boyfriend at home?
Nina: no I dont.
Evelyn: are you saying that because you want to date someone here? All these guys are just looking for whom to use and dump. We just have six months here, four more left; its just a waste of time.
Nina: of course not. Its the truth.
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Nina thought about what Evelyn said and didnt want to waste her time on boys. So she made sure kissing Dennis was the last time she will ever get attached to any guy in the school. At least not for long.....
In the evening, everyone was in her room talking about the party. How they never knew some people could dance like Ninas brother and how they never knew some were dating. It was time for night class and Nina was scared of seeing him so she didnt go and told Evelyn to go that shell be coming.
Dennis went to the class she always stays. Waiting for her but he didnt see so he looked for Evelyn and asked after her...
Dennis: hi, Evelyn.
Evelyn: hi
Dennis: whats up? You dont come to study every night anymore.
Evelyn: yeah sometimes I dont like coming out because of the sand fly and cold so I study in the hostel.
Dennis: okay, so wheres Amanda?
Evelyn: um, she should be on her way. She said shell be coming.
Dennis: ok, let me leave you to study now.
Evelyn: alright. bye
It was 12midnight and Nina didnt come to class so Evelyn was exhausted and went to the hostel to see Nina listening to Ann and Zino talk about some of their roommates that were having sex with their boyfriends.
Evelyn: look at this one. So this is where you are and Ive been waiting for you in class.
Nina: sorry I couldnt come I was cold.
Evelyn: I see
Zino: Evelyn whats your own? Is it by force to go for night class? Allow her.
Evelyn: whatever, Im going to sleep.
Nina: goodnight Bunkie!
Evelyn: goodnight.
Ann: Evelyn, tomorrow youll teach me what you studied.
Evelyn: no problem.

                      Dennis wants more...
Princess was always off and on in school because she was always falling ill. She hasnt been around but she just came in and everyone welcomed her. She was in class and saw princess coming back so she wanted to say hi and started leaving the class. And sees the last person she wants to see....
Dennis: hi
Nina: hi (her heart really beating fast)
Dennis: shes your friend?
Nina: yeah, she hasnt been around for a while.
Dennis: oh didnt even notice.
Nina: why should you? You dont even know her.
Dennis: I know her.
Nina: (Dennis blocks the way)Okay, can I pass now?
Dennis: sure, but um, will you come to class tonight?
Nina: I dont know.
Dennis: why?
Nina: nothing. Ill come if I feel like.
Dennis: but I want you to come.
Nina: why?
Dennis: see your face!
Nina: you are seeing it now.
Dennis: yeah, but seeing it again.
Nina: Ive to go.
Dennis: ok, hope to see you later today.
Nina: bye.
Dennis: bye.
Nina gets to the hostel...talks to Princess;
Nina: runaway student! Are you a student at all? Whats been happening?
Princess: Amanda, Ive been really sick
Nina: Im so sorry. Hope you ok now
Princess: Im better.
Nina: thank God.
She helps her arrange her things. Evelyn comes in and starts acting somehow because she always feels like whenever Nina sees princess she forgets about her...
Evelyn: so this is why you rushed out of class.
Nina: did I rush? Princess has been sick.
Evelyn: sorry, how are you now?
Princess: Im fine thanks.
Evelyn: thank God for you. Nina your brother sent his greeting. He said he has not seen you in a while.
Nina: okay.
To be continued same time tomorrow...Click HERE for Chapter Seven

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