Angelina Jolie Reveals how to avoid living an “empty life.”

Hollywood actress cum director,Angelina Jolie spoke to  told Deadline Hollywood on Wednesday, February 21. on how she avoids living an empty life. She said;
“You have your creative, and you have your work, and every day of your life is going to be about somehow growing as a person,”“Somehow feeling you can contribute to the extent that you can get tribute.” 
“I think to be a balanced person, you have to find those things that you just purely enjoy. But, of course, if you aren’t participating in the bigger picture of life, and in being somehow useful, and you aren’t doing something and growing, then really, you’ll find you’re not very happy,” “Really, you’ll have quite any empty life.”
The ‘Maleficent’ actress split form Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt and is a mother to six children.She is currently a visiting professor at the London School Economics and Political Science -she taught a seminar on Monday,Feb 19  called  “Women, Peace, and Security.”The lecture focused on human rights violations against women in conflict and their links to gender inequality. Later, she took questions from students!

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