Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue India

Hits newsstands this Saturday! Elsewhere in the mag, Kardashian marveled at the long-running success of the famous family's E! series, which she expected to run for 'one or two seasons'

Kim Kardashian stunned on the cover of Vogue India as she discussed her family strengths and weaknesses. She said she admires Khloe's 'I-don't-give-a-f*** attitude,' but she thinks she is 'getting too sensitive.',loves how Kourtney is 'savvy with finances,' but she is too 'stubborn.' Don't like Rob's 'moodiness' but he has a great 'sense of humor.',loves Kendall's 'sweetness' but said she wished she could 'take away her anxiety.',admires Kylie's 'ability to just go for it and not care what other people’s opinions are,' but her '"I don't care, I know what I’m doing" thing." attitude.

Speaking of momager,Kris Jenner,she said 'Nothing.She's perfect' .Kim also talked about how she never imagine their reality 'KUWTK' show success;

'Every time I think, "You guys, we filmed four seasons, what else can we talk about, what else can we do?" something else happens,'

'Khloé comes in and says, "I'm getting married, and in a week." And there are so many topics that we talk about that are relevant in the world.  
'I mean, there's so many people that have come to me and said, "You know what? My father transitioned, too." And I think about that. If we can help one person with what is going on in our lives, that is so worth it.'

"It’s not wise, career-speaking, to talk about politics" -Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood actress ,Jennifer Lawrence,27 who recently revealed she would take a a year break from acting to focus on activism discussed with Vanity Fair about how she tries to stay awy from politics cause she need more people to go see her movies. She said

“I’ve always thought that it was a good idea to stay out of politics,” she admits in the March cover story for Vanity Fair. “Twenty-five percent of America identifies as liberal, and I need more than 25 percent of America to go see my movies. It’s not wise, career-speaking, to talk about politics. When Donald Trump got sworn into office, that f***ing changed.”

“If I’m thinking something, I’ve made it very clear I’m going to talk about it,”  “My family obviously hates every time I talk about politics because it’s hard to see your kid get criticized and they live in Kentucky, where nobody is really liking what I’m saying.”

Though she was a big supporter of Hilary Clinton,she knew Trump would win,

“[Here’s] a big powerful man in a nice suit, pointing at you and going, ‘I’m going to make you rich.’ It’s so appealing,” she says. “The Democrats made a huge mistake by chastising the Trump supporters, and that was disgusting to me. Of course they’re not going to vote for Hillary Clinton; they’re going to vote for Donald Trump. You laughed at them when their plight is very real.”

“I’m like, ‘I want a career politician!’” she states. “I wouldn’t hire an assistant if they didn’t have experience; we’re talking about the president of the f***ing United States!”

Kylie Jenner Rocks her Weather Collection Line

Kylie Jenener seem to bring back shimmery eye as she pose in her new makeup line Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection - which she revealed was inspired by her daughter's name,Stormi. The 20-year-old shared photos on her Instagram  story and captioned; 'I worked on this pretty much my entire pregnancy. And right after we chose Stormi’s name, her name really inspired me.'  

Joan Smalls Sizzle for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Victoria Secret model,Joan Smalls showed of her modelling chops for Harper's Bazaar Arabia magazine. The Puerto Rican beauty in different outfits as she talked about how she responds to pressure of people judging her. She said;'Yes, I have gotten bad ones. Everybody gets bad ones. Do I let it affect me? For a brief second I catch a little bit of an attitude and then I have to remind myself that I don't know this person and everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it.

'But it's not going to affect my life, I'm going to continue living. It's a virtual comment, you just read it and keep moving. It's a lot of pressure, constantly having people judge you but there are more serious issues.' 
Vision in white: Joan flashed a glimpse of her toned tummy in the cutaway jumpsuit 

Gorgeous woman: The supermodel highlighted her striking features with deftly touches of make-up, accentuated with glittering green eye shadow

Rihanna Rocks Gucci In New Photos

Everything Gucci!Popstar ,Rihanna looked stylish in this Pre-Fall 2018 Gucci ensemble which had a baseball inspired Gucci jacket and matching pants in green sandals,draped in brown leather coat. She shared the look on her instagram

Carrie Underwood still not ready to show her face

After country singer,Carrie Underwood revealed she suffered facial injury in November that required 40 to 50 stitches,she's been out of the spotlight and barely shares photos of her face. She shared a photo on her social media with husband,Mike Fisher were they held red X’s in honor of the End It Movement. Carried captioned:Together, we’re in it to end it! Help us shine a light on modern day slavery. @enditmovement #enditmovement

Chapter Eight:The Fifth And The Last Child

Discussion about the party and Ninas denial
The next day she didnt want to see him because she was ashamed of what he thought of her. After lectures, she went to the hostel, thinking and trying to sleep. She was wondering why she let him kiss her when she vowed to herself before going to the school that she wont have anything to do with any guy. Finally, she slept off and when she woke up........
Evelyn: (just coming from the kitchen with a pot of jollofrice) hey, what happened to you today? Sleepyhead!
Nina: how?                         
Evelyn: immediately after lectures you just went straight to the hostel.
Nina: I was really tired.
Evelyn: Dennis asked of you.
Nina: oh, okay. How is he?
Evelyn: fine I guess. Whats up?
Nina: Im good, just tired.
Evelyn: that reminds me I saw Dennis at the party.
Nina: you did? So he still went to the party?
Evelyn: he can dance really well. I saw him dancing with that slut Tina and co.
Nina: good for him.
Evelyn: thats true; he was supposed to be with you in class. Hope you werent alone.
Nina: no, no, I wasnt alone.
Evelyn: ( looking suspicious) ok. So how was study?
Nina: how is it supposed to be? Normal now… You should be telling me about the party, at least you all had more fun than I did. So did Dennis walk out of the party with Tina?
Evelyn: I dont know I was doing my thing. Meanwhile why are you asking about Dennis alone?
Nina: hes the only person youve mentioned you saw at the party and beside I heard some boys were having sex with some girls last night.
Evelyn: yeah its true but I went with Zino and the sisters so I definitely didnt kiss or sleep with a guy. Besides I have a boyfriend at home and I intend to be faithful to him.
Nina :(smiling) you have a boyfriend at home? Thats good, from today you have a spy in this school that will report you to him when you mess up.
Evelyn: very funny, dont waste your sight or ears because Ive got nothing. How about you? Do you have a boyfriend at home?
Nina: no I dont.
Evelyn: are you saying that because you want to date someone here? All these guys are just looking for whom to use and dump. We just have six months here, four more left; its just a waste of time.
Nina: of course not. Its the truth.
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Nina thought about what Evelyn said and didnt want to waste her time on boys. So she made sure kissing Dennis was the last time she will ever get attached to any guy in the school. At least not for long.....
In the evening, everyone was in her room talking about the party. How they never knew some people could dance like Ninas brother and how they never knew some were dating. It was time for night class and Nina was scared of seeing him so she didnt go and told Evelyn to go that shell be coming.
Dennis went to the class she always stays. Waiting for her but he didnt see so he looked for Evelyn and asked after her...
Dennis: hi, Evelyn.
Evelyn: hi
Dennis: whats up? You dont come to study every night anymore.
Evelyn: yeah sometimes I dont like coming out because of the sand fly and cold so I study in the hostel.
Dennis: okay, so wheres Amanda?
Evelyn: um, she should be on her way. She said shell be coming.
Dennis: ok, let me leave you to study now.
Evelyn: alright. bye
It was 12midnight and Nina didnt come to class so Evelyn was exhausted and went to the hostel to see Nina listening to Ann and Zino talk about some of their roommates that were having sex with their boyfriends.
Evelyn: look at this one. So this is where you are and Ive been waiting for you in class.
Nina: sorry I couldnt come I was cold.
Evelyn: I see
Zino: Evelyn whats your own? Is it by force to go for night class? Allow her.
Evelyn: whatever, Im going to sleep.
Nina: goodnight Bunkie!
Evelyn: goodnight.
Ann: Evelyn, tomorrow youll teach me what you studied.
Evelyn: no problem.

                      Dennis wants more...
Princess was always off and on in school because she was always falling ill. She hasnt been around but she just came in and everyone welcomed her. She was in class and saw princess coming back so she wanted to say hi and started leaving the class. And sees the last person she wants to see....
Dennis: hi
Nina: hi (her heart really beating fast)
Dennis: shes your friend?
Nina: yeah, she hasnt been around for a while.
Dennis: oh didnt even notice.
Nina: why should you? You dont even know her.
Dennis: I know her.
Nina: (Dennis blocks the way)Okay, can I pass now?
Dennis: sure, but um, will you come to class tonight?
Nina: I dont know.
Dennis: why?
Nina: nothing. Ill come if I feel like.
Dennis: but I want you to come.
Nina: why?
Dennis: see your face!
Nina: you are seeing it now.
Dennis: yeah, but seeing it again.
Nina: Ive to go.
Dennis: ok, hope to see you later today.
Nina: bye.
Dennis: bye.
Nina gets to the hostel...talks to Princess;
Nina: runaway student! Are you a student at all? Whats been happening?
Princess: Amanda, Ive been really sick
Nina: Im so sorry. Hope you ok now
Princess: Im better.
Nina: thank God.
She helps her arrange her things. Evelyn comes in and starts acting somehow because she always feels like whenever Nina sees princess she forgets about her...
Evelyn: so this is why you rushed out of class.
Nina: did I rush? Princess has been sick.
Evelyn: sorry, how are you now?
Princess: Im fine thanks.
Evelyn: thank God for you. Nina your brother sent his greeting. He said he has not seen you in a while.
Nina: okay.
To be continued same time tomorrow...Click HERE for Chapter Seven

Eucharia Anunobi graduated from RCCG's School of Disciples

I buried my son while writing my final papers – Eucharia Anunobi

Former Nollywood actress,Eucharia Anunobi revealed she graduated from RCCG's school of disciples despite burying her son,Raymond Ekwu, who died last year. She shared the photo and wrote;

”Beloved ones , join me and celebrate JESUS CHRIST , who saw me through the completion of the Redeemers School of Disciples course 2017 / 2018 session .
The devil wanted to stop me from finishing , for my son died while I still had four subjects / papers to sit for , but thanks to God who had promised that in these things am more than a conqueror ( Romans 8 : 37 ) .
I graduated with 900 ( nine hundred ) other disciples last Sunday 25th February 2018 .

Photos :Kim Kardashian in Black LBD

Kim K West looked hot in this little black dress at a gas station in Hollywood. This style reminds me of her 'bodycon' days,she looks amazing.This is how you should dress you body Kimmy! No more frumpy style

Who wore it better?Michelle Monaghan Vs Blake Lively

Michelle Monaghan and Blake Lively dazzle in this yellow number by Brandon Maxwell two-piece. I'm not really a fan of yellow unless you pair it with something dark or warm but these ladies managed to look good. I'll go with Michelle;her brunette locks makes the style tolerable,sorry Blake.

Josh Duhamel and Eiza Gonzalez Spark Dating Rumors

Josh Duhamel Is Dating Eiza Gonzalez After Fergie Split

Josh Duhamel,45 who split from wife,Fergie in February 2017 have moved on. According to ET,Josh is dating hottie,Eiza Gonzalez,28 . The source says;
"It's apparently the real deal," the source says. "They're spending time together as a couple with friends."

Though Josh and Fergie are no longer together,he speaks highly of her. After her 2018 NBA All-Star Game flop,Josh came to the 'Save it till morning' singer defense;

"I think she would probably admit that it’s not her best work. But the girl is crazy talented, she really is. She’s an amazing woman, an amazing human being, really," Duhamel, who was also photographed bringing Fergie flowers after her performance, told Ellen DeGeneres. "It’s hard to see somebody you care about get beat up like that. But that’s the business. You’re in this business, you put yourself out there. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t."

Nollywood actor,Jim Iyke replies a fan for telling him to go and marry

Actor,Jim Iyke replied a fan for telling him to go marry after he shared this dapper looking photo of himself. Jim Captioned the photo;

A female fan made this comment;

i_am_empress_kay wrote;

@jim.iyke, go marry naw, with all Dis swag, go marry joor

Jim Iyke replied;

”@i_am_empress_kay Take away the stumpy footballer legs, the double chin, the beer belly, the humongous chimp head, the beady eyes, the cheap clothes, the poisonous attitude, broke pockets, non existent neck, body odour, 34 IQ, Dragon breath, constant depression and zero prospects maybe just maybe I might make a move for you and get it over with as 2nd wife then keh myself the next week.”

What do you think of his reply?too harsh? Well,i just think all that diss wasn't necessary. We know he has a white baby mama but have no idea they are married. 

Chapter Seven:The Fifth And The Last Child

The party
It was evening and Richard heard guys discussing how they were going to make some girls drunk and have sex with them in his hostel while some were planning to initiate some guys into cultism. He went to warn Nina about the party, that she shouldnt go anymore. Nina wasnt happy because she was looking forward to the party but at the same time she wanted her safety.
Its 7pm, the lights are on, everyone starts dressing up for the party. Nina walks in from the bathroom.....girls making a fuss about the party...
Nina: Evelyn, Im not going to the party. Lets not go.
Evelyn; why?
Nina: its not safe. {She didnt want to tell Evelyn its her brother that told her because it might put him in danger} you know how parties are, drinking, fighting, breaking bottles and even rape.
Evelyn: you are taking it too far, nothing is going to happen .I dont get it, you were so excited about it.
Nina: I changed my mind. Lets go to night class together.
Evelyn: you want to go for night class? Look, nothing will happen. Well go with zino, Ann, gift and grace.
Nina: I cant go. My brother wont let me.
Evelyn: I knew its your brother. Is he going?
Nina: I think so.
Evelyn: imagine, and he doesnt want you to go.
Ann: who doesnt?
Evelyn: her brother!
Ann: why?
Nina: oh great! More questions...its not my brother; I just dont want to go. I changed my mind. You guys should have fun.
Evelyn: or maybe he doesnt want you to see him play love with his girlfriend.
Zino: Amanda, you are dulling all of us. Whats wrong with you? So what will you do alone in the room?
Cynthia: Im not going.
Zino: of course you are not, buzz kill! Anyways, enjoy your reading!
The party was at ten and they were leaving by 9pm. Nina was leaving with them and when they get to the gate, she diverted to class. On her way, she saw Dennis and his friend ikenna....
Dennis: hey, where are you going?
Nina: class, you?
Dennis: class. I thought you were going to the party. Whats up?
Nina: my brother stopped me. You?
Dennis: just want to study for an hour or two. Then well head to the party. Oh, forgive my manners, meet ikenna.
Nina: hi
Ikenna: hello
Nina: I guess you also want to study for some time. Besides its at 10pm, therefore youll study for an hour.
Dennis: nope, we mustnt be there the minute the party starts.
Ikenna: why are you going to class alone. Its not safe.
Nina: all my friends bailed on me.
Dennis: even Evelyn? Thats serious. This party must be something.
Richard goes back to the hostel from class, sees Nina....
Richard: Nina, what are you doing out here. (Shakes Dennis and ikenna)
Nina: going to class.
Richard: but no one is in class, everywhere is dark.
Nina: Dennis and ikenna are going.
Richard: of all times, this is the time you want to study. Guys please watch after her.
Dennis: Sure.
The three of them walk to class...
Dennis: no party for you! (Laughs)
They get to class and sat in different seats... Dennis tries seating with her and she went to another seat. Ikenna was seating at the back and after an hour he slept on his book. Dennis not knowing ikenna had slept said...
Dennis: wow, here is so dry!
Nina: then go to your party.
Dennis: and leave you here? Youll just cry.
Nina: I wont I can take care of myself. Im a big girl.
Dennis: (laughs) big girl that her brother tells what to do. (Talks to sleepy ikenna) guy, she said she a big girl, did you hear that? (Turns back to Nina) imagine, this guy is asleep.
Nina; why are you laughing? Like my brother didnt also tell you what to do.
Dennis :(comes closer to Nina) tell me what?
Nina: to watch over me.
Dennis: Im here because I want to. Not because your brother told me to.
Nina: Really and why do you want to?
Dennis: because I want to study and see your face.
Nina: yeah right! Like you knew Ill be in class.
Dennis sits on the desk, right in front of Nina, staring...
Dennis: I saw you on my way to class remember?
Nina: I dont even feel like reading just wanted to get out of the hostel.
Dennis: is he always that protective of you?
Nina: not really. Guess he doesnt want me to see him and hes girlfriend.
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Dennis: of course, so you wont beat him (Nina hits his arm). Ouch! On a serious note, hes just protecting you. Besides, who is older? (And he dodges)
Nina: he is! Why, do I look older?
Dennis :( laughs) no, just messing with you. Your eyes are so bright, they are really shinning.
Ikenna wakes up and starts packing his books.
Ikenna: dude, Im going to crash.
Dennis: are we not going to the party anymore?
Ikenna: screw the party, I need to sleep.
Dennis: Ill be here for a while. Then Ill be with you.
Ikenna: alright, later! Bye Amanda
Nina: bye.
Dennis: so, where were we? Your eyes, why do they shine so bright? They are really white.
Nina: dont know. I get that question a lot from people.
Dennis: they are beautiful.
Nina: thanks!
Silence fills the room...
Dennis: dont you fill like going to the hostel?
Nina: Ill be the only one there.
Dennis: are you scared?
Nina: dont like being alone.
Dennis: how come you trust being with me?
Nina: how do you mean? Should I be scared of you?
Dennis: you are not?
Nina: no (looking at him straight in the eyes), you cant hurt me.
Dennis: why are you staring at me like that?
Nina: how?
Dennis: I dont know. Just stop.
Nina: you are also staring. Who is scared now?
Dennis tries to shut her eyes with his palm, Nina was trying to dodge not knowing where his hands were going and he mistakenly hit her on her chest.
Nina: ouch! Why did you do that?
Dennis: (smiling) Im sorry I wanted to shut your eyes.
Nina: liar! Thats where you were going to (she gets up to leave)
Dennis: where are you going?
Nina: to my hostel.
Dennis: its dark and lonely remember.
Nina: Ill rather be there than be with you.
Dennis: hey, wait. Is it something I did? I said Im sorry.
Nina: go on your knees and apologies.
Dennis: what? Why? I didnt do anything wrong.
Nina: to yourself you didnt. To me you did. Okay Im leaving.
Dennis: okay, Ill go on my knees but youll have to close your eyes.
Nina: how would I know you did it?
Dennis: youll know. Just close your eyes.
Nina closes her eyes, he kneels and says Im sorry, Nina opens one eye and he gets up immediately...
Dennis :( smiles) why did you open your eyes?
Nina: (smiling too) wanted to be sure.
Dennis :( he holds her hands) you have nice dentition and your palms are so soft.
He draws closer to Nina the heat was taking the breath from Nina that she couldnt speak. The moon was sparkling on Ninas dress and eyes, she looked so irresistable. Her legs and hands were shaking, her heart was beating so fast she needed air and the only air she needed was the one coming from his breath. So he kissed her and she responded. They kissed for a minute and it was the best minute shed had since the day she was born. She had kissed a guy before but this was not to be compared with anything. She felt a chill run through her body and butterflies in her stomach, like she was in another world. Apparently, they were the only one in the class but at that point it felt like they were the only people in the world. She normally read this in novels but that day she actually felt it. She didnt want him to feel like she was so cheap by kissing until she was completely satisfied, which would have been till the break of dawn, So she stopped the kiss. Meanwhile, they heard a noise like someone was peeping and she stood up...
Dennis: (sounding consumed by the kiss) wait, why are you going?
Nina: its late. We shouldnt have done that.
Dennis (coming close) why?
Nina: I have a boyfriend.
Dennis: you never told me you had a boyfriend.
Nina: you didnt ask.
Dennis: where is he?
Nina: at home
Dennis: where is he from?
Nina: what? I....
Dennis: you see, you stuttered!
Nina: what I didnt.
Dennis :( draws closely and puts his left palms on her neck and whispered in her ears) he doesnt exist.
That was the sweetest, sexiest, soothing voice she had ever heard.
Nina: I have to go.
Dennis: wait, let me see you off.
She didnt want to say anything and started walking fast to her hostel. He was telling her to slow down; she didnt want to listen because she could not even believe what just happened. She went to her bed, everywhere was so quiet, and some people were still at the party while some were in the hostel. She lay on her bed and faced the ceiling, thinking about what just happened and before she knew it she slept off.
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