Gwen Stefani Calls Off Her Wedding to Blake Sheldon

Gwen Stefani Calls Off Her Wedding to Blake Sheldon
Singer Gwen Stefani and Blake Sheldon have called off their wedding. The ‘Hola back girl’ singer panicked about Blake’s alleged infidelity. The date was supposed to be in June but according to Life & Style;

“She started panicking about all the details — and about her future with Blake,” “Gwen and Blake had a massive fight and Gwen called off the wedding.”Gwen, unfortunately, is no stranger to cheating; her marriage to Gavin Rossdale, the father of her children, fell apart after it was revealed that he was having an affair with their children’s nanny. That’s left the No Doubt singer super insecure when it comes to Blake and his friendship with women, even though they’re innocent. Notably, she’s been bothered by how close Blake has become with Chloe Kohanski, his 24-year-old team member on The Voice. An insider adds, “Gwen was really unnerved by the student-teacher relationship, especially when Chloe took home the title in late December.” Eventually, the insider says, she decided to confront her man — and decided to cancel their upcoming nuptials then and there.
“Gwen feels as if she loves Blake more than Blake loves her right now,” the source says. “She told Blake all about her insecurities and how she couldn’t handle another heartbreaking divorce because of trust issues she needs to face.”
Right now, the two are working on their issues — and those closest them still believe that they’ll say I do — eventually. “Most friends believe they will still walk down the aisle someday, but Gwen and Blake have some things to work on first,” the source tells Life & Style. “Trust is important and this isn’t the right time for a dream wedding.” After all, the source notes, “the last thing Gwen or Blake wants is another divorce.”

Hmm,though it’s not legit that Blake cheated,i think is a smart move.  And she is definitely right about loving him more that he loves her. Follow your gut girl,you have been married before,don’t rush.

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