Fans Slam Coach for Airbrushing Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez have some really die hard fans ,so it’s no surprise athe they can spot every look she has on. The 25-year-old singer modeled different purses for Coach’s new campaign  and her fans called out the brand for airbrushing her photos.

This Photoshop is completely unnecessary. Why would you get a celebrity to represent your brand if you don’t even want her to be recognisable?’ 

‘What have you done to her face?’ another asked. ‘She didn’t need any Photoshop.’

‘Amazing you guys made Selena look like anything but Selena,’ 

‘This looks nothing like her! ease up on the airbrushing!!!’

‘Dear Coach, I understand that every photo that is used in advertising is technically enhanced, as to sell a product you want the photograph to be as perfect as possible.

‘But I just do not understand why the choice has been made to edit a woman’s face who is considered socially and globally beautiful, as this sends a message to the viewer, that even a person considered as “perfect”, like Selena Gomez, still isn’t good enough to sell a product, meaning the consumer sees a physically impossible advertisement which they then idolise and buy the product to relate to the advert.’ 

‘Shame on @coach for perpetuating the thought that even the best of us are not good enough. THIS ISN’T REAL.’

‘It looks like a head is photoshopped on a body, it doesn’t even look like the head fits,’ 

‘I didn’t know that was Selena at first. Her nose looks different ,’ a second pointed out.

‘This is the most Photoshopped image of @selenagomez I have ever seen. So, so sad,’ 
Some fans urged Gomez not to allow it:  ‘You are absolutely stunning, Selena. Never think that this is what you should look like.’

Well,to be honest i don’t see much difference. Selena is a cute girl and considering what she has been through,i think she is expected to look different. Besides she is not complaining.

BTS: Selena before the 'airbrushing'
This photo was before airbrushing,do you see much difference? people need to chill.

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