Courtney Stodden,23 want to get back with husband,Doug Hutchison,57

Celebrity Big Brother alum,Courtney Stodden who met estranged husband at the age of 16 and he was 51, suffered a miscarriage and divorced after nearly six years of marriage took to her instagram to plead to her her husband to take her back.She said;
“I need this man back in my life,” she captioned the photo. “I need him to come help me. I need him to want our marriage to work. He’s been my only solid rock. Doug, if you read this — this is a public cry for your undying love.”

Three weeks ago the blonde bombshell wrote about anxiety and depression;“I feel too much,” “I soak up too much energy from myself and others. I love too deeply. I’m extremely insecure. Terribly childlike and vulnerable. This is me and my struggle with depression. But I have faith I’ll prevail. If you’re a sufferer of anxiety or depression — know that you aren’t alone.”“Depression is hard to kick,” she wrote on the image. “But I’ll get through it and so will you if you’re a sufferer.”

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