Salma Hayek Reveals Harvey Weinstein Harassed Her For Years

Salma Hayek have finally come forward among-st 90-something women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. The 51-year-old revealed to the New York Times piece,her experience with the filmmaker. She said Harvey terrorized her after she pitched her passion project 'Frieda' -2002 Oscar nominated movie.
 “I didn’t consider my voice important, nor did I think it would make a difference.” However, she came to realize that while she had confided to loved ones about being “bullied” by the disgraced movie mogul, she had “excluded a couple of details.”“it was unimaginable for a Mexican actress to aspire to a place in Hollywood. And even though I had proven them wrong, I was still a nobody.”
 “All I knew of Harvey at the time was that he had a remarkable intellect, he was a loyal friend, and a family man.” And he made a deal with her to make more movies with Miramax. However, she soon found herself having to repeatedly say “no” to him.

“No to me taking a shower with him,” she wrote. “No to letting him watch me take a shower. No to letting him give me a massage. No to letting a naked friend of his give me a massage. No to letting him give me oral sex. No to my getting naked with another woman. No, no, no, no, no.”

“the absurdity of his demands went from getting a furious call in the middle of the night asking me to fire my agent for a fight he was having with him about a different movie” to “physically dragging me out of the opening gala of the Venice Film Festival, which was in honor of Frida, so I could hang out at his private party with him and some women I thought were models but I was told later were high-priced prostitutes.”
Once, “in an act of fury,” she says Weinstein threatened, “I will kill you, don’t think I can’t.”
“if agreed to do a sex scene with another woman. And he demanded full-frontal nudity… It was clear to me he would never let me finish this movie without him having his fantasy one way or another. I had to say yes. By now so many years of my life had gone into this film.”

The day she shot the scene that she said she “believed would save the movie,” she says she “had a nervous breakdown: My body began to shake uncontrollably, my breath was short and I began to cry and cry, unable to stop, as if I were throwing up tears. Since those around me had no knowledge of my history of Harvey, they were very surprised by my struggle that morning. It was not because I would be naked with another woman. It was because I would be naked with her for Harvey Weinstein. But I could not tell them then.”

Wow,really terrible.

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