Ariana Grande Splurge at a luxurious $10,600 a night mansion for Christmas

Popstar,Ariana Grande is having an expensive Christmas this year splurging with a luxurious $10,600 a night mansion in Mountain Village in Colorado courtesy of Airbnb. The 24-year-old singer shared ths phoot in a yellow fur coat, checkered jumpsuit and boots. She captioned;'#airbnbpartner thank you @airbnb for the best trip ever.' 
 See photos of the beautiful resort below;

Taste of Morocco: The living room boasts a log fire, where Ariana can recline on a sumptuous brown leather sofa and nestle her head into Moroccan-inspired cushions

Arriving in style: The A-lister has also been hitting the slopes with a chauffeur driving the group to the ski areas,  just a short distance away from the lavish abode

Wow! looks like houses we read in books. So stunning!

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