This Melanin Cutie Should Be A Model

Well, according to the internet, this South Sudanese, Anok Yai should be a model. Anok Yai, a 19-year-old sophomore studying biochemistry at Plymouth State University was photographed by Steve ‘theSUNK’ Hall as she attended Yardfest at Howard University’s homecoming over the weekend which featured performers like Rick Ross and Doug E. Fresh.

“A friend of mine and I decided to travel to Washington, D.C., to attend Howard University’s Homecoming,”  “After Yardfest ended, I began walking toward the dorms, when a photographer that goes by the name Steve ‘theSUNK’ Hall randomly started taking photos of me,” “While he was taking down my information, he said, ‘Today was a good day, and a couple of these photos have the potential to go viral.’ I didn’t really think much of it, so I just smiled and went on about my day.”

Yai'd twitter followers skyrocketed from 105 to 8,000 in just 24hours since her photo went viral.

Hmm,she definitely have a model figure but what is up with people and this very dark skin craze? Seems to be trending a lot lately. So i just have to ask, is it cause of her figure (cause i'm sure there are a lot of girls with her frame) or her skin color y'all think she should be a model? Be honest.

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