Terrence Jenkins And Jasmine Sanders' Split

Terrence Jenkins,35 and Jasmine Sanders have broken up and the reason is because they spent so much time apart. The E! host actually though Jasmine was the one,he told the Baller Alert; “In the relationship I’m in right now, we took a long time before we had sex and that’s why it’s been able to be a better thing,” he said. “Because you have to really take time to get to know someone.”

Sanders on the other hand seems to be enjoying her lifestlye . She tweeted this six days ago:“From one hotel to the next. Such a blessing to see so much of the world! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I love experiencing the culture, trying new food, enjoying the music, etc. I’d never ask for another life! Blessings on blessings.” According to Us Weekly.

“Jasmine was traveling a bunch and they weren’t spending as much time together,” 

Sanders, who is widely known on social media as “Golden Barbie,” has starred in a Kylie Cosmetics ad and played a lead role in Kylie Jenner’s “Glosses” promotional lip-gloss line video.

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