Kim Kardashian Fans Think She might Be Having Twins

Leading her followers astray? The Vogue cover girl started: 'Anyone know who makes the best double stroller? Not a tiny compact one but regular size'
Kim Kardashian fans go into a frenzy as she asked the question (above) on twitter. Though she revealed her surrogate who will be due in early 2018 is expecting a girl,this double stroller comment made some of her followers question her. They wrote in the comment section;
NAE added: ‘SO TWINS?!?! Omg what if that psychic was right!!!!!!!’

Another fan, Casey, weighed in: ‘Are you having twins?’ And Chloe did the same: ‘For the twins????’
Sandra thought out of the box: ‘Maybe it’s for Khloé or Kylie (who still haven’t confirmed or denied pregnancy rumors).’ Both Khloe and Kylie are reportedly over four months pregnant.

Funny: She then tweeted: 'I have two kids people!!!! LOL'

But Kim quickly condemned the reports and tweeted that she has two kids. Hmmm,is North not old for a stroller? Anyways….

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