Kim Kardashian & BFF,Jonathan Dressed As Cher & Sonny For Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party

Kim Kardashian have always expressed her love for her Armenian Queen and singer,Cher so it’s no surprise that she would look like the icon for Halloween with her BFF,Jonathan Cheban as Sonny (while not your husband Kanye West though?). Anyways,the 37-year-old reality queen dressed up as Cher in bohemian sheer flared trousers, matched with a crop top boasting long, trailing sleeve at  the star-studded Casamigos Tequila Halloween party.
They both killed it. What do you think?

OG: Kim also posted a throwback pic of the original couple, proving she and Jonathan got the look spot on
Sonny and Cher

Armo-in Armo: Kim and Cher of course also share an ethnicity as well as their good looks, being arguably the two most famous Armenian-Americans on the planet

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