Fans Terrified For Pregnant Kylie Jenner In This Snapchat Photo

With Halloween around the corner,i guess this is expected. Kylie Jenner fans were terrified for her after she shared photo (above) on her snapchat showing off walk-in closet. In the image ,there was a shadow behind her that looked like the famous serial killer Freddy Krueger. They shared their concerns on twitter;

'I thought it was Freddy Krueger': Her followers immediately took to Twitter to express their terror, and claim it looked like the famous Nightmare On Elm Street character
But the pregnant 20-year-old assured them that the image behind is her friend,Harry Hudson(photo below)
BFFs: However after the furore, Kylie was quick to clarify that it was her friend Harry Hudson (pictured together in June 2016) in order to calm her panicking fans

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