Demi Lovato Shows Off Under Boob For Notion Magazine

Demi Lovato,25 shows off under boob on the cover of Notion Magazine,October issue. The cool for summer singer wore a white crop top with the word 'feminist' emblazoned across her chest ,a wrap skirt,black pants and boots. Speaking to the magazine,she said;
'My fans have been able to relate and loot at [me] and say, 'If she can get through it, I can too,' Lovato said. 'I needed that growing up, and having that positive response to just being open and honest is really rewarding.'

'I no longer have secrets that I have to hide. It's all out there. The fact that people accept me no matter what I've done is really beautiful.' 

'Fame is weird, but I manipulate it for the better,' she said. 'I see some artists that don't say anything because they want to be politically correct. 
'It's frustrating because they have the ability to reach millions of people and do something good, rather than not saying anything.'
'If you're a megastar and have tons of millions of followers on Instagram or Twitter ... If you're not speaking about the things that need to be spoken about, you're not helping anyone.'

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