Basic Things You Need as a Writer

You know, it took me a while to finally accept that I’m a writer (though more of a story teller, have you noticed I use so many words most times?), having self-doubt, procrastination, buying notebooks when I have like five empty ones,lol , asking God to give me a sign in church, reading forums and blogs on discovering if you are a writer or not… *sigh*,it is endless! Anyways, I have decided to stop asking why and started doing what any writer would do, JUST WRITE! Whether anyone likes it or not; I just know I have a lot to say so I’m just going to put it in my writing, also knowing that I am not alone and someone in the world could relate to me (well, if this post gets you). Due to my soul searching, experience and discovery, I realized as a writer, either you already have these things, have some of them or as an aspiring one you should have things.
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Notebook and Pen
Do you buy notebooks when you have so many unused ones in your room? lol. I do that a lot. This happens because when you have a lot to say (or in our case write); no amount of notebook is enough. Sometimes, you need the portable ones, the thicker ones so you can put all your brilliant ideas there, the fancy ones to just stare at and motivate you to write something in it, lol .Having a notebook helped me cause most times I get really lazy to put on my laptop and type but with a notebook, I can write anywhere at any time; I keep it close to my bed, in my bag and anywhere I know I am comfortable. The downside to this is that, I get carried away when I write and end up writing the whole article in the notebook, which I would have to type on my laptop afterwards (crazy right?). So, now what I do is, write down a topic that comes to mind and points that I would discuss, so I don’t have to write those words only to type them again. Also, the essence of having a notebook is to write something in it hence  you should have as many pen as possible cause just when that idea pops to mind, that one ink that you have lying around might disappoint you and you would have to leave the position you are in to get one…imagine the fury! Lol
Every writer needs a laptop. A notebook and pen is important to jot that great article down but as a writer, you need a laptop. Even if you want to give a publisher your book, it has to be typed; not everyone can read your hand writing and it’s not just allowed in this day and age.  So just as farmers go to farm with cutlass and holes, you just have to have a laptop, there is no way around it.

Data, Modem (phone or tablets etc.)
For people that would like to publish posts online, you definitely need a form of internet connection. Mind you it’s not just for bloggers; you need data to be able to do research on how to improve yourself as a writer, where to find the next topic etc… In 2010, I bought my first laptop with the money I made after my NYSC because I wanted to write, so I wrote a book but it never got published because I didn’t know how to put it out there. Now, thanks to internet connection and blogging platforms, I could write something and publish it whenever and wherever I want. I don’t even have to wait until I have written eighty thousand words or more to put the work out there; I can break them into chapters and publish daily. And those of you saying you don’t have money for data, you have no excuse!  With mobile network data you don’t have to bother about paying so much unlike when you use those wide broadband networks; Spectranet, Swift, Smile and co… Instead of wasting data on social networks: Instagram, Facebook and twitter, just write offline on your Microsoft word and when you are done, edit, proofread, put on your hotspot, paste on your page and publish.

Table and chair
Ah, I’m guilty of this one. You won’t believe I don’t have a table and chair in my room (did I mention, I can be quite lazy?). These have delayed in my writing process, you know how? I always write on my bed and doing that makes me feel sleepy on time, it also gives me back and shoulder pain that the thought of writing another article in that position discourages me. Though I am now in the zone “writing” again, I will definitely get a table and chair (just not seen the right one yet –I can be really picky, please don’t ask, lol). Getting a table and chair makes you look professional (have you ever seen a writer writing in bed? E.g. Carrie Bradshaw –unless in a sitting position); there is no reason to sleep off if you are not in bed, definitely helps your back and shoulders, you also have these feeling like you are in your office and you need to put in work.
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Where you can always charge your laptop
My naija people I hail o, lol. You know in these our wonderful country constant electricity is uncertain though it seemed to have improved lately, you should always be able to improvise; it could be at your good neighbors’ house, a friend’s house, where you usually make or cut your hair, or a supermarket friend where you gist often. Just make sure that you always have where to charge your laptop if the worse comes to worst (no light, your generator is bad, no money for fuel and so on…)

Rechargeable lamp
Rechargeable lamp, seriously? Ah, yes my friends! Giving our light situation in Nigeria and sometimes I write in the dark; so I point my rechargeable lamp on my keyboard (I have not mastered my keyboard, bite me! lol) so I could type. Also when I wake up in the night with an idea, I put on my lamp, open my note book close to me and jot down. And just the fact that most of the time, we don’t have light in this country, we need the substitute to be able to see what we are doing. Therefore rechargeable lamps are not for just writers but people in Nigeria.

Personally, I love notepads, especially the sticky ones for quotes and research.  When I read something really motivating and inspiring online I like to jot them down, especially those “success quotes’ we read on Forbes, Huffington post,lifehack and co. It’s also helps me to schedule my routine; I place them on the walls as a reminder of what I need to do for the day, so I don’t go off course.

Read Quora (Just read!)
I know you are wondering Quora, a tool? Trust me guys, so much inspiration and topics come from here. Reading Quora has helped me a lot; you meet like mind people and people that are just looking for help or someone to talk to. Writers always try to look for an article in every experience, person or thing; they also need motivation from time to time. Yes, I enjoy writing but sometimes I can be really lazy, especially waking up early in the morning to write my articles. On Quora, you get to ask questions on how you can improve yourself (though its one thing to listen and another to act which took me a really long time to start doing),how you are feeling ,knowing you are not alone and people are ready to answer your questions and encourage you. I read how to discipline myself to get up early, though I’m not perfect in this aspect, it (Quora) also encouraged me to start doing what I actually enjoy ‘write’ and not to be too hard on myself.
It’s not just reading Quora, it could be Huffington post, life hack, mills and boons, newspaper…Anything you enjoy reading, Inspiration can come from anywhere, just read.

These are the basic thing you need as a writer. At least that’s what I have and they have been really helpful. If you have tips you would like to add or the items you have as a writer and how they put you in the zone, please share in the comment section.

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