What Do You Do When it Feels like Your World is Falling Apart?

What do you do when it feels like your world is falling apart?
Why do we call it our world? Is It really our world? We are just her on
borrowed time, we will leave the world and it moves on without us. So why call
it our world? It’s not ours and we don’t have to live in it but make our mark. So
that, even though it moves on, it won’t forget us.
What are you doing right now to make your mark? Are you just
sitting around your house, office… wishing you were someone else, doing
something else??? What are you waiting for? Who is stopping you? Yes you! Why are
you just staring at this? Get up from where you are, do that workout you have
been dreaming about, take those dance steps you’ve been envying to do; who care if you are not Beyonce, Ciara or
Janet Jackson? Put on your laptop and type even if you don’t have any ideas…. You
want to write right? Just put the laptop on, it will come. If you don’t have a laptop,
get your pen and notebook and write away….
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I got up really early this morning,4am precisely, said my
prayers, did some sweeping outside, hung my clothes and said hi to my neighbor I
have a thing (don’t ask!) for, lol… went  back to my phone and read a motivational
article on Quora (i receive emails form them), after a 23-year-old said he/she doesn’t know what to do with
his /her life and asked “what age did you find out what you are meant to do?
And he got an answer from a Self growth enthusiast and ecommerce consultant, Sim
Campbell. He talked about how unique and special we all are in a “snowflake
kind of way”. And I was moved by these quotes; 

”Genetically, there has never
been a person like you before in history. And after you die, there will never
be another. So you’re it man”. ”You should feel honored, special” 100 million
swimmers fought to reach the egg and you won”.
“This means you come into the world with a unique blueprint
that you can build off of. The blue print contains your primal inclination.”
This primal inclination is something you were drawn to very intensely as a
child. It is something that is uniquely YOU.”

Phew!!! That’s a long quote right? Well, it’s an interesting
one! And I didn’t finish it when I opened it initially, I was listening to
radio at the same time ,they were playing some classic hip oldies on 92.3
inspirational fm and it got me really pumped ,I decided to do some exercise and
before I knew it I was going an hour even with my knee pain. After my exercise,
I found myself looking for a pen and paper, writing down some questions Sim
Campbell asked rhetorically.
  • Who were you?
  • What drew you?
  • What still draws you?
  • What is something that you would still do if you weren’t
    paid? If you were threatened with death or imprisonment – THAT IS YOUR PRIMAL
Noting that; “the best use of your time is developing your skills and expressing who you really are.”

And it dawned on me….the main purpose of this blog was to
express myself, ideas and thoughts through writing. Yes, I love entertainment
news ,fashion and co…but I also wanted 
to write, tell stories, imagine things and bring them to reality,
entertaining people or making them feel a certain kind of way ( in a good way)
through my writing. After writing those questions and answering them in my diary,
I decided to do what I love to do…WRITE! 
I didn’t have anything in mind to write but I knew I just needed to write,
get something off my chest, encourage someone, and make someone smile.
What you might want to do might not be writing ,it could be
baking, knitting designing, it could be going to the office cause you love your
job and it’s challenges makes you feel alive (not everyone must be entrepreneurs)….
Whatever it is, make sure you spend your time developing it. Be consistent, persistent
and patient. Another quote that got me thinking;

” Everyone is meant to tap into their primal inclinations,
but the empty promises of this world are so seductive, so tantalizing that we
just toss it all to the side”

We get so distracted by the things of this world that it
silence our inner voice and makes us do what it wants in the form of our
parents, friends, society…and not what we want to do, create or feel that we
lose touch of who we are and our purpose, vision and goals. Before we know it,
our time her is up; why do always hear the saying “the cemetery is the most
expensive place on earth?
Back in school, I remember how active I used to be in music
and dance club and how I wish I did more and it taught me  how to put in my best and all in anything I am
passionate about so I won’t have any cause to regret, but look forward to the
next big thing. Therefore we should pay more attention to the little things in
life because they result to big things eventually.
So when you feel like your ‘world’
in falling apart, it’s not your world falling apart…it’s YOU! Do something
about it, take a step and the rest will follow. Don’t just let the world pass
through you, pass through it with a fabulous step, make it your runway….let it
(world) feel your presence and miss your absence.
I’m sure no one wants to
leave this world knowing they will be forgotten, so get to work!!!

A take home quote for you; ”when
you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe.” Then you will be successful.”
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