More than $118k has been raised for Charlottesville victim,Deandre Harris

A local high school instructional assistant,Deandre Harris who was brutally beaten by a group of white supremacists in a horrific attack in Charlottesville have been showed some love. After shocking photos and footage emerged online of the 20-year-old being chased by a gang of white men before he was savagely beaten with poles at the protest in Virginia,leaving him needing hospital treatment,more than $118,000 (£91,700) has been raised for the African American who set up a GoFundMe Page. Harris wrote on his page:
“I was chased and beat with metal poles. I was knocked unconscious repeatedly. Every time I went to stand up I was knocked back down. If it was not for my friends that I came with I would have been beaten to a pulp,"

“I was diagnosed with a concussion, an ulnar fracture, and had to receive eight staples in my head. I also have a laceration across my right eyebrow, abrasions on my knees & elbows, and a chipped tooth,” he wrote. “I’m so blessed to be alive to tell my story and show the world that racism is very much still alive

Three people died and dozens were injured on Saturday at the Unite the Right rally being held by white supremacists and counter-protests being held by anti-fascists.

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