Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne Tie the Knot in Hawaii

Newlyweds: Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne tied the knot on Saturday during a ceremony in Hawaii, Travis' native state, in what appears to have been a joy-filled day

UFC fighters;Ronda Rousey,30 and and her beau, Travis Browne,35 tied the knot on Saturday in Hawaii. Rousey stunned in a plunging white gown with lace details and Browne in simple shirt with cream-colored pants and a matching vest, The groom gushed about his bride on Instagram and wrote;
'She is so perfect in every way! She makes me so happy! She is my other half!'

Congrats to them. More photos below;
Bride: Ronda picked a plunging white gown with lace details, as seen in this pictured posted by her hairdresser Abraham Esperanza (pictured with her)Bliss: The former UFC batamweight champion appeared happier than ever as she tied the knot with her partner of almost two yearsHappy: The bride, who also wore a long veil, beamed as she posed for a selfie with photographer Michael Mardones, who attended as a guestCouple: Ronda (pictured on her wedding day) and Travis began dating in October 2015

Kim Kardashian Channels Jackie Kennedy In New 'Interview' Shoot

First Lady Kim? The new Interview magazine editorial, which was shot at The National Arts Club in New York City, features Kardashian as a powerful female ambassadorNot an easy road: North's fame is rising. Kim said: 'When I’m out and people call North’s name, that’s when it’s weird for me. She lives such a normal life, believe it or not, at home'
Kim Kardashian West and her mini me ,North West looked adorable on the cover of interview magazine. The 36-year-old mother-of-two shared some photos (below) on her website from the shoot and captioned;'Having North on set for my Interview magazine cover shoot—and her being such a big part of it—was fun and really memorable,' began the siren in her web post.
'The photos were shot by Steven Klein and inspired by Jackie O and her timeless, classic look.'
She took the cover looking like a First LadySame look: Here Kim and North both wear pale blue as photographer Steven Klein stands behind them
Kim channeled Jackie Kennedy in this shoot by photographer, Steven Klein.During the interview ,she talked about her her kids live a normal life  and also her lifestyle;
'We share so much all the time on the show. I obviously get a little bit more protective of my daughter because that’s always been such a struggle: “Do we have her on the show? Don’t we?”' she said.
'We have strict rules about the kids. Some seasons they’re not on at all. Some seasons they’re on a little bit, just to show a bit of personality, although there are never storylines about them.
'But then there’s social media, on which I’ve always been really open.'

'When I’m out and people call North’s name, that’s when it’s weird for me. She lives such a normal life, believe it or not, at home.'
Kim said they usually have three months off between seasons, but this year they have two weeks between seasons.
'On a typical day, without cameras, I wake up early, like six in the morning. I try to work out before the kids get up, and then I have breakfast with them and my husband.'

'I try to make sure we have set meals at home, to keep everything as normal as possible. And then I get to work.
'If you saw the room I’m in right now—my office—I have mood boards of so many different things in front of me; maybe 15 perfume samples sitting on my table. And then for our kids’ line, I have maybe 200 samples of bathing suit fabrics that I have to go through. I’ll usually have wardrobe fittings for myself.'
'Then I might have—and I’m not joking—300 makeup products to go through and consider for a future project.
'In between, I’m taking my son to a music class and my daughter to a horseback riding class.'
Can you spot Northie? The little girl looks out a window as mom Kim waits for her closeupPlaying: The day after her  September issue of Interview magazine was released, Kim Kardashians shared several darling behind-the-scenes photos with daughter North

Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder Spotted With Daughter For The First Time

First look: Nikki Reed was spotted for the first time with her baby girl outside Whole Foods in Los Angeles on TuesdayHe takes his job as dad seriously: Ian appeared to be in a serious mood as he held on to his beverage by the car
Nikki Reed,29 was spotted grocery shopping with hubby,Reed Somerhalder and their daughter, Bodhi Soleil who was born on July 25.The  Twilight star wrapped her baby girl around her chest outside Whole Foods in Los Angeles on Tuesday,wearing a mocha brown linen suit  and a latte beige platform clogs.

Ian had a grey Tee,blue jeans and his signature white fedora hat. They also have this boho-chic style going on.She looks really tired but i guess that's what a new born does to you. Don't get the outfit but i love the shoes.
Gentleman: Ian seemed to do all the heavy lifting as he hauled the groceries into the trunk of their black car. At one point the Lost actor was seen holding a watermelon

Just a tiny little thing: The child is only about a month old as she was born on July 25Natural beauty: Her mocha brown linen suit had beige pleats. And the light beige baby wrap with long straps matched nicely. Reed went makeup-free and looked like a content earth mama

Taylor Swift Takes A $10million Diamond Bath In New Music Video

At any cost: The elaborate shoot required an 'insane' amount of security, sources told the paper

Taylor Swift very expensive new music 'look what you mad me do" video is getting a lot of buzz and in just two days have over 71,394,058 views. The video shows different scenes;Taylor taking a $10million diamond bath,in a car,surrounded by snakes,in a graveyard and oh,she gives us some dance (rare) moves. Some reports say the pop star is taking a swipe at Kim Kardashian from her Paris robbery scene,i don't want to believe it's so but if it is,then Taylor i'm disappointed. Anyhow,watch the video below;
Focused: The clip has been a viral sensation, with many fans trying to decipher the hidden digs the songstress might have lobbed at her rivals
Well-to-do: In her new video, Taylor Swift sat in a tub that contained more than $10 million worth of diamonds from jeweler-to-the-stars Neil Lane, insiders told the NY Post on Tuesday
Focused: The clip has been a viral sensation, with many fans trying to decipher the hidden digs the songstress might have lobbed at her rivals
Hiss! One notable piece in the video showcased a snake-wrapped diamond 

Why Ambitious Women Hardly Get Married or Last in Marriages

Ever wonder why the Madonna’s, J’lo’s, Britney’s, Oprah Winfrey and co ever get married or stay in marriages? And I know you are wondering why Beyoncé is not on this list…well, let’s not rule her out just yet! With her lemonade album and Jay Z’s recent confession on his 4:44 album, who knows? And I’m not a hater or witch hunting queen Bey, I’m actually a fan but I gotta tell you, beautiful, successful or almost successful (success is based mostly on achievements, you decide which one is yours…) and ambitious women find it really difficult settling down or last in marriages.

Besides, Beyoncé met Jay z when she was with Destiny’s child and he was the first artist to feature on her first solo album so…. I guess we’ll say they deserve each other. And Jay Z’s net worth is $810 million, so you can say Bey knows what she is doing. I can’t even imagine her with another person to be honest if she divorces Jay z. It’ll just be from one divorce to another, take Madonna for example.
In our home country, Nigeria, we have the likes of Tiwa Savage,Toke Makinwa and co… Though Tiwa and Tee Billz started their music company together, Tiwa got the attention thanks to her singing talent  and became more popular and established, which made Tee Billz uncomfortable at some point resulting in that 2016 meltdown (though they seem to be working things out,i don't know...). Toke Makinwa holding on to a deadbeat love cause of history that she had with the dude (Maje), taking all sorts of BS until well, she couldn’t.
Photo Credit: Google
Anyhow, this article is not about pop culture and their love lives, since we all know most of their union  are for publicity (individual or both party) and since they are the ones we can see, we often times use them as examples. Therefore, we will be taking about our men (Nigerian men in particular since duh! I’m a Nigerian, lol). Most Nigerian men find ambitious women intimidating and feel like being with them can make them insecure or feel like they are not men enough, if that makes sense. In other words;
  • They are naturally egotistic (common with all men)…
  • They love to dominate (not all but a good amount of them)
  • They love the simple girls (The “Yes chic”)

Photo Credit: Google
They are naturally egotistic
Just as it’s in our DNA as women to want to nurture, well men are naturally egotistic. They love the sense of responsibility, someone needing them (though some of them are incapable) and when they feel like they don’t have that with you, they feel worthless. Which most of them do not love. Given that most ambitious women are independent and most times don’t need a man to do everything for them, it drives them ‘men’ nuts. But they don’t need to be upset by it, take a cue from the lion and lionesses, according to National geographic; Lionesses do the hunting; lionesses not male lions, do the majority of hunting for their prides. Lionesses hunt around 90 percent of the time, while the males protect their pride. Prides (groups) which are family unit that may include up to three males, a dozen or so females, and their young; All of pride lionesses are related and female cubs typically stay with the group as they age.
Side note: Men should appreciate strong, ambitious women because we do not love you because you can help in time of need and distress but because we just do!!! Most ambitious women just need a man to care for them, you know; be concerned, supportive, help get her to where she needs to be in life and vice versa. If that doesn’t sound like a good reason for a relationship, I don’t know what is…. This does not imply that she doesn’t need help sometimes or you shouldn’t make an effort, it just mean that she can take care of s@#t whether you are there or not and doesn’t want to be a burden to you (knowing you can make the boys trip and the house will be in order when you get back, if not better).  Also, you can also live your life even with her around and not hers alone.

They love to dominate
Ah yes this is another man thing, dominating! Well, unless you are my boss or have something to do with corporate protocol on superiority and what not, don’t try to dominate me. Marriage should be about two different individuals coming together, sharing different views and backgrounds with common values, vision and goals, if you are looking for who to control why did you get a wife ? Why not start a company and hire people for that? Yes, sometimes ambitious women can be control freaks but it has nothing to do with their other half. Just as most men don’t like women saying “no” to them, ambitious women know what they want and won’t have it otherwise.
Example: The way some men behave to women they ask out for the first time, thinking their first and only huddle is to get the woman’s phone number. The minute they get her phone number, they fix dates and cancel without alerting the lady before the time of the supposed date since they feel their reason is more important than actually calling to cancel, only for them to call you the next day to say rubbish ( about how busy they are, like you are not). In this case some desperate women would keep tolerating their BS but an ambitious woman who for your information is goal oriented, focused and know her worth, would not. Most Nigerian men don’t like this, they always want you at their beck and call, so they could get bored as well *rolling eyes*.  P.S – “you don’t dominate with words alone but by actions”. Which comes down to the “Yes chic”, they end up tying the knot with.
Image result for ambitious women
Photo Credit: Google
They love simple girls
I don’t mean the girl next door, not so fashion savvy girls…I’m talking about the “yes chics”. These ‘yes’ type of ladies will agree to anything their men say, do and so on. And you know what’s funny? Most Nigerian women pretend to be ‘yes chic’ just to bag a man or get married, the minute they are someone’s wife, their character shows up. And some good men have no choice but to remain in the marriage but cheat anyways. Pretending to be someone you are not, in a relationship for your selfish interest to me, is like a form of betrayal. Before you know it, things would take a very dark turn; everyone will get frustrated and at the same time try to do what is good for them for the time being.
Why ambitious and successful women find it difficult getting married or staying in one is simply because they don’t have time for pretense; they are thinking of the next big thing and how they can impact in someone’s life or the world. They have a voice and don’t want to be shut up, intimidated or oppressed in the name of being somebody’s wife. Does it make them disrespectful? Most certainly not! They know what it’s like to work so hard and believe in something and respect people (man or woman) that do. They don’t need you to tell them you are a man, be and act like a man!!!

Not saying ambitions women don’t get married or won’t eventually but it really takes time to meet your match, which involves a lot of exposure due to our (yep! I’m part of you too) zeal to keep learning …before we can meet our equal (marriage is a partnership, having same goals, values and vision alongside complimenting each other). So don’t lose hope my strong women, keep being you and living your life, you will definitely meet your match and it will last forever. Don’t settle for less, don’t be pressured by society unless you want to end up in separation or divorce and continue the cycle. Though it’s hard, let your work (or in my case, art) keep you busy; love comes when you least expect it.
I love y’all, be great!

Drake Shows Love For Rihanna...On His Feet

We can't deny that Drake and Rihanna have good chemistry,well musically (She and Kendrick now have some of that too,have you seen their new music 'Loyalty' video?)... And they dated off and on for almost seven years.In a recent Instagram post, the 'passion fruit' singer shared the photo (above) in a pair of Rihanna's "Fenty for Stance, which features a stitch-work of Rihanna's image wearing the same outfit in their iconic music "Work" video. He captioned "Trabajo" which translates to "work" in English.

Someone missing Rihanna? Well you betcha! I'm glad she is currently dating someone away from the music industry, She definitely needs that serenity. And the way,Drake jumps from one pop-star to the next,it's not helping matters. After bagging the Top Billboard 200 Album award in May,Drake said this to Nicki Minaj;"Nicki Minaj, I'm so glad we found our way back because I love you. And I could never ever, ever see it any other way,"

Like seriously? He is so unstable. RihRih (Not like she cares anyways,we all know Drake was obsessed with her,still is) deserves better.  First it was Chris Brown with the Crop festival comment,now Drake; Y'all should leave her alone.

Beyonce Supports Jay Z In a Stylish Way

Photo credit: Beyoncé / Instagram

Beyoncé have been giving us body goals since the birth of her twins;Sir and Rumi Carter and her latest instagram post is not an exception. This time supporting her hubby,Jay Z's rare collaboration with Puma, inspired by his latest album, 4:44 in this stylish sneakers which had the same color as the rap mogul's cover art. Queen Bey's version was printed with the "1:44," meaning it's one out of the 44 sneakers out there from Jay's hard-to-get collection and the inner soles which included the album track listing on the left foot and a tour poster graphic on the right.

The 35-year-old megastar paired her kicks with a Stella McCartney graphic t-shirt dress, white hat, Off-White sling bag and layered jewels on her wrist and neck. How artistic right? I love how the Carters' express their art through videos,photos and now fashion.So cute!
Photo credit: Beyoncé / Instagram
Photo credit: Beyoncé / Instagram
Photo credit: Beyoncé / Instagram

Imagine Ruggedman As Nigeria's President...This Is What He Would Say

Nigerian Rap game changer,Ruggedman took to his social page to give a write a speech,if he was Nigeria's President and also t promote his upcoming show,lol. He wrote;

Fellow Nigerians, I thank you all for your prayers, messages, visits and most especially your patience.

I know it has not been easy but God be praised we are all alive to see today.

I know and hear the VP has been doing a great job, so great that I feared he would take my job from me (laughs).

I am glad to be back home and I am ready to hit the ground running.

I have a few things i will like to start with and they are ....

1. For obvious reasons i will make sure Nigerian hospitals are renovated, upgraded and new ones built so that we do not need to go abroad for health care and fund other country's economy.
Infact Nigerian hospitals from henceforth will be so up to standard that the Queen of England will come here for medical care.

2. I will ensure doctors, nurses, teachers and our forces salaries are increased and paid on time, because these people i mentioned play a huge role in any country's progress.

3. I will ensure that all closed schools will be 're opened with immediate effect, so that all the true leaders of tomorrow will stop seeing prostitution, cyber crime (yahoo) and other type of fast money schemes as the only way to survive.


4. I will ensure that all looters found guilty, will be prosecuted and jailed accordingly to deter others who have any plans to embezzle the Nations funds.

5. I will ensure that our aged citizens get their pensions paid immediately, because they worked hard for our dear country Nigeria.

6. I will ensure that the minimum wage is increased.

7. Please no unnecessary public holiday celebrations because of my return. Don't waste tax payers money.

8. I will ensure that any group or groups that are trying to cause chaos in our beloved country will be dealt with accordingly. Be you from the North, East ,West or South.
 We will meet with and discuss issues bothering any group and by Gods grace find lasting solutions to them.

9. I will ensure that no man or woman who is an ex convict or who has been involved in any case of embezzlement, will be given a political ticket to run for any office. You can not give the lion a goat to look after.

10. We will look into reducing the ridiculous salaries and benefits government officials are getting. Those monies will go a long way in helping our economy.

 11. I will ensure that any officer that is guilty of unlawfully harrassing, assaulting or arresting a Nigerian citizen will be severely and publicly dealt with and dismissed. You are to protect the citizens and not molest them.

12. I see and read all the social media comments aimed at me. Both the good and the bad and I understand your grievances.
The same way I understand the grieviances of those clamouring for me to return or resign.

Social media is like the tongue. The same tongue that spits venom at you today, can be used to praise you to high heavens tomorrow.
I am here to get the latter.

That is why last but not the least, I will like to apologise to my great citizens of Nigeria for the silence while I was away. It was due to personal reasons. I apologise and I am back to work and bring the very needed change you voted me into office for.
Let us work.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Sadly,Ruggedy baba you are not. Even if Buhari could write or give this speech,it's noting without actions.

Check Out Photo Of Madonna And Her Children

 Queen of pop,Madonna marked her 59th birthday in Italy few days ago and her kids ;biological and adopted were present to celebrate.She shared photos on her Instagram page on Friday of herself and kids; Lourdes, 20, Rocco Ritchie, 17, David Banda and Mercy James, who are both 11, and 4-year-old twin sisters from Malawi, Esther and Stella who wore near-identical floral outfits. So adorable,more photos below;

Watch Bruno Mars Music 'Versace on the Floor' Video

I love this Bruno Mars song and guess what he featured reigning fashionista,Zendaya in the video. It's a cool video but i didn't think  (who is all grown up and uncomfortably sexy) miming to the song was necessary. Besides i was expecting to see a Versace on the floor,literally,lol. Watch below;

Beyonce Puts Her Bootylicious Curves On Display in The Scarlet Dress

Looking hot: The Lemonade star flaunted her svelte yet buxom figure in a series of pics she shared Monday on her official website. They were actually taken August 11, according to E!Designer duds: The 35-year-old wore a bodycon dress by House of CB with shoes from Saint Laurent. In some pics she also posed with a green jacket by BouguessaDesigner duds: The 35-year-old wore a bodycon dress by House of CB with shoes from Saint Laurent. In some pics she also posed with a green jacket by Bouguessa
Looks like Beyonce have lost the baby weight,the 35-year-old singer showed off her bootylicious physique in this scarlet bodycon dress by House of CB with shoes from Saint Laurent. Queen Bey shared the sultry photos on her website yesterday and according to reports,the photo was taken on Aug 11. a private party hosted by sister Solange Knowles at MASHstudios in Los Angeles.
Close up: With her head cocked to one side and dyed blonde ringlet curls cascading around her shoulders, the singer pursed her shiny red lips

The 35-year-old paired the look with a green jacket by Bouguessa which in my opinion was not neccessary but i guess she was trying to pair the look with her ring blings.
Buxom: The mom-of-three posed for the camera wearing the tight  dress  off the shoulders so as to put on show her voluptuous bosomDecked out: She also showed off her painted red nails and ring bling
Family first: The photos were snapped as she attended a Wine And Grind party hosted by sister Solange Knowles at MASHstudios in Los Angeles.Posing: Beyonce, who is married to Jay Z, also has a five-year-old daughter blue Ivy in additin to baby twins Sir and RumiPosing: Beyonce, who is married to Jay Z, also has a five-year-old daughter blue Ivy in additin to baby twins Sir and Rumi