Fans Outraged Over Adele’s London Concerts Cancellation

Sharna agreed that the additional costs like travel and accommodation were a problem too
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Adele fans expressed their anger on social media after she cancelled two London concerts at the last minute. According to the 29-year-old ,it was doctors orders….Well,with the way she has been going about her career ,i knew this day would come. Get it together Adele! See their tweets below;

Chris wrote about his disappointment on Twitter that the concert was cancelled Andy wrote that refunding tickets was not enough as costs incurred by fans are not refundableSally wrote on Twitter that compassion should be shown to the people who had paid hundreds to  go to the concert and said that she could understand their angerJade said she was 'devastated' and asked what could be done about refunding expensesJ Stableski said sarcastically that a refund mattered to him because he doesn't have an estimated net worth of £125m - unlike the Grammy winnerTracey Davies wrote on Twitter that she was upset to miss the concert and even more upset to lose the £400 she had paid to book a hotel room in London specially for the eventJenny Khani wrote on Twitter that she had been excited to see the star perform since OctoberAndrew  doubted the singer would refund expenses people incurred from travelling to LondonPaul Doc agreed with many other people on social media that getting a ticket refund was fine but the real costs were not refundable - like transport, accommodation and time off workFlorian was disgruntled that information on refunds was not given sooner Judith Leavy felt she should be refunded for the three hotel rooms she booked for the show

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